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    Here are some of my suggestions to add to Minecraft

    Throwable stones- throwable stones would be an awesome addition to Minecraft in my oppinion. 4 rocks could come from cobble stone and be able to be reversed. The damage ratio for each stone could be 1heart damage per stone. The stone rocks will have the same gravity effects a snowball and a little bit of knockback. A possible feature is stunning (2 seconds) a 10% chance of stunning mob from hitting it with a rock. Also breaks glass pane. 3 stones required to break a full glass block

    Mellon gollums- melon gollums would be a mob that bonemeals any plant it walks over or even just the ground. Possible feature giving you food when you click the place block button. 10 second cool down between bone mealing also with eating food. Heath points 10 (5 hearts)

    Splash water bottles hurting enderman. A cool feature could be that splash potion of just water could hurt an enderman since water normally hurts enderman.

    Obsidian armor- armor rating-8 enchantable-yes durability-1000 for all armor 2000 for tools and sword.

    Blue stone- a waterproof red stone. Direct connection to redstone- no. Redstone to bluestone converter-yes. Findable- 32-0 under water. Drop rate- 3-5 effected by fortune-yes

    Primed TNT- please make it so you can use the give command to give someone primed TNT ready to explode when placed.

    Thank you for reading though this suggestions. I hope to see some of these suggestions in Minecraft but if not that's quite alright. -Droximus
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