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    posted a message on New biome haunted forest

    This forest is dark and spooky, It has large dead trees mixed with pine trees.

    Sometimes you will see random white and dark. apparition they wont harm you

    New mob, Black wolves they´re aggresive to the opposite of white wolfs which does not attack the player unless provoked.

    You will sometimes hear howling, and owl sounds.

    On rare occasion, during full moon one of these black wolves will turn into a werewolf. They´re extremely dangerous. Either that, or if a village is placed in this biome a villager has a chance/risk to turn into a werewolf. And attack the other villagers.

    You will see bats fly around above ground.

    Darker music..

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    posted a message on Sleeping without setting your spawn point (Sleeping without a bed)

    I a idea, its good yours. But with improvement its based on your idea. You make a simple bed using wool or something soft silk maybe. And you can sleep one this only on time and it will get destroyed and you wont set a spawn point but a good way to skip night.

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    I want half slaps of grass and rocks it will make the game look far more beautiful and pleasing. If you destroy a slap you wont get it instead you get a block, the only way to get a slap is to use a certain tool.

    There should also be stone shards or perhaps flint? in forests and in beaches collecting nine shards and you can create a block, aswell as sticks in forests.

    More denser grass or new bushes, and more varities of the same trees rather than same look. Aswell as treestumps.

    Some weather update where the trees change color, perhaps even the grass. I am not expecting it to snow, but atleast changing the color of trees etc during some peroid of time. Perhaps leafs on the grass during "fall" This weather update could also bring cold and warmth. Meaning. You need to build a shelter to survive. If you spend long periods of time in cold you move slower. Not draining health but making you slower. And in heat, Draining hunger faster.


    Hardcore mode

    Thirst meter(water bottle, drink from ocean) aswell as take damage when you are in the cold for too long.



    I mentioned this earlier but i write it again as i expect this post to grow bigger. Calm nights, on these rare night event there should be no mobs playing perhaps fairytail music playing quiet low.



    Spear to make a spear its the same recipe as spade but diagonal. Spear has longer range but deals less damage



    Footsteps in snow/sand

    When a skeleton dies they should form a pile of bones then disapear


    New biome

    Haunted or spooky forest

    This forest has tall and dead trees mixed with pine trees and unique mobs like bats(aboveground) and owls, Black wolves spawn here, they´re aggresive.


    -Abounded homes


    -Bird singing and chirping

    -Random roads

    -Wind sound blowing in tress, also make the leafs move a little.

    Adding more mobs in this game will make minecraft seem far more alive.


    Beaver this creature will cut down wood and steal wood. On even more rare occasions you will see a beaverdam inside this beaverdam you can find variety of woodtypes, and if you´re lucky a gem.

    Brown bear, act as an ordinary polar bear but in forest biome

    Chimpanzee this creature will give you fruits if you treat them well.

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    posted a message on Events in minecraft

    I have some ideas for events minecraft.

    There should be a night where there are no mobs spawning, perhaps during certain lunar eclipse, or fullmoon. This shall be a calm night. My plan is that there should be nice and calm music playing on these rare nights, perhaps even a new mobs like fairy. If you approach the fairy she will heal you up full health..............

    There is also a night where there shall mobs spawn even more. The sky turns red And more harsher music is playing

    If you fish during any one these nights you get unique fishes or items.

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