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    Welcome to kohi factions!

    Quick Intro To Kohi Factions

    This server isnt for the weak you have to think quick be able to make and use a strategy based on the way you wanna play it and you have to also pvp others to protect your base and to make other factions/teams raidable and it is also in your hands how well you do seeing as most of everything you get in this server is based on how hard you work and go on that grind!

    Depth Guide To kohi factions

    You spawn into this server you look around for the starter kit and ask for your free claims and then run off into the wild maybe even down one the 4 major roads on this map then
    you either make a box with your claims and build a house/base in your claims or you can go mining get some gear and items then build your base/house when you have a bit more stuff
    i recomend the 2nd choice but thats up to you and then after you get settled into your claim go mining sell items make money and just go on that upgrade grind and get some diamond
    gear and when your ready you can go to other claims or go hunt for players and just start pvping but keep in mind all your can do in claims is pvp no toutching or breaking anything
    because as long as your on there claim they cant log off or they go insta raidable and when you do get into fights you lose the substance that protects your claim power now its
    simple every player has 10 power if your in a faction it adds up 2 members = 20 power 3 = 30 power ok? and everytime you or a faction member dies its -2 power and when your
    power drops below from deaths etc.. so say it was just you you would have 12 power cause solo factions get +2 power to start so say your solo if you die and fall below 5 your
    RAIDABLE if you have w players thats 20 power and if you fall below half so 10 you would also go raidable and you get power from giving host emerald ores or pvping emeralds are
    +1 and real pvp kills +2 but keep in mind teaming or going solo both have there advantages as you will find out.. on this server we also host pvp events and king of the hill and
    if your hunting someone there faction cords should be on the website kohifactions.weebly.com so going to war and pvp your enemys is easy this server is pvp packed because the
    way it is setup everyones bases are above ground and everyone has to run back to there base on there own and get to spawn on there own so yes pvp will occur but pick your fights
    carefully play it smart and good luck!!!!



    Features of this server


    pvp events!

    PC Hcf Spawn!

    Advanced rules that are made just for this type of server!

    maxed enchantments on diamond gear is protection 2 sharpness 3 power 3 anything above that is banned but only for those listed enchantments!

    No God Apples or strength potions!

    Custom hcf kits archer warrior etc..!

    The Shop is awesome and the main way of making money is mining!

    theres also a fully custom end!

    you will start with a free stack of food and 64 claims!

    theres a website!

    I record all pvp fights and raids for a series on my 1k youtube channel! (Not advertising just saying you could be in a video)
    Theres alot of claims and bases!

    Claims protect your above ground base and no one can break or open anything in your claim unless you do it for them or there in your faction and your claim stays claimed as long as your power stays up now look every player has 10 power ok? so if you have 3 members (faction max) you would have 30 power in total and if your power falls below half whatever your total faction power is you will go raidable! simple.


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    posted a message on Hydro Prion Server! [Cell Blocks] [Unlimited Mines] [PvP] [Drugs] [Guards] [Cells] [Ranks] + So Much More!
    Hydro XboxOne Prison Server Brand New!!

    Welcome new prisoner! The Goal of the game is to rank up in the prison from D,C,B,A Then claim FREEDOM while useing the mines,farms and perks in each cell block while also shanking and pvping in the halls and avoiding the prison guards so they dont catch you. Weapons if they Catch you they will lock you up or kill you or just take it away. You can do illegal trades with higher ranks to get stuff you witch you cant get in your cell block and then use it to rank up quicker by selling those items or loot to the prison shop witch is in a safezone and a safezone is the blue wool lines and the red is warzone also every cell block you can save up and can buy a cell to keep your loot and yourself safe in such a harsh prison but if you cant better hide a chest in the mines just a tip also People can form gangs/Factions in the prison to jump other prisoners for there Hard earned loot and you can sell there stuff to the prison shop as well but whatever you do follow the simple rules and dont drop the soap!

    prison Rules

    - respect guards

    - dont steal from cells of players

    - dont go into cell blocks that your not in [ You Start in D]

    - no glitching

    - no higher rank tradeing (Breakable as long as guard doesnt see)

    - dont steal from shop

    - Dont kill in safezones

    - dont have wepons or drugs out in front of guards

    - dont kill while guards around

    - dont greif spawn

    - dont drop soap

    - dont troll hard mode

    - dont rage

    - no bending over

    - enjoy the life in prison

    - follow all rules or be banned

    Want to join
    post down Below

    prisoner name:
    why your in prison:



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    posted a message on Minecraft XboxOne Khaoz Op Faction Server!

    all added

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    posted a message on Minecraft XboxOne Cobra KitPvP! [PvP = Currency] [PvP Shop] [Custom Map] [Best KitPvP] + More!!
    XboxOne Cobra KitPvP

    On here you jump down and every life you get 1 Soul and you put on the starter kit and you go out and battle and
    every kill you get you will get +1 soul and when you wanna save all your souls from all your kills you run into the exit and bank all your new profit which you can use in the pvp shop to get better armor potions and so much more this is somthing right out of PC and i highly encourage you to go check it out and begin your pvp battles!

