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    It's a very proper rp server, infact.
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    Just updating everyone that the forums and the settlement plugin were both updated to accomadate for the Stronghold's plugin.
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    Kaldor is a roleplay server built on three main pillars: Creativity, Transparency, and Cooperation. Creativity is what drives our roleplay and inspires others to improve where our developers cannot; we create an open-ended system that acts as a framework not a sandbox. Transparency is what guides our development. We believe in honesty and that very little should be kept from anyone's eyes or ears. Finally we have cooperation which keeps both players and staff on equal footing. There's no ladder to climb and the community is respected as a singularity of individualism.

    It is our -goal- to ensure that these three pillars are not altered in any way shape or form that deviates from Kaldor's character in which people joined for in the first place. There is no complexity in this, we do our best to remain simple. Think of us drawing a fine line between friendliness and hard-work. We're not professionals, we're enthusiasts. To be professional would create a cold heart and that would replace it with our warm fuzzy one that we dub 'the community'.

    As for our future that lies in the path set out for us. The path decided by our principles and of course the wishes of our community. We act as minimalists in this pursuit to improve on what exists rather than adding on to what needs improvement. There is a lot ot be done and we will continue to work towards that as long as we are able.

    Prehistory: ???-0
    Prehistory is everything which happened before the start of the Slithsasil. This is generally believed, by both the Kyresei and Sayraius people, to be when the first mortals appeared in Kaldor. It was during this period that the Kyresei and Sayraius began developing, and each began practicing their respective crafts.

    Notable events: None confirmed

    The Age of Awakening: 0-500

    The beginning of the Age of Awakening is marked by the Sayraius people’s first written language. Mostly written on the, now decayed, tanned hides of animals and enemies. This was before they stored their knowledge in a single location, or single dialect, and thus most of the records from this time have been lost to age, weather, and vandals. What little records have survived, are incomplete and somewhat vague.

    Notable events: The first Starfall, the first war, the rise of the Grythil

    The Age of Settling: 500-1649

    As Sayraius records got more complex, they began centralizing the knowledge to a specific location. The Slithsasil, they called it. A vast network of tunnels and caves, each one filled to the brim with knowledge. The sects of scribes began forming and evolving, and so too did their governments.

    The Age of Unraveling happened the same year of the first war, and is the first series of recorded conflicts with the Kyresei. Based off study, it’s been estimated that this brutal battle claimed over a thousand lives, and lasted for at least five years. From the year 501 til 800, very little was recorded except for tensions with the Kyresei; it wasn’t until the year 850 that the Sayraius began recording experiments with magic.

    More interestingly, it wasn’t until the year 863 that either the Ghar’Lo or Kaerok species were ever mentioned in records. There are speculations floating around some sects that the Slithsis created both races; this has been unconfirmed, and these people are generally mocked.

    Notable events: The first recorded magical experiments, the first mention of new races, the creation of the Slithsasil

    The Age of Unraveling: 1650-1820

    The Age of Unraveling began with a tome labeled “The Pure”(written 1667), which was a speculative document outlining two newcoming races to the lands of Kaldor. It espouses that the Slithsis is the only true ‘pure’ race, and that all others are rather quarrelsome and undeveloped; unintelligent and combative, this is the first record which touts the Sayraius over others. It was the first mention of humans and the Ald, and lightly touched upon the subject of the invasion of Kaerok and Endkel homes; it’s noted rather specifically in most works criticizing “The Pure” that the tone is rather satisfied. In just two years after this tome was put into the Slithsasil, there were reports of Ald scouts searching the Sayraius mountains. Five years after “The Pure” was created, there was full-out war between the Rel’Neire, Sayraius, and Kyresei people.

    During this Age, the Rel’Neire began developing cities and kingdoms in the lands of Kaldor. These cities were under constant siege by the Kyresei. It’s known as the Age of Unraveling, because the Sayraius people were largely driven from their forest homes into the mountains which housed the Slithsasil.

