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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!!

    Is it possible to get the CustomMobSpawner 3.11.4 for 1.12.2 file hosted on CurseForge?

    Their policy on mods currently hosted on CurseForge for different versions is, that if it wasn't updated on their site you can't use it. Without CMS my Mo'Creatures spawns are terrible, even without changing configs CMS fixed it.

    Would be greatly appreciated if this is a possibility, thanks!

    I second this, because my anti-virus won't let me download, even access to the page. Even if I click disregard the warning, my browser tells me the same thing, even if I click continue and ignore, the anti-virus tells me another time that the website isn't safe and reported to be participating to bad things bla bla bla... so yeah, a Curse download would be great. Not a cursed download... as it is now. I know I'm funny.

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    posted a message on Levels 3 -- Weapon and Armor Leveling! (Mod Compatible) -- 3.0.2-beta

    Awesome mod dude, congratulations for this. I was searching for a mod of this sort for some time now.

    EDIT : Just too bad that there isn't any boost to damage with the level and rarity. I mean, Legendary could have been +0.5 heart than the Uncommon one, which would have the same amount added than the Basic version... this kind of things. And following the scheme, a lvl or a pair of lvls could give a +0.5 damage on weapons too. Just not too much but not too low, well balanced in my mind. This is just a suggestion.

    Just to precise it I play in 1.7.10 so I use 3.0.1 release version.

    One suggestion... I know that you have said that you are potentially
    working on durability. Can I make a suggestion, essentially to avoid the
    whole "My amazing sword has broken and gone forever", would it be
    possible for swords that are reduced to 0 durability becomes broken
    rather than the default way of just disappearing entirely (i.e. are not
    effective until they are repaired in an anvil or by some other means)...

    I second this too, this is a good idea.

    EDIT 2 : Ah maybe I'm wrong with this idea of giving damage to the weapons via leveling, because if we can still enchant them, so... anyways if we can enchant the weapons, the effects can stack together, fire + fire aspect and so on. I'll test that, but this would be overcheated, so it would be cool :D

    Yeah but, for now I maintain the suggestion because some mods add big monsters with 160+ life points so it's needed to have big monstrous weapons to kill those.

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    posted a message on CampCraft v 5 Coming Soon for 1.8.9/1.9
    Quote from tomtomtom09»

    Hey I'm only going to work on 1.8, code changed a lot between 1.7 and 1.8 would take too long to make a 1.7 version when I could spend my limited time on improving the mod.


    I posted a thread some months ago to know if you were going to update this mod in the mod request part of the forum, but also if not going to update, if somebody could tell me how to update it myself. Because you were not here, and I have little knowledge of Eclipse and Minecraft modding. But, I feel like, with experience of others things in modding, I can do it, if you authorize me to do so. Because for now I'm going to stay in 1.7.10 for mod reasons (waiting for authors to go out of their graves I mean, and update their mods, as it is not gonna happen, I will probably stay in 1.7.10 for long) and won't for sure go past 1.8 because I don't like the new combat system.

    So, if you could, at least, indicate me how to update you mod from 1.6.4 or I don't know exactly the last version it is for, to 1.7.10 for my personal use only, and give me the right to do it, I would be so happy.

    But then I would easily understand if you don't want to give that to me, I just love your camping mod more than all the others here, because you're the only guy to propose auto tents with furniture with a balanced crafting recipe that we also can take away and replant and retake and so on, and that's awesome.
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    posted a message on Campcraft mod


    No no no no. I am well speaking about CampCraft mod.

    I explain : In my memories you could craft a tent with a bench, a furnace, a bed et some blocks around this, in the bench.

    And this is the mod I put in link. Thus, a structure which spawns around you when you put the insta tent block in the soil.

    I tested The Camping Mod, I must say it is pretty cool for Hunter Z pack and so, but... tents are not surounding you, you can not stock items in the chests inside... so... I wanted to have an update or some explaination to update it myself.

    But thanks for your answer.

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    posted a message on Weapon Case Loot

    Thanks for your answer.

    @DeathStapler : You had a good idea, this would be awesome to use compo to repair swords, maybe some mechanic like... I don't know :

    - You have the sword looted from chests,

    - You can use them or break them to have craft compo,

    - You get little XP from scraping those, which you can use you recraft another sword in a Tinker's Construct-like way, but much simpler,

    - You can use some materials, minerals to augment the weapons, to add a rank of rarity or something.

    Something between Diablo III, Tinker's Construct mod for Minecraft and KoA:R crafting mechanics. I just propose it, I don't even know if it's possible.

    @Winter : I forgot to verify, I will create a copy of my world to verify the presence of Weapon Cases in chests, just to tests if adding the mod to an already created world is a good thing to do or not.

