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As you can tell from my DROIDEKA username and avatar on the MINECRAFT forums, I like Star Wars (specifically the original 6 movies) and Minecraft (specifically Redstone engineering). I play the piano and the viola*. I also enjoy good paradoxes, as my "interests" list would suggest. I will tell you more about myself as soon as information on the Internet becomes secure. (or when the Rift occurs. Whichever happens first.) I will not annoy you by posting an overused meme. The pie is a truth.

My pet peeves:

People Who Type Like This
pplz who typ like ths lol ;)
People who say, "Minecraft needs to be more realistic!"
People who say, "gameplay>realism" and think they've made a point.
People who post an overused meme where it doesn't actually fit in.
People who can't be bothered to use the search bar before posting.
"Tl;dr" people who think they actually understand what they didn't read.
People who've been speaking English their whole lives and yet have worse grammar than people who learned English 2 years ago.
General stupidity.
People who say, "Minecraft is getting so much worse worse because I don't like the terrain generator!"
People who advertise their server in the Suggestions forum
Ads that redirect me to a new page without me clicking anything
People who apparently can't find the "not now" button on the update screen and then complain about the "horrible new features"
Hardcore survival nuts who say, "Minecraft is too easy so zombies should one-hit kill you and Ghasts should try to blast through to your minecart tracks and the Enderdragon should breath fire and creepers shouldn't die when they explode..."
People who actually read this far get a diamond
People IRL who call my viola a guitar
People who say, "There's a mod for that."
People who go hating on Mojang for something trivial
Anyone who suggests that emerald/obsidian tools, modern guns, or Herobrine should be added
People who make walls of text and don't use spoilers

*What is a viola?

A viola looks and sounds very similar to a violin, and is played in the same way. However, a viola is a few inches bigger than a violin, and has different strings. While the violin has a G, D, A, and E string, the viola has a C, G, D and A string. Basically, that means that a viola is slightly lower pitched than a violin.
Interests I enjoy all things that I don't enjoy, and only things that I don't enjoy.

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