    Notable events: The rise of the Kingdoms, the fall of the Sayraius, the second recorded war

    The Lost Years: 1820-3005

    This is the longest Age in Sayraius history, and is notable for what isn’t known about it. Very few tomes from this era survived, from any culture.

    The first complete tome salvaged from this time is labeled “The Cleansing”, which is often disregarded as the ramblings of a madman. It outlines several events, which include the Shattering, the Lamentations, the Decay, and most unsettlingly was something referred to as the Reaping.

    The Shattering refers to the separation of Kaldor as a whole continent into a series of islands.

    The Lamentations appears to be, in large part, about burying Slithsis and Ghar’Lo soldiers in mass graves. This also bleeds somewhat into the Decay, which seems to be about some sort of plague- though the scribe who wrote it calls it ‘holy retribution’ for events unknown.

    The Reaping is never fully explained, but it largely seems to be about some unknown force sweeping the land and killing children and women everywhere in exceedingly violent and grotesque ways. Whether this actually happened or not is unconfirmed- it may just be the rantings of a madman, as is believed.

    Notable events: The Shattering, the Lamentations/the Decay, the Reaping; the fall of the Kingdoms, the destruction of records; the destruction of Rel’Neire technology; war, famine, possible plagues; first recorded divine interference(?)

    The Age of Ending/The Age of Beginning: 3006-current(3008)

    This Age has two names, due to a schism in the scribes of Sayraius. Some of them believe that the current Age is the end of times, a true apocalypse. Others believe that the apocalypse has come and gone, and that now is the age of rebuilding.

    This Age began with the recovery of tomes from the Slithsasil, which at this point has mostly faded into obscurity and preserved in memory through myths, folklore, and fairy tales.

    Most survivors of the Lost Years have taken refuge in a fallen city from one of the Kingdoms, whose name has been lost to the ages.

    Recently, a new Starfall(a bright flash in the sky and a release of massive amounts of magical energy) has coincided with the arrival of a new people- the Empyrreans.

    Notable events: The end of the Lost Years, new arrivals, the second Starfall

    The Kyresei- a brutal, primal, violent culture to outsiders made up of the Kaerok and Endkel species. While they don’t typically look for fights, they will not hesitate to defend themselves or their homes. Their culture revolves around nature, magic, and hunting.

    Culture of the Kyresei
    The Kyresei, composed mainly of the Endkel and Kaerok, are a forest-dwelling people who live in harmony with nature. They prefer to stay near to their homes while hunting, straying only when food and resources are low. They use natural materials most when making things, such as fashioning tools from bone and clothes from hide.

    Being a forest-dwelling people, they have adapted to the woody environment. They are masters of stalking prey, and excellent hunters. The Kaerok tend to hunt solitarily, only sharing a sleeping place and common defense with the Endkel of their tribes. The Endkel prefer to hunt in packs, however. They use their superior strength, speed, and numbers to attack and encumber a beast. Three skilled Endkel can easily take down a full-grown bear with their bare hands.

    Since they prefer more traditional methods of hunting, their technology is rudimentary at best. The extent of their arsenal usually extends to slingshots, bone daggers, and crude bows and arrows. Their medicine, while not extremely advanced, is effective and deals mostly with plant-based salves and powders. They see magic as a force of nature, and use it to help with their hunting.

    Their beliefs are firmly rooted in nature, even going as far as to idolize the three main forces of nature (as according to them). They revere their elders as leaders and protect their young tenaciously, not even allowing the young to hunt by themselves until their coming-of-age ceremonies. They build their houses high in the trees, so as to avoid the ground predators. Though they live in tribes, all tribes hold a lot of core values the same (such as their beliefs and most practices). The most variation is usually to what degree of control their elders exert over members of the tribe, ranging from a complete martial law to a Laissez-Faire rule in which they only intervene when prudent.

    A member of the Kyresei is not afraid to kill or die, because they believe all beings share the same life-force. Man, mouse, or minx; one is all and all is one. Despite this, they believe some animals are inherently evil: the crow, the fox, the eagle, and the spider are all abhorrent beings and are often killed in the most extravagant ways the Kyresei can manage. Likewise, they revere certain other animals for traits they deem desirable. The bear, the lion, the mouse, the owl, and the gorthra are all renowned for their hunting and perhaps even considered holy by the Kyresei.

