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    posted a message on 🌠 Anchora SMP🌠 1.20.2 Vanilla+ || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat || QOL || Crosplay With Bedrock ||

    In Game Name: Dvidan

    Discord ID: humming.bird

    Timezone: GMT+1

    Age: 33

    What name do you prefer to go by? Dvidan

    Do you have a mic? Yes

    How did you hear about our server? Minecraft forum, was looking for a new server to play with a bit more people on.

    What about Minecraft interests you? Building, redstone (not good at it but thats the fun part :P) adventuring/mining, community. Bee's <3 and also setting a bit of challenges to make starting Minecraft feel a bit new. Like living in the nether until X etc.

    Do you have any questions for us?
    - How is the player base timezone distributed and where is the server "located" (ping)?
    - Are modded client allowed to enable for example FreeCam when building?

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    posted a message on JayCraft SMP | New Season | 1.19.3 | +18 | Vanilla | Proximity Chat | Whitelist

    What is your main style of playing?

    I would say either focus exploring or mining but building have it's charm when finding a suitable spot. The survival aspect of minecraft (PVE) is a perfect middleground when coming home from work.

    What is your building style?

    It really depends, but I would say that its mostly medieval/fantasy inspired. "Trying" to use newer blocks to force a bit of creative thinking (strong emphasis on trying :P) Haven't played as much in the later versions so want to expirment a bit more with honey blocks and moss blocks!

    What are you looking for in an SMP?
    Not really sure, I haven't played much SMP with "larger" groups. Usually sporadic with friends for a week or two and then they go on to something else, leaving me to play for a bit more. Have played minecraft on and off since 2010.

    Watched quite a bit of Hermitcraft/Mindrack and have always thought it looks like a fun experience. I'm a bit introverted, but working on being a bit more "social".

    Any other hobbies or interests outside of Minecraft?
    32, located in Sweden, working at a venture studio as developer, but on my spare time I enjoy fantasy/scifi, anime/netflix, games (video/board), programming and friends. My work is kinda my hobby, in a good way ^^

    Gaming is relaxing past time for me to wind down from work and everything else. Currently playing Overwatch 2, Tower of Fantasy and waiting for Pokemon Scarlet.

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