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    Quote from Tails1»

    Because they're two different games with 2 development teams that need to get paid somehow...

    Also, I think it was released for free to create a player base, but now they would just lose money if they kept it free for Java users.

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    The map doesn't even have a name yet so what do you expect to find here? ;)


    We are currently looking for builders so if you are interested please let us know.

    looking for the changelog? it's right here :)


    2019-MM-DD -> 2020-06-30 | Log not available.

    2020-07-01 | Added RonPon mine.

    2020-07-02 | Extended terrain along path to Drylands. Forest extended. Added mountain + large mine. Story extended, now including mine quest(s). Redstone lock repaired in temple#1.

    2020-07-03 | Extended large mine. Details.

    2020-07-13 | Extended large mine. Details.

    2020-07-14 | Extended large mine. Details and story.

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