    Due to how magical prowess is passed on from one generation to the next, they believe that eating others allows them to gain the strength and wisdom of the person consumed. This has led them to develop, much to the horror of the Sayraius, cannibalistic practices. Though they wouldn’t eat a functioning member of their own society, an outcast is given the option of exile or consumption- either of which is considered worse than death. Any trespasser on their land is also liable to be eaten.

    Since they live in, and worship, nature, they have a certain affinity for the earth and the forests. It’s believe that long ago, the Sayraius were just like the Kyresei but were forced out for holding the stars as divine beings. Regardless of the history, the Kyresei and Sayraius are sworn enemies.

    Society of the Kyresei
    The Kyresei typically live in a dynastic gerontocracy, which is a government led by the eldest of a given family line. Their economy relies heavily on barter with other tribes. The wealth of any given tribe is distributed by productivity, with the most productive members receiving the most. The elite class of most Kyresei tribes are those who hunt or gather the most.

    A favored pastime among the Kyresei is sparring. From a young age, boys and girls are taught to fight. From there, they practice often with each other. Sports are mostly contact-based, and often leave the participants battered and bruised.

    Religion of the Kyresei
    The Kyresei have a distinct religion, which is shared across almost every tribe. They hold their beliefs highly, and will often kill anyone who doesn’t believe in their religion. They have three gods, and their religion lives entirely on word-of-mouth. They have no creation story, nor do they have sure any birth tales for their deities; they believe that nature and the universe are eternal and immortal, and so too are their gods.

    Ryak’Ar, the Crow
    Spheres of influence: Darkness, Omens, Dishonorable Deaths
    Sacred Animal: The Crow
    Sacred Symbol: The Stars

    A young Sratheni, in his physical prime, who wields a stave made of the bones of elders and bound with the tanned hide of children. Ryak’ar wears a mask which is molded to resemble the face of a crow, and is made of the skinned faces and scalps of Kyresei women. Moving under the cover of night, Ryak’Ar sneaks into homes. He runs his stake through the hearts of his prey, then consumes their eyes and tongue. Then he skins them and uses their flesh to make his clothes and repair his tools, then adds their canine teeth to his necklace, anklet, or bracelets.

    His title is inspired by his cloak of pitch-black crow feathers, with the eyes of the crows sewn into it. When the light from a fire reflects off the eyes, they appear to glow and glitter- like so many stars in the dark expanses of space. His face is never seen, not even his eyes, as it’s perpetually hidden behind his mask. He can take on the form of a crow, and it’s believed that he rules over all crows.

    Fagise, the Mother
    Spheres of influence: Nature, Love, Creation
    Sacred Animal: The Mouse
    Sacred Symbol: The Trees

    Fagise is believed to be the maintainer of the life force, and the creator of magic. She gave birth to Grythil, the being of magic, It’s believed that long ago, Ryak’Ar attempted to consume her and split her body into three. However, Grythil intervened and saved Fagise. Lacking the ability to repair her, he instead molded her body into the mountains and hills, into the rivers and seas, and into the trees and grass. It’s believed that whenever the wind rustles the branches just right, you can even hear Fagise speaking.

    While she was whole, she used her well to move the life force around. When someone died, they would flow into the waters of the well; when it was time for someone to be born, the Mother would take a cup of water out and send it to the pregnant woman on the back of a mouse. The Kyresei believe that the dew on the morning grass are droplets of water from Fagise’s well, waiting for the mice to collect them and take them to be born.

    Uncharacteristically gentle for the society, Fagise seems to prefer pacifism and understanding as opposed to violence and death. Though that’s not to say she’s completely opposed to it; there’s more than one story of Fagise brutally murdering someone.

