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    posted a message on [64x] GLIMMAR'S STEAMPUNK v.22 NOW RELEASED! + Latest Newglim City Download! + GS Redstone Pipes Add-On Pack!
    Quote from Glimmar

    .....GS v14 Flower Allium!

    A few ctm varieties for height and leaves:

    Rest of the pics? Click the spoiler button.

    @ rosestorm90, Hikachan, darchangel89:

    Sorry, folks, I didn't get much time to work on anything the past couple of days due to pressing RL matters! Had a little time late last night to complete the flower_allium texture you see above.

    I'm still not in a position to say even roughly when I'll be finished up on this update, sorry. I'm really only getting half an hour here and there to work on stuff and that means going without necessary sleep to make sure I at least get a few ctm textures for each plant done per day. I'm just blinkered onto the flora at the moment, as being so tired at the end of the day, I'm not able to think about the bigger picture.

    My objective is still to get the new flowers finished before updating, along with a very basic set of stained glass textures. Once GS v14 is released, I can then concentrate on producing a much nicer more useful range of stained glass, so don't judge the temporary set of glass too harshly. My main focus over the past few weeks has been on bringiing most of the flora up to scratch...which means trees, foliage, mushrooms, old and new flowers, ferns, grass, etc.

    Here's roughly what I've got done so far:

    New 64x ctm'd random plants alone currently stand as follows

    double ferns...7 tops and bottoms
    double rosebushes...4 tops and 5 bottoms
    yellow rosebushes (dandelions)...12
    sunflowers...12 flower heads front, one flower head rear, 2 top stems, 4 bottom stems.
    syringa double bushes...5 bottoms and 4 tops
    paeonia plants...9, but MC doesn't seem to be using these currently. :(
    double paeonia bushes...5 bottoms and 6 tops
    allium plants...5
    desert plants...83
    tall grass...26
    double tall grass...3 tops and 3 bottoms
    20 brown mushrooms
    19 red mushrooms
    6 acacia saplings
    4 roofed oak saplings

    other new 64x textures (if I've remembered them all!)

    16 acacia leaf variations for transparent and opaque.
    16 spruce leaf variations " " " "
    8 big oak log tops
    15 big oak log sides
    22 big oak planks
    6 birch log sides
    64 dirt podzol tops
    15 dirt podzol sides
    64 ice_packed
    20 jungle planks
    12 oak planks - much more weathered.
    9 grass side snowed
    18 spruce log sides
    It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and I'm beginning to feel my age (ancient by the way). Now I'm off to get the Christmas tree to put up and decorate with my youngest before trying to catch up with other things.

    For those of you who celebrate Christmas, let me be the first to wish you a happy festive season, hoping you get and give some nice pressies. :)

    Well then, happy birthday, and merry Christmas to you too!
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    posted a message on [64x] GLIMMAR'S STEAMPUNK v.22 NOW RELEASED! + Latest Newglim City Download! + GS Redstone Pipes Add-On Pack!
    Quote from Glimmar

    Haha! TNT's a good way of illustrating the 'flip' glitch! :D

    Additionally, if you get really frustrated with the glitch, you have a convenient outlet for your anger right in front of you... ;D
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 When Are They Gonna Start?
    And I want it to come out no earlier than Feb. 12th, so that modders can have enough time to update their mods! But alas, Mojang will not listen to either of us, as they do not choose release dates based on what random people on the forum ask for.
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    There are numerous ways of making a suggestion that are 5 times more polite and respectful.
    And, resource packs.
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    Quote from Teralink


    I have a problem with the train dispenser. It seems that the dispenser expects the parts in the Buffer to be in the same order as in the Pattern. Is this wanted or a bug?

    I made this to explain the problem: http://imgur.com/a/nrLVH

    I don't know in which order I have to fill the Buffer, so the dispenser can create one train after another.


    EDIT: Can anyone confirm this behavior?

    Quote from Forecaster

    This does indeed seem to be the case. It's being looked at.