    EDIT : That doesn't seem to be activated. Or, at least, present on chests, I opened like 5 chests in a Mineshaft, and 12 ou 15 in a Doom-like Dungeon from the mod of the same name, I don't know if this work with those, but Railcraft seems to put its items on them because I obtained steammachine components and fuel from this mod. I don't know why, if it's so scarce to find Cases that I didn't find any, or if it's a conflict. I'll look into it to investigate what's the problem.

    EDIT 2 : Found. The problem was Custom Chest Loot. In fact I wanted to add Metallurgy items in the chests and some more, bute that doesn't work... I tried without this mod and in the bonus chest of the new world I found 2 cases firts edition in which two beautiful swords. You'll thank Iskall for me, this was a nice idea.

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    posted a message on Campcraft mod

    Hello there,

    I don't know if this is the good place to post that, but, I would like this mod to be updated, or, If somebody has the patience for, explain me rapidly how to update it for 1.7.10 please. Or lead me to some clear tutorials which would do the "explaining" job.

    Because I played once or twice in 1.2.5 and 1.3 before, and I wanted to get it for my hunter RP game now, but I found the author was a little... not there and thus the mod was maybe abandoned. That is sad.

    The mod I am speaking about for those who wouldn't know it :


    Anyways, thanks in advance for any help, tracks, or even already-done-job for my request.

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    posted a message on Weapon Case Loot

    Dude this mod is awesome, I downloaded it.

    But, just a quick question, I downloaded Custom Chest Loot last week, and saw that mods adding loot in chests are visible on the config file of the mod, ut your cases are not visible, for now I don't know if this impacts the real loot I could have, I mean, if your weapon cases will be in the chests, but I will let you informed.

    By the way, if you are Mexican, I deduce you speak spanish, don't you ?

    I tested your cases with creative mode, and they are awesome, now I'm willing to explore dungeons to find them, great job both of you did. Muchas Gracias por el mod amigo.

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    posted a message on Metallurgy 4

    Hello Glassmaker,

    It's me again.

    I surely missed something for config file.

    Your config elements for the items description are like :

    metal_stats {

    copper {

    For example. Is it normal to have two lines that are the same, for armor enchantability for example ? Or is it the consequence of having passed from the last stable version to the last beta version, as I did when I asked you my first question ?

    I am sure to understand that the reduction for armor pieces are the half t-shirts they give, but what about damage ?

    I did some tests, and the conclusion was that tool attack damage line was the tier of material damage, right ?

    What about tool damage line ? I changed it to guess what is that line for, but nothing changed in my game, or at least, nothing showed up to be changed clearly. Is it the same as pick harvest level line or something more ?

    And to finish, are the tiers of damage from basic Minecraft ? Because I wanted to change the damage of swords to be around the damage of swords from Extended Workbench, but if you took the mechanics from the original game for damage, I think I can't make real changes to those, I can't put the value I want to replace the value given by the tiers. Or at least I must work around by putting higher numbers for the tool attack damage line, and obtain somehow damage that are in proper competition with the weapons from Extended Workbench mod.

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    posted a message on Metallurgy 4
    Quote from Glassmaker»

    Hi Duriel77,
    can you explain what is the crusher/hopper issue you are facing?

    Hi dude, I'm sorry, the issue is fix as part of your last beta version which I tested yesterday in the night.
    But Amordrine can no longer be made of Kalendrite + Platinum, the formulae doesn't exist in the mod.
    This is for sure, I tested it with Craft Guide and the mod can not find the formulae for Amordrine dust.

    EDIT : Needs an alloyer, so no problems anymore.

    Thanks for the intention of help anyways. And for the mod, also, which is great.

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    posted a message on Metallurgy 4

    Hi there,

    Is there any fix for the crusher/hopper issue ?

    I'm currently confronting the mod version for 1.7.10 to the 1.7.2, it works well in the latter but doesn't seem to work in the former.

    Any plan to fix the issue or is it a previous version than for fixing this ?

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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)
    Quote from GiffordMaxim»

    I get the single player to work fine for me, but the multiplayer, when I try to load up the server, gives me a "client out of date" error. How do I fix this?

    Maybe just take the server and the client in the same version, and will be fine.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] nohero's mods: More Health Enchanted: Beta for Health Loss Issue 1/2/2016

    Hi there,

    Yeah, that's what I wanted to say, you are a mid life, you gain your level and so your heart, few seconds later, you lose this heart and revert back to mid life. If you are full ife, you simply lose the heart, save, if you disconnect, and reconnect to the game just after gaining the new heart, thiw way, you keep this one.

    And to answer to your question, it IS reproductible, every level the game do that. This is inverted by going in creative inventory and picking one heart to gain once again the heart you just lost cause of the bug. As simple as that, but, it's very anoying to do that everytime, you can understand. But currently I play like that and it's fine.