    Grythil, the Warrior
    Spheres of influence: War, Honorable Death, Winter
    Sacred Animal: The Lion or the Wolf
    Sacred Symbol: The Bloody Snowflake

    There are three core beliefs to the Kyresei; honor in combat, honor in death, and surviving everything. Grythil embodies all three. Believed to be the first mage, and a direct descendant of Fagise herself, Grythil is believed to be the ultimate warrior. With a vast array of weapons and a history of combat, every fighting story revolving around Grythil reveals his honor in fighting even the most disadvantaged enemy. Other stories show his aptitude with survival, and his respect for nature and the dead.

    In contrast to Fagise, Grythil is a Kaerok. Some tribes believe that Fagise created Grythil to be her hunter, as opposed to having been birthed by her, and that the Kaerok species were designed to be noble hunters. Either way, the Endkel treat the Kaerok with dignity and respect.

    A technologically advanced civilization ruled by the gods and led by the wealthiest, mostly made of Alds and humans. Genophobic, but amazingly swell party people once you're acquainted.

    The Culture of the Rel’Neire

    Hailing from a distant and hitherto-unknown land, the Rel’Neire are a technologically-advanced civilisation; a land made low by war and pestilence, forcing them to flee. Their ships were a beautiful display of their mastery over technology. Ran and powered by steam, they were more mobile cities than mere oceanic vessels. With all the amenities of living on land, and each one packed with enough firepower to send a small army to a watery grave, they truly were kings of their domains; and their domains were wherever they pleased.

    Having invented the steam-powered firearm, each soldier aboard each vessel already had superior stopping power to any archer and more range than any swordsman. With their steam-powered land-rovers, they could outrun savages and beasts alike. Conquerors and explorers, the Rel’Neire forged a mighty empire.

    Unmatched in scientific, medical, or technological power, they felt confident enough to leave a war-scarred, disease-stricken, and famine-ravaged land. Away from their home they sailed, their destination set for any new land. It was due to their land that most of these sailors were human, and it was their land-domination that their deckhands and servants were Alds. After so long being domineers wherever they went, the Rel’Neire (both Alds and humans alike) tend to be… haughty. Conceited. They’re known for their self-righteous and sometimes bigoted attitudes, and their disdain for the ‘lower’ races. They see anyone not as advanced as themselves to be inferior specimens, good for entertainment and not much more. This same attitude also makes them suspicious of other races and lands- of finally being dethroned as the best. They tend not to interact much with others if they can avoid it.

    Their belief in technology and their own superiority has led them to heavily distrust and revile magic. The mysticism of the Sayraius and the primality of the Kyresei are a far-cry from the cold and logical numbers of science. Perhaps it might even scare them; goodness knows how much superstition they shroud magic with. Much like a toddler covering his ears and saying ‘lalalalalalala’, they tend to avoid magic and mages if possible- firmly, and annoyingly, disapproving of it.


    The Society of the Rel’Neire

    The Rel’Neire’s society and culture are built on two things- affluence and piousness. Due to this, they prefer their government to be a more theocratic oligarchy, which is to say a government led by their deities and ran by the wealthiest. The noblemen are those who are especially affluent in either an extraordinary and useful talent or rich in currency. Due to their focus on wealth and talent, they don’t really have any prejudices about skin color or gender- usually the Rel’Neire are quite liberal when it comes to members of their own society.

    Their religion plays a large part in their social conventions, with prayer and the gods all but dictating day-to-day life. A pastime popular in this culture is partying and gift-giving, and do they know how to party. It’s quite usual for a soiree or other kind of get-together to happen once a week, and for a full party to happen once a month or so. Drinking and games of chance are popular activities, as well as some games of chance- like marksmanship, or story-telling.

    The society and culture of the Rel’Neire revolve heavily around word of mouth and story-telling. Their religion lacks very little structure, and anyone who tries to give it structure is often cast out as a cultist. There are no priests or deacons; no churches or monasteries; no crosses or doctrines. There are just fables and stories, passed from father to son and mother to daughter. Fireside get-togethers to discuss their religion, and stories they have, are much more common and still heavily appreciated.

