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    Pretty much all servers these days are depressing. They are pay to win and run by kids with no ideal how to act mature or professional. Most servers have a "circle" of players close to a mod or Admin that get away with anything but a new player joins and asks a simple question like are there any player shops and some Mod is like "hurr read the spawn signs" and kicks him. I was playing on a server for a few weeks and built a small town and a mod said I had to move because I lived too close to her (I'm positive I was building here first because her house wasn't even complete) and then destroyed half of my town while I was offline to build her horse stables. I've been on servers where you can buy spawners and nobody will help you if you accidentally misplaced it yet they just give them free to their friends who play on the server. Then they have pay to win VIP ranks where they get a free stack of diamond every day, and commands like /fly /heal etc. which sucks in a PvP server. And then the try hard "mature" servers run by 14 year olds with no cussing or insulting rules. What are you 12? Oh yea.

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    Quote from Bad_Jim»

    How about this?

    You can fit this setup twice into the space you currently have. Two hoppers drawing from the same chest will evenly distribute the contents of that chest between both furnaces, giving you the speed of two furnaces while interacting with half the number of chests. You need to use trapped chests to have two of these side by side without a gap.

    Thank. That setup inspired me to make this. It has a very basic minecart system I made myself. Every YouTube tutorial made it too complicated. I have a furnace for each smeltable items in the game. All food will go in the steak one. Now I guess my next project would be to have 1 input chest and it automatically sorts to each furnace.

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    Got it. Thanks for those links. So if I set the Min and Max delay to 1, it would spawn faster than if I set it to 100

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    I don't play PvP servers anymore because it's first come first win. They all have spawn campers and it's impossible to mine or get trees without some 14 year old in diamond enchanted armor attacking you for a few measly cobblestone blocks and wood.

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    Thanks. I still don't see anything about spawner attributes though. Can't you change how many spawn?

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    Hello. My friend is currently developing a server and we've been testing things on a downloaded map. We are looking for somebody to help us with a custom spawn. Nothing fancy is needed, just something to get started.

    The server is going to be survival with economy and ranks. We'd just like a basic nice looking spawn that explains all of our plugins, how to claim land, and an admin shop that will sell basic blocks and and other items like saddles, name tags, etc.

    If you're in interesting in joining our server and/or building something for us, you can leave your Skype username in this thread or message it to me. I'm 21 years old from the US and he is 19 from Canada. Either of us will be in touch.

    Take care.

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    I currently have this cut out in my wall of 2 auto smelting furnaces. I've been wanting to replace the area to where it's just 3 chests for my input, coal, and output with everything else hidden behind the wall, but I don't have much space. I've watched various YouTube tutorials and they all consist of rail carts,dropper towers, etc. I don't have much space to work with. I'm already pretty deep in the ground and there's rooms behind it. I figured if I could get the 3 chests linked to one furnace, I that would be enough, but something I can expand on would be nicer. I'm just tired of looking at it. It's very ugly.

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    Is there a guides for all of the attributes? I can find guides of /setblock /summon etc. but I can't find any guides about what all of the attributes are.

    Or is there a way I can use a spawner and change it's spawn size and spawn rate?

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    How can I summon a specified amount of mobs with one click of a button instead of using a repeated redstone circuit I have to break and start again manually? Like say I want to summon 5 cows with a click of a button with 1/2 heart health that drops cooked steak.

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    I made a repeatable circuit attached to a command block that spawns cows within a pen with 1/2 hearts to kill for free food. I tried using a spawner but the pen is a 1x5 (like an enderman farm killing point) and there isn't any room for grass. It spawns a new cow roughly every 5-7 seconds. How can I determine the drops? I only want it to drop 1 cooked steak and nothing else.

    My current command is /summon Cow ~10 ~5 ~ {Attributes:[{Name:generic.maxHealth, Base:1.0}]}

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    I use Optifine and Minimaps. Nothing else. However I like to play on non vanilla servers with economies, large shops with spawners, disguises, etc.

    I used to play alot on a FTB server but I haven't touched it since that server shut down. All of those modded servers are pay 2 win with OP VIP ranks these days. All servers are to be honest. It's hard to find a decent server anymore as 99% of them are run by teenagers.

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    I wanted to turn a blaze spawner into a XP farm but everything on YouTube was very complex with pistons and redstone. I just wanted something simple. I messed around in creative mode and came up with this. I made about a stack of blaze rods every 15 minutes and reached level 30 in under 5. It also works with an enderman spawner, although you can't find those (unless you play on a server where you can buy one). Thought I would share.

    They don't shoot fire unless you're on the ends looking up and they see you. When you're in the lanes, they can't detect you, but you'll get damage if you get too close to them.

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    I've finished. I had to expand a little.

    (storage room)
    Weapons (will mostly be filled with spare arrows and swords)
    Tools (picks, axes, hoes, etc.)
    Materials (torches, sticks, ladders, flint, etc.)
    Mob Drops
    Misc. (music dics, saddles, leads, name tags, etc.)

    Cooked Food
    Raw Food
    Food Ingredients (milk, sugar, eggs, etc.)
    Seeds & Saplings
    Flowers & Leaves

    Other Stones (obsidian, granite, etc.)
    Stone Bricks
    Stone Building Materials

    Oak Wood
    Spruce Wood
    Birch Wood
    Acacia Wood
    Dark Oak Wood
    Wood Building Materials


    Netherbrick & Quartz
    Redstone Items (slime balls, pistons, repeaters, etc.
    The End (end stone, ender eyes, etc.)

    (enchanting room)
    Enchanted Books
    Lapis Lazuli

    Overflow Cobblestone
    Overflow Other Stones
    Overflow Dirt
    Random Junk
    (2 large chests each)


    I produce a lot of eggs. Can probably fill 3 large chests in a hour. Thank goodness I can sell them to admin shop.

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    posted a message on 【CLOSED】【Yours-Craft】Whitelist, Anti-Grief, 16+, Spigot 1.8.7

    - IGN (in-game name): Drtro[/b]

    - Preferred Name: Chris[/b]

    - Age: 21[/b]

    - Why do you want to join this server? Looking for a server to play on. [/b]

    - What kind of server do you play on? Mostly PvE Survival with economy.[/b]

    - Enjin account? [/b](not required) No

    - Do you have a Skype? [/b](not required) No

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    posted a message on Whitelisted Adult server VANILLA [SMP][Economy]

    Minecraft IGN: Drtro[/b]
    Age:[/b] (I'm only going to be accepting applicants who are over the age of 15.) 21

    Minecraft skills:[/b] (Building, Redstone, etc | Try to include a photo on this part.) Pretty much all I do is farm and build towns.
    What has your experience been on Minecraft:[/b] (How long have you been playing, what servers, etc.) I've been playing since 2012ish

    Why do you want to join this server?: Looking for a mature server. Tired of every server having 13 year old Admins and Mods just flying around not doing anything useful. [/b]
    Why do you feel that I should pick YOU?: I don't really care for validation. Was just applying. [/b]

    Tell me something about yourself: I work from home as a stock and futures trader. I'm on and off Minecraft throughout the day. [/b]

    How did you hear about us? Browsing the forum. [/b]

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