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    posted a message on Anyone want to join a SkyBlock server? (Bedrock X Java 1.16)

    Hello, I'm looking for players to join my SkyBlock Server. It's a Bedrock X Java 1.16 server.
    If your interested, check it out here: https://discord.gg/CKRNmSV

    What we offer:

    - Bedrock X Java Compatibility, this means pc, mobile, xbox, ps4, switch
    - Custom SkyBlock islands, with ranking & leader boards, upgrades, warps, ratings, and much much more!

    - Over 200+ Custom Enchants! If you have a good idea for a CE, simply suggest it!

    - Custom Mobs and Advanced Spawners!

    - Friendly staff, active players, and awesome server!

    Come Join Now!!

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