    Since there is no particular emphasis within the society on gender, it generally falls upon the men to cook while the women usually clean- if they don’t have children. Typical dishes from the Rel’Neire are lobsters, fish, and perhaps even some small game. They tend to prefer fishing to hunting. Typical sides include potatoes and carrots- root vegetables, mainly. Their land was rich in nutrients, and best sustained plants from the ground. It was considered a blessing if they had wheat enough to make bread, or even enough fruit to sell. When they took to the seas, they realized they had to adapt or else starve. It was this that spurred the invention and refining of the field of hydroponics- that is, using suspended pods of water and dirt to grow crops- and is largely what allowed them to live through their trips.


    The Religion of the Rel’Neire

    The Harmonious

    Dracen the Lifebringer, God of Gods and Hospitality(unknown, supposedly deceased)
    Grinling the Strong, God of Stone, Metalworking, Steam, and Brewing
    Kahlo the Many, Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Chaos
    Boyvin the Lover, God of Romance, Wine, and Lust
    Daizha the Light, Goddess of Day, Order, Balance, the Harvest
    Abichayil, Goddess of Snow, Emotion, Survival, and Loyalty
    The Defiant (The Fallen)

    Belgrave the Weaver, God of Jealousy and Silence
    Agarosh the Silent, God of Night, Beauty, Death, and Deception
    Crocifissa the Iron, Goddess of Control, War, and Jealousy
    Eril, the Gatekeeper and God of Fate
    It is usual for a follower of this religion to follow just two gods, one of the Harmonious and one of the Defiant. This is in the name of balance; you can't have unity as a whole without both halves. Disciples to the gods might carry around tokens on a necklace or prayer stones in order to show their devotion to their beliefs. The Rel'Neire steadfastly believe that these are living gods, though there's never been any proof to these claims.

    Due to there being no organization to this religion, it's very rare to find any two people with the same stories for the same god.

    The Sayraius people live in the mountains, where they are closest to the stars. A culture of dreamers and artisans, secluded and shrouded in mystery to outsiders. Composed of the Slithsis and Ghar’Lo people, they prefer not to war if possible- but they will if they must.

    The Culture of the Sayraius
    The Sayraius reside in the mountains, removed from other societies. They are a solitary people, preferring to remain alone and amongst them. Outwardly cold, even apathetic at times to the plights of their neighbors, the Sayraius see themselves as above the struggles of others.

    Following a higher calling, as they put it, the Slithsis members of the Sayraius study magic religiously. Their jobs are, almost exclusively, to write and study. It truly is a culture of perfectionists; the Ghar’Lo work tirelessly on making better armor and arms, while the Slithsis work with the fundamental forces of nature day in and day out. Though that’s not to say their culture is driven entirely on weapons and spells- art and poetry are just as much a part of their culture.

    The Sayraius believe in records, and so they have a mostly complete library of the history of Kaldor- however, they don’t share it; even among themselves, only the most revered have ever had a look at the restricted tomes. There are hints in the earlier records that the Kyresei and Sayraius are linked in some way, but it’s unclear as to how- besides combatants. It’s been a long and bitter war between both sides, and has become a fixture in the Sayraius way of life. The magic these fair folk make use of is a far cry from that of the savage workings from the Kyresei. Refined, elegant, and efficient, as opposed to brutal, clumsy, and sloppy. However, the Sayraius spellcraft is extremely inefficient in combat; less than useless, to be completely frank.

    Because the religion of the Sayraius is closely tied to magic, they regard the Kyresei as primalistic, savage brutes; even more abhorred (or pitied) than the Kyresei, however, are the Rel’Neire. Their distaste for magic saddens the Sayraius, and perhaps even enrages them.

    Society of the Sayraius
    Years of seclusion and warfare have left the Sayraius a tad paranoid, and so their government is a cryptarchic magiocracy- a secret council of the best mages. How they rule their people is with edicts published by a sanctioned sect of scribes; the Wandering Eye, specifically. The council is never more than three men, and the Eye is a dynastic legacy. They have perfected a style of writing which is unique to them. No one has been able to copy their exact ink; their exact paper; their exact hand-writing. Not many have tried either, to be honest. The Sayraius people are more or less happy being governed, as their government doesn’t interfere too much. Leadership changes hands with a battle to the death by the top mages.

