About Me
In case you have brought enough curiosity to look at my profile...


Basic information:

My name (on here) is DualGro, but feel free to call me either Dual, Gro, or whatever else you feel you'd need to.

My actual, in-real-life name is....different.

(Sinovuyo...Exotic, isn't it?)

I'm yet only another being residing in an magical land in Middle Europe also known as Germany.

Other stuff:

I really enjoy it to meet people from different, if possible, even exotic nationalities since other cultures, languages etc. do interest me a lot.

I generally enjoy FPS.

You can find me on Steam/Origin aswell, with the same name.

Sometimes I use Internet Explorer willingly and fully conscious about it.

(Fun) Facts about me:

My favorite season is winter. I just like the coldness, that feel it gives to everything, the white-ishness and the fact everybody else suffers under it.[...]

I tend to acquire sleeping paralysis quite often for some reason. In contrary to that, I usually never remember any of my dreams.

Normally I lurk around the Off-Topic section, more specifically in General Off Topic and Forum Games.

I don't really have any favorite users here...except for my friends on here and a few others eventually.

I "speak" fluent German as its my mother tongue, quite good English, an awful tad of French and I think I remember a few random Russian lines.

I don't really have a favorite music genre, neither movies, TV shows or anything like that.

I hate doing grammar mistakes.

And I think I eventually like you already since you dared to visit my profile.

Interests Interesting things, I guess. Foreign languages for example. Как русский. شاید فارسی؟ რაც შეეხება ... საქართველოს? 還是中國。 និងដើម្បី­បញ្ចូល­វា­បិទ ... 日本人。

Contact Methods

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