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    posted a message on Painted Minecarts - Carts With Color!
    "Hey Phil! I'm just going on by in my Pink Minecart!"

    Great idea, support, good for minecart related creations.
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    posted a message on A rock music disc
    Rock as in rock music or a disc made of rock?
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    posted a message on Birch Forests
    Yes, I did search beforehand, and all I found was "thin trees" and "willow trees" that doesn't do anything with this topic. Now, to the post:

    Birch forests is a new biome similar to normal forests. Instead, all the trees are birch, allowing easy harvest of them in mass numbers, opposed to normal forests there is a small number of them compared to oak. This would be useful if you want a bunch of the birch logs or the white planks for your house. Heres a screenshot that I made that represents a small part of the forest:

    No, there wouldn't be that much grass as the picture shows in a Birch forest.

    There could be a variant of Birch Forests suggested by GateFox that's snowy, like the Taiga biome; the idea what it looks like is provided in this image:

    (Badprenup provided the picture.)

    Heres a Minecraft version of Snowy Birch Forest screenshot that I made:

    EnderFawful99 created a screenshot of a better Snowy Birch Forest:

    Now made Banners! Add one of these if you support this idea:

    Just copy and paste the pictures to your signature, the links are included in the picture.

    If the links in the signatures don't work, copy http://www.minecraft...-birch-forests/ link and paste it on "link" after you highlight your signature.

    (If I skipped over a link while I was searching for a similar post, give the link, and make sure it is like this thread, don't just say "been suggested" just because of title).
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    posted a message on Google Picture War
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    posted a message on Ebony (rare drop from jungle trees)
    Quote from cooljacwty

    ebony dosnt grow on trees

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    posted a message on Crickets - A Musical New Mob
    Maybe set a spawn limit or a limit how many would chirp cause if like, 20 of them were chirping, it would go from pleasant to annoying.
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    posted a message on Pistonium
    Heres my idea to improve the suggestion:

    Get rid of it naturally spawning, and make it only available as a item in creative, it would solve problems for people who makes big underground bases. Plus it would be great for map makers as like make a staircase or make a door via pistons.
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    posted a message on How strong is steve?

    'Nuff said.
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    posted a message on rain
    Quote from Greatzilla

    I support, very uhhh... does anyone know a positive rain and/or cloud pun?

    Every cloud has a silver lining?
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    posted a message on Bubble Gum Block (Alt Texture: The SoulBubble)
    Also maybe it can "stick" to mobs or player if they touch it, and a piece of the block would stretch out with the mob or player like a fishing rod line and slow them down if the block's permanent? Could be useful for certain adventure maps where you have to avoid being touched or something happens.
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