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    Quote from Dropshock

    • Scrapped old code because it was messy and bad
    • Added better downloading system which allows for that progress bar
    • Added progress bar.
    • Renamed to Texture Packs + because I'm planning on adding a few of the features I listed in my last post here.
    • Made downloading a thread, it used to freeze your game but now it doesn't. I still need to put a few other things in a thread, like checking stuff online because if you check, say, a website that's down and won't load, it will never unfreeze. :I

    Quite recently, I have gotten an interest in modding, so this is something I've been working on for the past few days!
    It is a Texture Pack Updater mod.
    View latest post by me in thread for updates, I suppose. :smile.gif:
    How it works!
    The texture pack creator, or yourself, includes a little "version.txt" file inside of the texture pack Zip file.
    In that version.txt file, you add two little lines that help the mod do what it does. The first line states the current version of the downloaded texture pack, and the second line provides a link to a direct text file, (as in, not media fire or any other uploading service that requires you to click a button to download the file) which has the has on the first line the newest version of the texture pack, and the second line has a direct (once again, not like mediafire) link to the most up-to-date texture pack.
    Version.txt example:

    Mytext.txt file example:

    In this example, the version.txt is provided inside the Zip file, and has a link to the information for the newest version uploaded online, the mytext.txt file.
    When minecraft is started up, it analyzes these files and compares the version numbers to figure out whether or not it is up-to-date or not. If it is not, you select the texture pack on the texture pack menu and hit the "Update texture pack" button, which then downloads the file linked to in mytext.txt, and applies it!
    Sorry for the huge wall of text, here's a summed up version:
    1. Add a version.txt file in your pack Zip folder that has the version and the update text URL.
    2. Upload an update text file which has the newest version number and the URL for the newest texture pack.
    3. The game compares the versions and tells the user if it is outdated or not.
    4. If so, user presses update button and it downloads the zip and applies it!

    Please note that the descriptions on those texture packs are from the pack.txt file, and the descriptions for texture packs are NOT modified by this mod.
    Current progress!
    It is working! You are able to check if your packs are outdated or not AND you are able to update them! I might get a few people to test out the mod and such if I can fix some things.
    But, there are a few bugs and the fact that I can't get it to work when I inject the class files into an unmodded minecraft.jar! Which brings me to the next section...
    I need help!
    When I run recompile.bat on MCP, I am able to run the client and everything via runclient.bat, BUT, when I put the class files from reobf.bat into an unmodded minecraft.jar inside of the appdata folder, and I launch the game from Minecraft.exe downloaded from online, I press "update texture pack", and nothing happens! It doesn't update anything! I don't get it. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? If I cant fix it, this mod will never be released to the public!
    Lastly, I am open to suggestions, in fact, I WANT them!
    Please, PLEASE suggest any thing for the mod! How it works, how to make it easier to use, added functions for the user, anything! I want to make this mod great.
    So please, post your thoughts and suggestions here! Thanks!
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    Quite simply put, nobody here is going to tell you how to bypass it even if it is possible. That would be most likely against the rules.
    The server has fly mod restrictions for a reason, because they don't want to you fly. Please respect that decision.
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    Quote from rayala12

    Not all of us can afford a new computer. All he needs is a new CPU, not a computer.

    You don't seem to be all that familiar with how computers work so I'll tell you why that isn't ideal.
    The thing with computers is most average computer users build pre-built computers. These major companies put a lot of effort into making sure that there is VERY little upgrade capacity if you want to improve performance, so you'll buy another one of their models instead of adding new parts.
    The motherboard, the thing the CPU and everything else is attached to, has to be made specifically for a type of CPU. As technology advances, the CPU design changes and so the motherboard has to also to support that CPU. So, normally, if you want to upgrade your CPU you'll also have to grab a new motherboard, and possibly even a new case, just to upgrade one part. If you do find a new CPU that's compatible with your current motherboard, it will most likely not be very up to date as it was made around the same time that your current one was made.
    That's why it's easier to buy a new computer all together. A $300 custom built computer from parts off of newegg will get you a fairly decent gaming rig if you order the right parts from NewEgg. Companies that produce pre-built computers are easier to set up, but the crank up the price a lot.
    Just a word of advice.
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    He can play the game how he wants to play the game.
    You have no right to come in his thread and tell him to play the game a certain way, it's his experience, not yours. Don't force your opinions on others.

    At OP: 1.8(.1) just came out very recently and it will be a while until your favorite mods are ported to it. There are SO many changes in the game code, meaning people will have to learn the new code and adapt or change their current code to work with it. It is a time consuming process, be patient.
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    Quote from MLGM

    Guys give him a break, it's his first. You all know that you started there. Anyways, you can check out my tutorials (in the banner) if you want to become better a texture pack making :wink.gif:

    Give him a break because it's his first? Just because it's his first doesn't mean it's automatically not bad. By being told your texture pack isn't the best, it makes you want to improve on it.
    If you release a texture pack that was incredibly bad, but everyone was trying to be nice and said it was 'amazing' and 'great' you wouldn't change it because everyone was happy with it. You need to be able to strive to make things better.
    CrazyPineapple, I'm not going to candy-coat my response. The texture pack is bland and bad, it's generic. I am in no way attempting to be rude or disrespectful here, I'm offering constructive criticism. It's up to you if you want to accept it.
    Make something special. Work on it hard, watch tutorials and such. If you're using something like MS Paint, get Gimp or Paint.Net. Check out MLGM's tutorial. If you work hard enough you'll create something people will enjoy.
    Good luck, man.
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    We've got some nice ones over at the blockland forums -
    Nepthans (already posted by him)

    Dreads -

    I've yet to buy the game but i have some ideas already :biggrin.gif:
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