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    I got a couple custom plugins made. Instead of selling permissions, all players have the same permissions. There's now just command costs for commands like repair, enchant, tnt, etc. Also got a plugin made to give players EP per time played, all configurable. I set it to turn on during Friday night to Sunday night. Then of course 100 EP for everybody every $1K donated. I don't think there should be any complaints in selling EP for $1.

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    Pretty much all servers these days are depressing. They are pay to win and run by kids with no ideal how to act mature or professional. Most servers have a "circle" of players close to a mod or Admin that get away with anything but a new player joins and asks a simple question like are there any player shops and some Mod is like "hurr read the spawn signs" and kicks him. I was playing on a server for a few weeks and built a small town and a mod said I had to move because I lived too close to her (I'm positive I was building here first because her house wasn't even complete) and then destroyed half of my town while I was offline to build her horse stables. I've been on servers where you can buy spawners and nobody will help you if you accidentally misplaced it yet they just give them free to their friends who play on the server. Then they have pay to win VIP ranks where they get a free stack of diamond every day, and commands like /fly /heal etc. which sucks in a PvP server. And then the try hard "mature" servers run by 14 year olds with no cussing or insulting rules. What are you 12? Oh yea.

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    If you hated Minecraft so much, why did you go on to the Minecraft forums and make a post like that, offending thousands if not millions of people, showing how irrelevant and stupid you really are. If you think Minecraft is so bad and their system of doing things is terrible, let's see you give it a go.

    Lets keep it at thousands here boy.
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    posted a message on Top 10 reasons servers fail.
    Only read what was in bold. No further expanations needed.
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    Most people I've gotten to know are 13-16. I'm 19. I've also met people as old as 36. I think it depends.
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    posted a message on Best Way to advertise a server?
    An old post I've always looked up to.

    Quote from DreamPhreak

    1. Be social with Facebook/twitter. It is very easy for someone to share your server details with this, and therefore becomes word of mouth. Also constantly post things on it, imagine when someone hasnt played in a while, and then your server comes up on the top of their newsfeed and they remember to play! Also on facebook, give freedom for people to post pictures as they please. (+Think about integrating these social feeds on your servers' website)

    2. Ask your players if they can make youtube videos, possibly have an incentive for simply making videos and maybe another incentive for every # of views the video gets. This method is highly proven, one of my players made a youtube video titled "How to make the ultimate creeper trap", and has since gotten 2.5 million views, and he was also nice enough to add an annotation with my server's ip on it, and almost every single day, i get new players online directly from that video alone. (There are also other ultimate creeper trap imitation videos that have only gotten less than 1k views) - While it would be good to do a series like a LP, sometimes its just the random stuff that people havent seen before that sparks curiosity.

    3. If your server is the survival/pvp type, try to keep a fair playing ground. I cant tell you how many times ive joined a server, had the admin flying around stalking behind me, killed me, and then spawned in the most valuable items/tools/armor for me that would make a pirate-king blush. While it does get a couple more people on your server, most wouldnt stay for long because once they have the best, there is nothing else to aim for. Also has an effect of killing off other players that know it happened, simply because you are giving this other guy stuff but they dont get anything. It is best just to let players earn their own items. Also if you are in a situation where you MUST give out items, for example: to the winner of an arena or contest, try to keep that fair too and give them something that might be kind of hard to get, but not impossible to get within a couple of hours of playing on your server. (On my server, stuff that gets bought from the admins goes into a central admin-only treasury, and we use that to reward players for doing something else. That way, we dont spawn anything in, but it is fair.)
    Speaking of fairness, sometimes it is good to run something new by your players. Take a vote, let people have a voice, sometimes something you may want doesnt mean everyone else does. Remember that they are the ones playing on the server, they probably already have an idea of things that could make or break your server. (But dont forget that some players would only want things to make their game an unfair advantage)

    4. Dont bombard players with a lot of new things at once. I have had my server for 2 years, i know that any little change you make to the server can have a big impact on player count. One day my server was averaging 50 players in the peak hours over the span of a couple of days, but then i installed LWC, and the player count dropped to 15-20 for the next few days until i remembered about LWC and removed it. Almost immediately after i removed it, player count started rising back up again. It was astonishing to see this, especially not knowing how they knew about it. This has also proved true for many other things. Just be sure to ask your players, and watch the player count. If you prefer something that can give you an actual chart of players during peak hours, i suggest MCDigr.com.

    5. Make your server look like you either spent time on it, or is not complicated enough to scare people away. Some servers have many walls filled with rules and information, one server ive seen made us read a huge tunnel filled with rules and unnecessary information, then made us jump through hoops (portals) that each one would take us to different rooms with the same rules posted again (as a test to see if we were paying attention, we had to pick the right one), and they even had the audacity to put a cooldown on the portals, making us wait like 30 seconds to get to the next one, if we failed we had to go back to the beginning and do it again. What I have on my server is 1 wall in a house (that is the spawn point) with the simplified rules, they can read it or not, but if they dont and they get banned, well that is their fault. (The ban appeals form asks them if they re-read the rules, with a link to the full rules, and lets them yes/no it, but if they dont even read the rules again, they are just going to continue getting banned, and that is their fault since we provided a simple way to get to it).

