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    posted a message on [Moderation Recruit.] 📰 [] AxtinMC {} In Development [] Space Travel [] Custom RP {} + More! {} Join Discord for Progress

    Name : My name is Anna.
    Age : I am currently 15 years of age.
    IGN : My IGN is Harley_Quinn69.
    Position you are applying for : I would like to apply for Head Moderator.
    Experience in said position : I have been a Moderator, Head Moderator, Admin, Head Admin, Staff Manager and Co-Owner on multiple servers.
    Why do you want this position? (Max 3 lines) : I would love to have this position because I love to help out and make sure that the game is running fairly.
    Other information (Max 5 lines) : I am a loved played on many servers and I type quite fast. I am sensible and use logic.

    I appreciate you reading my application and I hope to hear from you again soon.

    Thanks Anna <3

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    posted a message on <>ExoticPvP<> 🔷PvP Based Server🔷 ➡️Recruiting Staff⬅️ [Helpers, Builders, Ban-Team Members, Graphic Designers, and Devolpers]
    Ign: Harley_Quinn69 I am very sorry. I picked this name when I was younger and I loved BatMan.[/b]
    Skype: I am sorry. I do not actually have Skype.[/b]
    Age(Must Be 13+): I am currently 15 years of age.[/b]
    Gender: I am a female.[/b]
    [b]Desired rank: I would very much like to become an Admin.[/b]
    What interests do you have in this rank: My interests in this rank is helping other people. Although most people like to ban people, I do not. I do not like to see someone be banned because it means they have done something wrong, but if needed I will. [/b]
    How do you stand out: I stand out because I talk a lot... I love to learn about other people and how they are living at the moment.[/b]
    Maturity Level: I would say that I am a 9/5-10 because I am very formal.[/b]
    How many hours can you devote to us: I can devote around 19 hours a week and every second week around 15.[/b]
    Why should we choose you: You should choose me because I am very gentle and friendly to all people. Before banning people they will be warned ( kicked ). I also reward people with praises.[/b]
    How well do you cooperate with people: I co-operate with people very well, as I have mentioned above. [/b]

    Tell me a bit about yourself: I love people and to be helpful. I am very curious and love minecraft. My favorite minecraft game has to be towny, but I love everything.[/b]

    Thank you for reading my application and I am keeping my hopes up for a reply.[/b]
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    posted a message on | Builders Wanted | 1.8 | Factions + Skyblock

    Skype: Dugongski YT

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    posted a message on ⌛ STAFF/BUILDERS/DEVS NEEDED for Factions/RPG/Questing Server - Exodus Realms⌛

    Staff: I would like to be Admin or HeadAdmin
    IGN: Harley_Quinn69 I chose this user when I was 10 so please bare with it :D
    Age: 15

    Do you have access to voice communication?: Yes, Skype and discord.

    How active can you be/at what times: I can be online on Mondays, Wednesdays, every second Friday, Saturday and every second Sunday AEST

    What is your idea of the role of a staff member?: My idea of being staff is not only punishing, but rewarding and keeping everyone safe, respectful and responsible. A staff also must donate and be loyal to the server.

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