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    Hey guys,

    I’m Chris. Me and my buddy Alex noticed that it’s kinda annoying being in a gaming session and the phone is ringing all the time because someone is calling or messages are coming in. On the one hand, we don't wanna pause the game and get interrupted, but on the other hand, curiosity wins out and we don't want to miss anything exciting.

    We decided to solve the problem on our own by developing an app for this. :D
    It will allow gamers to easily connect their smartphones to their PC and forward calls, messages and other stuff directly on top of the games they’re playing.
    Means later you’ll be able to e.g. see (and hopefully also answer) calls and messages from several services (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Signal and more) directly from within in-game without having to pause your game and grabbing your phone.

    This is a first mock up of how it could look like (Yeees, the overlay is too big. It's just a first simplyfied version :D):

    mockup notifications forwarding

    At the moment we're searching for beta testers and "early adopters" to help us create the product by simply giving feedback on features and the design to create a tool that gamers REALLY need.

    Of course beta testers will get a free version of the app.
    Anyone interested in supporting us with feedback? :)


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