    Religion of the Sayraius
    The Sayraius believe that magic is magic; mana and gyin are two sides of the same reality-forming coin. That’s not to say that they condone gyin- they abhor and hate it, and actively hunt and kill anyone caught harnessing it. They simply view it as a necessary evil, but one not to be tampered with.

    They believe in two gods, two personifications of magic- though mostly imagined, there is evidence that they might be based on historical figures. One, Balthazar, embodies the force of mana; his twin, Isambard, embodies the force of gyin. While they are a culture who focuses on records-keeping and structure, the one part of their society which has neither is religion- much like the Kyresei and Rel’Neire, they rely entirely on word of mouth and tales to spread their religion and keep it alive.

    Though it differs from person to person, the basis of each god are as follow:

    Balthazar, the Crow
    Spheres of influence: The Night, Mana, Exploration
    Sacred Animal: The Crow
    Sacred Symbol: The Stars

    Representing the Sayraius’ need to explore and expand, and their fascination with the stars, Balthazar is sometimes called the ‘King of Crows’. Why crows specifically, is unknown- and the parallels between he and Ryak’Ar of the Kyresei are undeniable.

    Mysterious, yet kind and curious, there’s not much known about Balthazar. He prefers dark robes which cover him from head to toe, and the hood is shaped much like a beak. His voice is soothing and gentle, a lulling melodic cadence which has an almost tranquilizing, mesmerizing, effect on those around him.

    Being the avatar of expansion, Balthazar can take the form of a crow and fly like one as well. Much like the Sayraius people, he soars above others and watches them objectively- uninvolved and above them all, but ever-vigilant. He carries an oilskin satchel, which is braided with crow feathers. This supposedly contains Balthazar’s pen and journal- each possessing unique properties.

    Balthazar is also an exemplary mage, who is capable of casting amazing spells and doing astounding things. His knowledge and practice with the arcane are practically unrivaled, and he sets a goal for which the Sayraius people strive for.

    Isambard, the Flame

    Spheres of influence: Wanton Destruction, Gyin, Hunger, and Lust
    Sacred Animal: The Grythil
    Sacred Symbol: Fire

    Because it is shrouded in a cloak of flames which burn perpetually, no one can be entirely sure who or what Isambard is. Though it normally sounds masculine, and its build is similar to that of Balthazar’s, it often switches its tone to sway and seduce men. It feeds off the memories of people, leaving them alive but without knowledge- a fate much worse than death for the Sayraius people. Some fables say that just looking into Isambard’s flames can drive a man insane.

    Beyond destroying memories, Isambard is feared for his love of books- more specifically, his love of eating them. Pages and leather crackle and burn inside the licking inferno of the fiend, coming out as a trail of ashes wherever it walks.

    Isambard is considered a force of nature, whose sole purpose is to consume. It follows its primal instincts, going where it pleases and eating what it pleases. Its fire burns all around it, in an aura of visceral need. It is not, however, an entirely antagonistic entity; there’s more than one legend of Isambard consuming the wicked, and protecting the Sayraius. Why it would do this, is unknown. Not truly good nor evil, Isambard is an interesting figure to study; there’s more than one sect of intellectuals dedicated to him. It is considered taboo to worship him, and is punishable by death or exile.

    It’s believed that the Grythil are minions of Isambard, men and women who fell to its temptation.

    To apply to the server, you must follow the link to the Enjin forums. Only on the enjin forums will you be accepted, and only there can you get the IP to join the server:
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    Quote from althunder

    First Name:alex

    Skype (To Stay Updated, Pm's are also acceptable):poler123
    Have you read the rules:yes
    Have you read the lore:yes
    RP Expierence:yes
    Fallout Expierence:no
    Define Meta Gaming: stratagy
    Define Power Gaming:interacting with games

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    In Game Name: xXx_EdGyUsErNaMe_xXx

    Bad joke is bad.
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    I play on a large fantasy server, and currently require a skin to be made. I have no creative juices flowing, nor any time to make myself the skin, lest I would. I can not offer anything as payment, but I request something made with time and care.