    6. If your server is bukkit, consider getting Votifier, and adding your server to votifier-supported Minecraft Server Listing type websites, so that way when people vote for your server, they can get a little incentive each day. My server is listed on 10 votifier-enabled sites, give $100 for each vote, which means people can get $1000 each day, and use that money towards player-owned shops. (Voting and selling stuff at your shop are purely the only ways to make money on my server).
    Also, since we are talking about advertising, have respect for other servers: Do NOT advertise your server on other servers, that is just extremely rude. I have seen many people ranging from owner to unknown-default-player who have all advertised their (or their favorite server) on my server. That is like a cardinal sin. Think about it this way: the owners are using a chunk of their paychecks to fund the server to give people a FREE place to play on, but if you take away those players, all of their hard work and hard earned money is just all going to waste. If they worked so hard to get players, and have actually earned a high player count, that gives you no right to simply swoop in and advertise somewhere else for them to play on.

    7. Almost forgot about this one, Have active staff on your server! People, believe it or not, generally like having some kind of authority online. Most people, if you asked, would say they dont, but when it comes down to it, they love having them around, possibly for selfish reasons, but still. So just having a couple of moderators online enforcing the rules would be enough to keep people around for a while. Players see that this server is active, is organized, can go to moderators for help/questions whenever they want, and know that this server does actually enforce the rules (meaning that it is fair).

    8. Listen to your players. Me and my other admins pay attention to players of any rank on the server. Some servers may try to implement the hierarchical form of complaint handling (players report to mods, mods report to admins), but that method leaves some complaints to rot away and never get looked at, frustrating some players that mightve needed something urgent looked at. On my server, i answer player's questions, complaints, or really just hang out with them, cheering on some fight, or simply standing with a group of players watching people get slaughtered in the pvp area. The players seem to love it, though they never tell me how nice it is to have an admin to just be there with them. But then you might ask what my moderators are for, well they play the game with no game-breaking permissions, but merely have the power to warn/kick/ban/mute (within reason of course, dont forget about fairness!) so when there arent any admins online, the moderators, which are higher in numbers than the admins, can ensure that at almost any time of the day, there will be at least one to enforce the rules. Even if some of the other staff doesnt like that mod, but they are doing a good job, we let them keep their mod rank; otherwise if they only have moderator rank to showboat to their friends, they are met with a quick demotion. Dont need people having that kind of power if they arent going to use it for the good of the server.

    9. Don't get involved with player squabbles. Players have a tendency to argue and fight, but its good to just let it fix itself, or at least until it starts overwhelming the chat. That's just the nature of a survival server.

    10. Consider actually investing some money into your server. Dont make your server look like it is being hosted in some kid's parent's basement. What i mean is getting an actual domain name, not like "craftcraft.free-subdomains.com", it makes your entire server look cheap. A domain name only costs about $10 or less A YEAR (depending where you buy it from), and with enough tech savvy, you can have it so if they put the domain name into the minecraft ip form on the client, it will go to your server. In the beginning, my server was crawling along, but eventually, with time, effort, and money invested, we have a fully-dedicated linux server, and now the VIP-rank donations have covered each monthly cost, and the donations have brought in enough money to still last us for 2 more years, so far, at the $140/mo ticket price. (That means we are getting about $300 a month now).
    My server's vip ranks cost $6, $12, or $22, and it is a 1-time-only purchase which lasts a lifetime. Have have had to reset maps, completely overhaul the server multiple times, but even through all of the heavy beating that the server has lasted, people have NEVER lost their rank, it carries over forever. We don't offer anything else that can be purchased with actual money. And the VIP ranks we have are limited in features, mostly it is just shorter cool-downs, with the 3rd rank having NO cool-downs, and a few extra commands. The biggest feature that any of the vip ranks have, is the middle one being able to /tpa and /warp. Thats all, seriously. Because we are still being fair with the players, and have ensured that they can still play for a very long time on the server and still be able to do everything else that any VIP rank can do.

    That is all i can think of right now. If anyone says something in my post is wrong, just realize that not every server is the same. These methods have seamlessly worked beautifully for me and my server, but I am merely trying to offer some advice for people who are new to the server-hosting business. Most of these methods are the result of 2-years worth of overhauls and map resets, each refining what my server is about. And it kind of helps that the co-owner is an expert linux server administrator, with game-server administration experience dating back to the days of Quake, almost 2 decades ago. ;)

    (EDIT: I do realize that this topic was about advertising better, but I just couldn't only talk about advertising, i had to bring up points about trying to actually keep those players)

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    posted a message on What are you going to do if you are a popular youtuber for a day?
    Tell people my mom is sick and needs surgery, please donate.
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    posted a message on Need Help with Server
    Quote from GamingByChris

    I plan on adding a few plugins not a ton just simple stuff like set home and spawn and that type of stuff I don't really know that much about plugins, but thanks for helping out!

    So basically the usual Essentials, PEX, anti-grief, maybe a few plugins such as econ and stuff..

    2GB should be plenty. Possibly 1GB would even work but I don't know about 20 players.
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    posted a message on Need Help with Server
    It depends on the plugins you use.

    If you're going for a lot of mods like FTB and what not, I'd suggest 4GB. Though 2GB would be plenty for a simple Bukkit server with economy, arenas, etc.

    What kind of server do you plan on running?

    And yes, your server will be hosted on their servers.
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    posted a message on Spawning horses on old chunks - anyone have the 'official' answer?
    Quote from Slyde01

    thanks guys.

    survivor: that's the way I had thought it would work. I think im spinning my wheels hoping some horses will spawn in my old areas.

    think its time to chuck over a year of work and start over.....

    Or you could just explore. Nether travel to 150k in any direction
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