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    posted a message on Create Potions with Multiple Effects: A new use for Cauldrons [100+ Supporters]
    I like this idea, and it wouldn't be overpowered. The only advantages of using multi-potions over regular potions are saving inventory space and saving time. Both of those two things are only nuisences and provide essentially no challenge. I fully support this idea.
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    posted a message on "The Caverns" dimension
    Quote from Spinosaurus4

    I don't really see a point, but I guess support because it could be sorta cool.

    Thank you, good sir.
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    posted a message on Whips(hear me out)
    I sort of like the idea. Minecraft does need a new type of weapon, since one hasn't been added for a while. Picking up items is sometimes an annoyance in certain situations, so I support.
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    posted a message on Biome Ideas.
    That might seem funny to some people, but it sure as heck isn't getting into the game. The only thing you got going for you is originality, of which you have much. This would probably be nearly the most unfitting, ugly, stupid biome in the entire game (second to only the infamous swamp biome).
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    posted a message on Lightning Strike Upon Creating an Iron Golem
    I agree fully, but I think there should be a special sound to go with this.
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    posted a message on "The Caverns" dimension
    Quote from NagaviperTheLord

    Vague. How do you eat a diamond? Where is this ender portal? Wouldn't you suffocate if the whole world was a layer of stone?

    No support. It looks like you just want to make an easier place to mine because you can't find enough resources in the already infinite overworld.

    1: You would obviously just eat diamonds the way you eat any other food.

    2: The Ender Portal is in a Stronghold, where it always is.

    3: No, I believe I mentioned caves.
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    posted a message on "The Caverns" dimension
    I do believe this should be added to the game.

    "The Caverns" is a dimension in Minecraft that cannot be entered through a portal, but instead by eating a diamond in the Overworld or Nether.

    "The Caverns" is made up of 256 layers of stone; it is an underground area from top to bottom. Caves spawn more commonly than in the Overworld. This area has more caves than the Overworld, and the ores spawn as commonly in every block as they do on level 5 in the overworld. This means that diamonds can be found at the top of the world as well as the bottom, just very rarely. Monsters spawn at a normal rate. Additionally, dungeons spawn normally in this area.

    To exit "The Caverns," you must either eat a diamond or travel through an End portal, which will lead you to the Overworld. This End portal is ready when you find it. (no ender-eyes required)

    Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on The Golden Porkchop!
    Quote from TheEpicDude2

    TL;DR: There would be a new Golden Porkchop, made with a porkchop and 8 gold ingots. It restores 5 meat legs, and can be made into Potions of Saturation and Hunger.

    Hello, everyone! I have a new idea that will be great for Minecraft. It gives a use for pigs (since they are now obsolete due to horses being implemented in 1.6.1) and adds 2 new potions!

    I've been playing Minecraft recently, and I've noticed that since 1.6.1, pigs no longer have a special ability! Cows give you milk, which makes cows special. Sheep give you wool, which makes them special. Pigs used to be the only rideable mob, which made them special until 1.6.1, when horses were added (don't get me wrong, I love that they added horses, but they make pigs obsolete). Horses are rideable, and that was the pigs' special feature, so now they are no longer special. I also noticed that there are a lot of effects that don't have potions. Then, I got an idea! Introducing,

    The Golden Porkchop!

    This Golden Porkchop would restore 10 hunger (5 meat legs), 15.3 saturation*, which would make it the food with the most saturation and the second most amount of hunger restored (the first is a whole cake, which gives you 12 hunger). It would be crafted with a cooked porkchop and 8 gold ingots. It wouldn't work with a raw porkchop, it would have to be cooked first.

    This Golden Porkchop would not only a food, but it would also be used as a potion ingredient! If you brew an awkward potion with a golden pork chop, it would become a Potion of Saturation! It would give you the Saturation effect for 1 minute. Also, the potion would have a scarlet coloring. Zombies with the Saturation effect would not attack you or Villagers**. Spiders and Cave Spiders with the Saturation effect would also not attack you**. Sheep with the Saturation effect would not eat grass**. Any animals with the Saturation effect cannot be fed**.