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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)
    Quote from TheSheWolf»

    So! I always wanted to MAKE a mod like this, and I was so glad to find this one. I have been REALLY enjoying it, quite a lot. I love the difficulty level. Everything feels like a real achievement--finding that lava to make obsidian at last had me nearly cheering. Getting a jukebox into my house and a creeper-dropped record playing made me feel like I was the last person on Earth, listening to my happy music all alone. GREAT mod.

    Some suggestions:

    * Stray dog packs. These could be hostile toward zombies, be able to eat zombie flesh, be tameable, and be very rare (maybe only located in cities?)

    * RARE sapling loot, and rare, solitary grass blocks. I mean super rare, maybe only found in Nether Fortress chests or very rare in city chests.

    * City sewers? I know there's city mods out there with sewers. This might be a good place for tons of mobs, some more loot, or maybe rare grass growing under the city that could be harvested with silk touch, or possibly water now and again.

    * Other survivors. I'd suggest a travelling hermit that trades things, maybe melon/pumpkin seeds or potatoes/carrots, or other hard-to-get items. Also possible might be hostile bands of 2-3 bandits, maybe on horseback, and armored. Perhaps you could steal their horse, or take it if you manage to kill them. Small groups or solo looters, too, in cities or ruins, might be fun, or even hermit holdouts holing up in villages or towns, perhaps varying between trader and hostile at random (per NPC).

    * Recipes: the ability to change zombie flesh into leather. The ability to somehow purify radioactive yuck into water, maybe? I like the water how it is though.

    * An option to remove all placed mob spawners? Or would this destroy dungeons, too? Even so maybe it could be an option; the immersion of this mob is great but running into spawners everywhere in the city killed it for me. Sorry if this is already an option, see next:

    * I can't find a config file; I also couldn't see the location listed anywhere! Maybe make it easier to find or make the directions more obvious if there are any!

    * Maybe a way to get livestock & sugar canes. Ofc extremely rare--maybe sometimes 1 single surviving sheep, pig, cow or rabbit later on) inside a pen? I do have eggs from chickens, but they're useless without sugar/milk!

    I use the backpack mod with this one, and it's a really fun experience. Highly recommended mod!

    --Oh, one other thing, for people who are interested; it's possible to start a world with this mod, run or fly around and generate a ton of wasteland terrain, cities, towns etc, then close Minecraft, turn off the mod, and load it as a regular game. There's a dropoff between the regular world and the wasteland one, but it's pretty cool to have a huge wasteland area with the grass slowly encroaching and wilderness outside of it! You'll just lose the radioactive stuff :)

    This seems ok, but to have vendors spawn, just take the Custom NPC mod and plan them yourself, you'll have more choice and with some other mods, as Dr Zark Mo Creatures, you can have so much choice in the components of you mod pack. Currently I'm using the Backpack too with thiese ones, and some other mod for food and furniture as Mr Crayfish and Bibliocraft, but to convert radioactive water bucket, being using Custom NPC, you can trade one with another bucket, or put the radioactive water on the oven of Mr Crayfish, and convert it by heating into fresh water, which you put on bassin for alchemy and take with bottles for thirst mod for example if you have one.
    Those are just some examples of what you can do by combining some cool mods over there.

    Speaking about something else, I've been happy to see MrSpring here, cause it's been a while since we saw you here man. I have to wait for other updates even when you will release you update of Wasteland Mod, because very few mods are updated to 1.8 of Minecraft, which is a mess playing between my three versions of the game :D
    But still, happy to see that this mod is still being worked on.
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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)
    Quote from Pumpkin_King»
    Hey man, awesome mod, awesome updates! Made my modded Last Days game become a serious threat to my bladder control!

    But like Duriel up there I also use my own spawner system, and it's conflicting with yours, you think there'd be any chance to add an option to just disable your spawner?

    It's not that me or some other user prefer one or the other, since preference is an irrelevant factor, it is just a suggestion for further customization!

    EDIT: I managed to slip past the spawner by tweaking a few things, more specifically setting every mob spawn possibility to false. Great mod, bro, great mod! \o/


    I use JAS, Just Another Spawner, waiting for an compatibility update or an update of spawning capability on the mod itself. But the configs are just a mess, even using Excel to modify the things, that's just a big mess. I am back to see what GiMoe have done during my absence.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] nohero's mods: More Health Enchanted: Beta for Health Loss Issue 1/2/2016

    Having the same issue at all.

    Latest version seems to crash the server.

    The 6.0 version seems to not work well on the server, levels don't displayed the hearts, and the gained hearts by the items disappear after death, even if the option is not taken.
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