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    What a thrill...
    With darkness and silence through the night
    What a thrill...
    I'm searching and I'll melt into you
    What a fear in my heart
    But you're so supreme!

    (Episode 19)
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    Quote from isaac_bardin

    "Definitely" isn't spelled right either. It's missing an "e".

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    Well looks like 1.2.3 fixes some lighting issues, but reading some of the comments seems to indicate otherwise...


    Light crash bug is not fixed...
    Edit: At height 255 perhaps, but not in converted maps.
    Converted "Super Hostile - Kaizo Caverns" (Vechs map) to Anvil-> Sunlight inside -> crash

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    Well since this was on SA I never thought about posting it here, but now that he has his own website for it I thought now was a good time to advertise it here. Also I've been pm'd quite a bit about what pack I've been using in screenshots. Please note, I did not make this pack, nor do I intend to take credit for it, all credit goes to Kas for making this wonderful texture pack.

    The website for the Painterly pack and download links are located here: http://painterlypack.net/

    Here's the awesome The Painterly Pack Customizer Tool.
    This 'Painterly Pack Customizer' is a labor of love, with much of its code, refinement, testing and debugging made possible through the help of a variety of very talented programmers who have donated their time and code to the project - and I would like to take this space to thank Xax, Arc, and Deejay for all their help getting the customizer to where it is today.

    I can be reached through [email protected] for questions or comments. Please refrain from deluging me with requests for new textures and reskins, and read all the warnings at the top of the page to see if they answer your questions - thank you in advance.

    Right now Kas has reskinned almost everything, and the texture pack is pretty much finished. He'll still be updating it for sure though, and check the website for all updated images.
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