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    posted a message on FancyBluCraft - [100% Vanilla] [Mature 24/7] [13w41b] Small Community
    Age: 17
    How long have you played minecraft: 1.3
    Are you stupid: No
    Why do you want to join: Hate griefers and I am wanting to stay on a serever for a while and with the way the white list is i may stay here.
    Will you play actively: I feel i play too much. :)
    Will you contriblte: as much as i can
    Do you plan on staying: Most Definatly
    Building Skill: I am an ok builder but a big fan of Steampunk style Homes
    Redstone Skill: Not too great but am good at xp farms such as enderman farms and such
    Will you be Mature: Yes
    Whats your favorite ice cream color: rainbow!
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    posted a message on Small survival server LF more players
    Id Love to join!!!!!!! Last server owner Hated me and i quit lol
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    posted a message on [1.8]Sanzen.in: A small survival server.
    Ive been on plenty of servers before and this one looks the best... Ill see this server later :)
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