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    posted a message on This, in my humble opinion, is so far the most boring survival update.
    Quote from JorgTheElder

    What? A lot of the changes affect single player. (Remember, you use redstone in single player too..)
    • New stone blocks
    • Villager AI
    • Villager trading
    • Enchanting changes
    • Repairing changes
    • Item frame interact with redstone
    • chance at rare loot
    • Buttons can go anywhere
    • New MOB AI (ok. last years AI changes will now applied to aggressive MOBs)
    • Skin changes
    • Mossy Stone Bricks can now be crafted
    • Doors stack and you get 3 for 6 planks
    • You can make slime blocks and they are bouncy
    All added to a game that I paid $20 for almost 4 years ago!

    I'd like to specifically highlight that (OP hit the nail on the head), the game grows based on the communities feedback so if you don't see anything interesting in new builds simply suggest something with some constructive foundation. This game is 4+ years old and by saying that you should already get a sense that most games are done with post-launch development but they're staying strong and supporting the title.

    I personally saw this update as a small one which brought a couple of new features that I found helpful. Am I going to moan and complain that it's boring? I could but I won't since I didn't do anything to make the new build anything special. So point is starting recommending some updates, if their stuff seems boring maybe you could be the one that changes the game!
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    Welcome to a very unsafe place, mentally and possibly physical at a point! \o/
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    Quote from Koumus

    Thanks :D
    I'm really glad to be part of this team now ;)

    Another SYC mod, sweet! Welcome aboard.
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    Warnings issued. Keep the topic civilized and on-topic.
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    posted a message on Staff Retirement / Removal Megathread
    Kata who?
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    posted a message on Confession thread
    Confession: I pissed in your drink
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    posted a message on Name Change List
    Quote from DanielleStarr

    I hate everyone on this list for making stuff more confusing.

    Except Rogue cause squid and I were right \o/

    Okay, don't cry, don't cry!

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    posted a message on FillyRarity unban
    I say no. Anyone can go about and write a long ban appeal but I agree with Starr. He truly doesn't understand the repercussions of his actions. I can not tolerate disrespect, something I personally do not like seeing in my work place or my home.

    I'd like to bring this up as an example.

    I owe some friends to the MCF. Hell, I owe being able to play the game
    in the first place to the MCF. It's my one and only home on the Internet
    forum wise and again, I'm annoyed that I've been exiled from it.

    I highlighted something that truly caught my eye. He sees this as an inconvenience for him and only him. My answer is no, let him appeal again in a couple of months.
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    posted a message on Curse Site Text High-Lighted in Yellow
    Well, that's the whole point of using a search engine. It highlights all key terms related to the search, i.e: you get highlighted search results. Again, it's only beneficial but understand it could get annoying.

    Just one of those things lol
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    posted a message on you know you play too much minecraft when...
    When dirt become a solution to everything.
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