    I need a base skin, meaning just skin, of this picture. Nearly an exactly copy of that said picture. I would appreciate this skin greatly <3

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    Lore Developer:

    Why do you want to be a Lore Developer here?:
    Considering how well I understand the lore of Fallout, how well I know the people in the server, and numerous other details, I think I'd be excellent as part of the server's team to bring forth a great age of Fallout RP, or RP in general.

    What Fallout experience do you have?:

    Well over 3 years of Fallout experience in reading lore actively, and learning more and more details about it. I have played every single one of the Fallout games and beaten them, putting well over 1k hours into them together. For a few months, I kept a page of the fallout wiki open and kept going to random pages for the pure sake of learning more about the lore and it's intricate setup.

    How much time will you be able to dedicate here?:

    I can dedicate plenty of time to the server itself, as most of my free time is spent RP'ing and writing regardless. As I've seem to come down with the 'Fallout Itch' again, I see no reason I don't join with my ex-staff members in helping to develop a deep story and background to the land and areas around the setting.

    What RP writing experience do you have?:
    I began RP'ing in the same way the owner did, joining Lost Day's a number of years back and playing actively there. Although when I look back on it, the RP was less than decent, it certainly helped to teach me the details of how to RP, and a great honor system to live by when I RP'ed on later servers. I have done numerous Forum Roleplays, both outside my friend group and within, have RP'ed on numerous minecraft servers set in insurmountable amounts of realms and parallel universe.

    Ranging from well over 5 Fallout servers set in minecraft, around 3 fantasy servers, and too many various Forum Roleplays that I have failed to remember them all. I'm sure whoever reads this app could recount more than me, if I didn't mention them all.

    Other Articles Written, Original Works:

    The Longest Application for any Fallout Server I have written-


    The Fallout server I had worked on-

    If more records are needed, I can offer links to numerous other non-related fallout things, but I only linked these as I deemed them the most on topic and important for the sake of a Fallout Server.

    Skype: Dualmittens, but I'm already on the list for whoever is on the list of staff.
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    Hey, this looks pretty good :D

    I'll make sure to keep an eye on this for when it eventually comes out!
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    Quote from LastBlockOrg

    Ill Take This Down If Need Be But heres a Quick Fallout New Vegas Trailer

    I'm not sure advertising on another forums thread is decent. I'm sure Minnan would like it removed, but i'll leave that to him to say.
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    Dear everyone who has come across this forum.

    This forum will be used for the revival of this server. No plans are in set yet, and none should be taken as set. However, feel free to follow this forum for future updates on the server and whatever else.

    Thanks in advance!
    ~ Dualmittens
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    Looks like a great server ^-^
    I'll write out an application at some point, after i get acquainted with the OP and what not.
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    Quote from stormman09

    Is done :)

    If by that, you mean you edited it in, you'll have to repost the application for the sake of records. Thanks ^-^
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    Looks like an awesome server ^-^
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    Quote from Veener

    Reclaimation or Red Skies

    Or a good one like Wild Wasteland and Echoes of Mankind B)
    Quote from CalebTheBanana

    and what gives you this information that the server is dead are you staff or just some retarded kid who thinks he is hilarious saying stuff that he has no evidence that can back him up

    You need to slow your roll. You judged everyone elses application, then never bothered to judge your own. Your application is one of the worst i've ever seen, and i've been doing this for nearly 2 years. I've accepted and denied hundreds of applications, and your's simply blew my mind with the lack of grammar and the op'ness of your character. Is there a problem with playing a nightkin? Of course not, but when you can't make proper sentences, and put the bare minimum into an application, you deserve no sympathy from me or anyone else here.

    I give you a brutally honest review, because you decided to "deny" people with hateful comments. I simply return the favor with my own.

    By the way, i like Veener and i like the other guys. Veener because i know him, and the other guy because he actually used grammar and a good structure for a character.

    Go home kid, you suck.

    Move on to another server. This one is officially closed.
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    Quote from stormman09

    You have to post a full application, both parts in one application .-.
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