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    searching for a SMP that has an active playerbase, Lifesteal,economy but no spawnershop to ruin the fun? Then you have found the right minecraft server!

    Minechess is a fun lifesteal server that includes features like:

    -Chess (a big part of the smp)

    -daily rewards


    -an actual deinflated /shop (no spawner shop tho because we all know that ruins the fun of having an economy)

    -crate keys


    -playtime rewards


    -an auction house

    and much more!

    you can build your base, raid other bases, explore the world or just try to become the richest by farming, mining or just trading. you can also try to get the grandmaster tag by playing chess, improving your skills and becoming the #1 chess player of the server. you can also play chess casually if you became a little bored on the smp and don't know what to do at the moment. just ask someone to a game of chess and i assure you someone will play a game with you!

    (also a little begging has always to be done, the owners spent a bunch of money on this smp and actually have to shut down the server they dont raise 200$ until the end of this month. i know it is a large sum, but if you decide to play the server and you like it to the point where you want to donate, please think about checking out the store and consider buying something. it would help out a ton!!! lov u)

    also youtubers, tiktokers, twitch streamers or any type of "influencer" is greatly appreciated to make videos and gain attraction to the server!

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    ok thanks!

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    So I know that you can sell skins, worlds, resourcepacks etc in bedrock edition (marketplace) but can you sell skins, resourcepacks etc in java edition where there is no such thing as the marketplace.

    I'm just curious as if that would even work and if it works, if you are even allowed to do that.

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