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    posted a message on Oakwood SMP [1.14.4][Vanilla][Whitelisted][New Map]
    • Minecraft username: Vaeltajaa
    • Age: 21
    • Country: Finland
    • Why do you want to join our server over other SMPs? I have played on couple of whitelisted SMP servers that died quickly. I want to join a server that already has a playerbase established.
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft, and what do you enjoy doing on SMP servers? 7 years. Building and interacting with the community by doing projects together and just having fun.
    • Tell us a little about yourself and your interests: I like playing video games and I spent most of the time in Minecraft. Other games that I also play: Overwatch, CSGO, League
    • What's your discord?: Vaeltaja#2703
    • Have you read the rules?: Yup :)
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