    Also, if you brew a Potion of Saturation with a Fermented Spider Eye, it would become a Potion of Hunger! The Hunger effect is already in the game. There is a 30% chance to get it via eating a Raw Chicken, and an 80% chance to get it via eating Rotten Flesh, but as of now, it has no potion. This new potion would be dull green. Sheep with the Hunger effect would eat grass 3 times as quickly**. If there is fully grown wheat nearby, then Cows, Sheep, Horses, and Mooshrooms with the Hunger effect will walk up to it, eat it, and enter love mode**. If there are fully grown Carrots nearby, Pigs will walk up to them, eat them, and enter love mode. Cave Spiders, Spiders, and Zombies with the Hunger effect would move twice as fast to attack you**.

    In conclusion, this suggestion adds a new use for pigs, a new really useful food, and 2 new potions, which is why I believe that this should be added into Minecraft.

    I hope you all like this idea! Please vote in the polls and give me your comments! Also, if you support this idea copy and paste the banner below into your signature (the banner is in the spoiler), and don't forget to click the rep button in this post! Also, check out my Lapis Fish suggestion! Thank you!

    This is the banner.
    If you support this idea, paste the text below into your signature, take the periods out of [.url=, [.IMG], [./IMG], and [./url], and then unlink any active (blue) links in your signature.


    If you did it right, it should look like this and take you to this thread when clicked.

    Credit for this banner goes to SoulReturns
    credit for the Golden Porkchop texture goes to MamiZomBie
    *credit for the amount of saturation goes to XDGrangerDX
    **credit for the mob effects goes to jokrage

    I'm not on board with this idea. The 'Golden Apple' is supposed to be a very unique item, and I don't think another version of it should be created.
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    posted a message on "Fast-Paced" Game Mode
    Quote from BredCat

    Responses in Bold.

    You want nostalgia. Honestly, this whole idea is selfish... you're taking away everything you didn't like, and putting it into a new gamemode. Even though, yes, it is in a new gamemode, and players don't have to choose it directly, it is still selfish.

    I understand most of what you said, except for the part about "anyone with a trigger finger would easily annihilate you." I mean, the bow shoots at around 20 RPM tops. If you try to shoot it any faster than that, the arrows just nosedive into the ground.
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    posted a message on "Fast-Paced" Game Mode
    Quote from VampArcher

    Fast paced mode sounds more like "Beta 2#" Time to bust out the bold responses.

    I think you are just being nostalgic, this is a HUGE amount of work for one game mode. And this would make survival mode obsolete. No support.

    Honestly, I don't think it would take too much work. I mean, sure programming is tough, but most of the changes I describe are simply settings adjustments. It would also be well worth it because of all of the new players it would attract.
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    posted a message on "Fast-Paced" Game Mode
    I believe Minecraft should include a "Fast-Paced" game mode, which makes a number of changes to the game that causes the gameplay to be more (as the title suggests,) fast-paced. This game mode can be selected upon loading up any world.

    These are the ways "Fast-Paced" would differ from ordinary Minecraft.

    1: All mobs and the player are 30% faster.

    Ever been rushed by a zombie, and just didn't have any time to think before it sprinted right up to you and shot your head off? Yeah, me neither. Everything just happens so painfully slow in this game, in gets boring very quickly. I can hardly even stand the slow, boring battles against zombies, spiders, skeletons, slimes, magma cubes, and creepers. Furthermore, this could allow the player to get from place to place rather fast.

    2: The hunger bar is removed.

    The infamous hunger bar is known for nearly ruining survival mode by evening out food consumed for all players. Basically, independent of the player's skill, you need to eat a certain amount of food in order to survive. Eating food should be a penalty for getting hurt, not simply for existing. With the hunger bar, sprinting would also be removed. This is no big loss, considering #1 on this list.

    3: All damage is multiplied by 1.2

    It all go back to the slow, stupid battles against monsters. Is there really any added value to hitting a zombie three times with a diamond sword instead of two? Is there something about slowly getting killed by monsters in the middle of the night that just tickles your funny bone? Let's face it, pinning a skeleton in a corner and beating the crap out of it simply isn't too enjoyable.

    4: The bow shoots quickly the way it did in earlier updates.

    Didn't you used to love the bow? I mean, it was the closest thing there was, in Minecraft, to actually having a machine gun, without having to have a ludicrous, out-of-place steel monster. It was never overpowered because it didn't deal much damage, but it was always fun to use. We need the machine bow back in this game mode because, quite frankly, it was completely awesome. I'm sure a lot of old-time players would appreciate the nostalgia as well.

    Thank you for reading this, and good day to you.
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    posted a message on Getting bored in Minecraft!
    I would recommend watching Roosterteeth for some ideas. Also, multiplayer servers are pretty fun.
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