    I've been having this problem, too (in FTB Direwolf20_1_5_2). It appears that the train dispenser will only use carts that are in the first three (top left) slots of its buffer inventory.
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    Quote from Dragonoid12

    As for the mycelium, while it does, well, look like mycelium, I will keep it as it is, for the same reason as the grass: Accuracy to the games. However, If people want, I could release a different version that has visible grass and mycelium.

    Instead of that, I would suggest including a folder in the main download called "alts" or something, with the alternate textures available for people to swap out if they want.
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    posted a message on [64x] GLIMMAR'S STEAMPUNK v.22 NOW RELEASED! + Latest Newglim City Download! + GS Redstone Pipes Add-On Pack!
    Quote from BrokenEye

    You fool! You should never, ever call a flying machine "Icarus". Fate is not known for her ability to resist temptation.

    Unless he uses MCedit to turn the entire ship into sand or gravel, I doubt it'll be falling anytime soon.
    By the way, I see that story not as about the limitations of humans, but as the limitations of wax as an adhesive.
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    posted a message on Destroy the Godmodder
    Quote from TwinBuilder

    o_o What have I done...?! I do not want to be banned from the game forever, so I quickly bribe GLaDOS with many enhanced robot test subjects that are much smarter than the ones she uses now, and I unleash an UBER-MEGA-LASER on the Stability Monster. However, this laser cannot be an UBER-MEGA-LASER unless you support it! Guys! Make the attack stronger! Also, if my theory is correct, when we find the next set of ten cube bits, our invincibility integrity should be restored somewhat!

    P.S. Does being banned from the game mean what I think it means...?! That you can no longer post?!

    I boost your attack with the Shrine! Death Star Turbolaser FTW!
    Afterwards, I take shelter inside my ship.

    Edit: We should probably have a charge indicator:
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Quote from Strikesmash1000

    I have new ideas for the pack due to the resource pack features so if you would like to read them...
    • Replace sounds for the villagers with quotes from people in Apocalyptic movies and video games.
    • Make Hay Bales a crate of Tomato Preserve.
    • Change the charcoal texture seem more like actual charcoal.
    • Make a custom name for each of the items in your pack.
    • Make the font similar to the theme that is present with the nether portal and other things.
    • Make the Nether portal more substantial. It does not seem substantial enough to actually pass for a portal.
    • Make cave spiders a scorpion variant of Hell Maggot.
    • Make horses and pigs All terrain robotic vehicles (hover bikes, motorcycles, etc.) and make the Saddle a chip that overrides the AI for the robots. Or make the saddle a key.
    • Make the lead a knotted rope.
    • ...
    • running out of ideas....
    • ...
    • Look at my other post for ideas. Some of those are really top :iapprove: ...
    • Move some of the more stone-like wool textures to the dyed clay and add more abilities for decoration while making the wool have CTM properties so that TEiEV will no longer have to exist.
    • Make it so the enchantments are similar to the portal in color and effects.
    • Use CTM to change the texture of the stone pressure plate to the iron pressure plate, with a new texture for the stone plate.
    • Use real sounds for the weather and walking around.
    • Hardened clay is what the rubble (clay block) used to look like.
    • Horse armor is Armor plating!
    • Music disk play more apocalyptic sounds. Some sound like nature, others are recordings of a battle.
    • Custom Death messages!
    • Name tags are actual name tags.
    • Creative inventory is all mechanical!
    • Bow shot actually sounds like a gunshot!
    • Use TextureEnder already!

    Now everyone I have one question for you all.
    Is it possible for CTM to alter Items while they are in your inventory while enchanted and stuff?

    I have some ideas for the pack:
    •Convert it to the new format!
    •Add in textures for all the new items added in 1.5 and 1.6!
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    posted a message on Destroy the Godmodder
    Black hole: 11/30
    The glitchyness of the universe due to Twinbuilder strengthens the black hole!
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