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Herro Minecraft Forums! Seems like you had the courage to look at my profile! Enjoy my random page...

About meh:

  • I have Bipolar Disorder (LOOK IT UP FOO! >:U)
  • I'm bisexual Meow
  • I have no life (That is highly illogical. If you have no life, you wouldn't be alive right now)
  • I visit Tumblr and deviantART a lot
  • I LOVE Adventure Time, Hunger Games, and Homestuck
  • I'm a JW //shot

I don't know what to write anymore... MEOW.

I like your "Cafeteria Challenge", I HAZ SOME SUGGESTIONS!

Chienk Yhu! Please post your suggestions/feed back on the topic!


My LAPTOP overheats foo. Problem?

I love you!

YOU DO?! *internet hugs*

Why you so mean?

Why do you:

Have no common sense?

Break the rules?

Don't use proper grammar?

'Nuff said.



Want to Homestuck Role play?!

Sure! Link: http://www.minecraft...k-rp-accepting/ (stupid /url thing doesn't work for me D:<)

Did you read the latest Homestuck Update? Asdfghjkl!

I know right!
Interests Homestuck, Minecraft, Hunger Games, and books.

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