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    posted a message on Automotons
    1. Vague - Your just ramming and jabbing different examples and details, no elaboration is provided. How will they plant crops? How will they throw TNT laying around?
    2. Overpowered - Winter_Mage's has a point, the game shouldn't play itself and do everything for you as you watch. If your that lazy it is suggested that you play another game.
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    posted a message on The Moon
    1. Vague - not enough detail is provided in the suggestion, it's the basic "hurr durr wen you get blow up in bed then you go to tha moon!1!"
    2. Purpose - Why go there? the Nether provides potion ingredients, while the End is a boss battle arena.
    And please don't use this horrible excuse:
    Why not

    It is not a valid nor sensible reason, if this reason was always used. Then we should add a golden butter diamond sword that gives free diamonds with every hit, because why not?
    3. Redundant - I'm pretty sure there are threads like this, except far more detailed. I may be wrong, I shall return with search results.
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    posted a message on New Enchantment - FROST
    It's a bit overpowered for starters, since people can grab a frost enchantment and freeze multiple people in place..
    then lay a trap around them before they thaw.
    Rather I would go with CodenameDuchess' Suggestion.
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    posted a message on Types of annoying gamers we ALL encountered.
    1. Angel of death Gamer
    These gamers are quite annoying in Team-based games, their life-cycle is simple
    1. AOD gamer get's in trouble, either getting surrounded by enemy forces or hiding in low health.
    2. His/her teammates notice this, and rush in to help him/her
    3. They too get caught up in the ruckus, and either die horribly or get injured and are forced to retreat to base.
    4. AOD gamer dies in the process.
    5. And the life cycle begins again.
    either it's bad luck, or the AOD just seems to absorb and attract any sort of trouble towards themselves. They can't be helped only avoided, so the next time you play a team-based game. Sit back and hope you don't get one of these in your team, otherwise you'll rack up more deaths than normal.
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    posted a message on Enderman rework
    Nah, Endermen are pretty unique already anyway:
    1. Teleportation
    2. Personal dimension
    3. Only entity besides the Player to be able to pick up blocks
    4. Neutral, and for a reason. You can't fight them early due to their speed and strength.
    So no, we don't need to add a thousand more things. (I also disagree that Villagers are boring! they just need an A.I tweak)
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    posted a message on "Stopping" Time
    10/10 Support
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    posted a message on Improving Dungeons- over 100 supporters!
    Just one suggestion:
    - In certain chests, they may appear cracked and old. When opened bats or silverfish may swarm/slither out.
    Cracked Chests may not be crafted, only obtain through silk touch.

    10/10 Golden Support.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Water Mob - The Fanfish
    10/10 Golden support.
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    posted a message on UPDATED PIX: Gryphons (Balanced flight for Survival mode)
    I have a suggestion:
    1. Death Animation:
    When a Gryphon dies it will tilt sideways and crash down.
    1a. this makes Gryphons are risky choice of mount, basically: Gryphon's life = Your life
    2a. however maybe we could suggest parachutes as well (made from feathers maybe?)

    2. Beak Dash
    The rider can press a special button which will cause the Gryphon to "dash" forward, any entities struck by the beak will be knocked sideways (if hit from the side) or backwards (etc.) damage will be based radius of impact area, health of the Gryphon, etc..
    1a. however this will directly affect the Gryphons hunger and consume a large amount of used (to balance it, up for debate)
    2a. this could be used for quick escapes, hit and run tactics, etc.
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    posted a message on Bounce Blocks: A way for you to bounce
    I like, if this is added I can replace the ladder I installed in a tower with a bouncy block and bounce to the tower instead.

    10/10 Golden Support
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    posted a message on Rain is annoying and OP, fix it now!

    While rain definitley should be made less laggy and have a better sound, it's not OP. Just because it prevents mobs from being on fire doesn't make it op... shade keeps them from bruning, so does armour, and water, are those OP too? Rain can also be gotten ride of by sleeping if you want them to burn in the day.
    I have to agree there, rain sounds like a sawblade slicing throw wood rather than actual rain.
    But then again, that's just me.

    Oh, so I'm assuming any realism suggestion will make the game boring huh? Is that what you're saying?
    A Realism suggestion isn't bad as long as it doesn't directly affect main gameplay, which means keep Realism for aesthetics or other practical things.
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    posted a message on A solution to flying cheats on SMP: make flight naturally obtainable!
    Quote from Deonyi

    Flying is an extremely easy thing to abuse.

    Creeper blowing up? Fly away.
    Zombies coming to kill you? Fly away.
    Want to cut a tree down? Fly up.
    PvPing? Fly away.

    etc. etc.
    Deonyl has a point, I play on a server where donating an amount of money gives you flying powers. I can't tell you how many times this certain person survived just by simply flying away.

    -1/10 No Support
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    posted a message on Rain is annoying and OP, fix it now!
    Quote from Pwnguin

    No. just no. We want minecraft to be more realistic, not less. getting rid of a helpful feature that has been in the game pretty much forever. Plus, rain does all this good stuff:

    turn down your sound
    + Charged creepers = Extra caution when venturing in the rain.
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    posted a message on Desert Life! No More Empty Deserts!
    First off, I see potential in this idea.
    Secondly, however you might wanna add a little bit more detail other than asking us to look at your other post. Get some of your ideas related to "Desert Life" and put them here.

    7/10 Support
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    posted a message on The New Charcoal?
    Quote from BC_Programming

    Torches do not burn out. Do some basic research before you start painting your canvas of crazy.
    I just died laughing right there.
    OT: I like the new change.
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