    To Join leave gt below and add Hybrid KitPvP on xboxone!!

    msg to staff: me and my friends are great server creators and all recent forum posts are to advertise our newly made servers our goal is to be the first server network on xbox where we could have alot of different xboxone accounts hosting different servers at the same time ex Op factions,Hybrid Hcf,Kit PvP Etc...
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    posted a message on Minecraft XboxOne Khaoz Op Faction Server!
    OP Factions

    Welcome to OP Factions now instead of me trying to talk you into joining i will tell you why wouldn't you join? This server has a rebuilt PC Spawn it has a shop like you have never seen before on this server there a in game kits you can buy with real in game money/currency you can make op vaults out of bedrock obsidian and buy loot chests,crate keys,special and rare items go on quests! explore a end that is customized! go to the giant drop partys the staff hosts and even go to events like FFAs Mine Partys and so much more this server is filled to the brim in customization like you have never seen before and honestly if you pass the chance to join you will regret it oh and there is also a dragon ;)!

    youtube video!

    Add Me and leave gt below to join!!!

    GT: Mc Op Factions

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    posted a message on Minecraft Xboxone |Hybrid HCF Server| [Shop] [Kits] [Kohi] [Claims] [Power System] [PvP] [Raiding] [Youtube] + More!!

    Welcome new player to hybrid Hardcore Faction Server!

    On this server all bases are made above ground protected by claims and your claim will stay protected as long as you don't go raidable but that wont happen unless your power falls below half and the way you get power is well it depends no the amount of players you have with you or if you chose to go solo because 10 power is given to each player so if others join your team not ''faction'' there power will add on to yours so 1 Member is 10 2 members is 20 3 is 30 etc... The biggest you can go tho is 4 in a team and the way you lose and regain power is killing and deaths... non pvp deaths are only 1 power and real pvp deaths are 2 power! so when you make your claim the claim basically stops other players from altering or editing anything in your claim they cant open doors,break blocks, etc.. while your in another claim or while anyone is in your claim the twist tho is say if i was in your claim you couldn't quit the server until i left your claim and this makes them have to deal with you at some-point and helps boost pvp and raiding on the server right now the server has a good ammount of teams on it with claims but we could always use more and the shop is fully working and the spawn is like somthing out of a PC server really its such a great shop and spawn that you have to see for yourself but on this server you or you and your teams goal is to have a huge claim and get gear so you can crush everyone below you!

    Please just check this out on youtube :3

    To Join leave your gt below and msg Hybrid Hcf on xbox asking to play!!

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    posted a message on Minecraft XboxOne 2v2 Potion PvP Tournament!! Epic Prize!

    Mc Xboxone 2v2 Kohi Tournament 2016!
    Kohi 2v2 Tournament! Sign ups all week! Hosting Next Weekend 16th and 17th!

    Two Brackets ''Diamond and ''Emerald''

    No tournament Cap!

    Tournament will be fully recorded!

    Winners get Huge modded map pack + More Sign up by commenting your teams GTs!

    Good luck pvpers!

    -brackets will be set up accordingly!

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    posted a message on Pyro Hcf Faction Server! [Shop] [Claims] [Power] [Fun] [PvP] [Factions] [CrateKeys] [Youtube] + More!!
    Pyro Hcf Server

    This server is the server to put your minecraft skills to the test.. this is a hardcore faction sever
    where you spawn in and have a fully working shop and a spawn that is amazingly built for Hcf on this server is not your run of the day faction server no! on this server you can buy claims and use them too make your base above ground and the more claims you buy the bigger your base can be which is very helpful cause in your claim you own it from sky limit to bedrock and in the Sell shop you can sell farming supplies so you can imagine the farms you could make... every player has 10 power and if you team with others there power adds to your own for ex faction of 3 = 30 power etc.. but if you fall below half your power your claim is raidable! you lose power by dieing from action packed pvp battles and normal minecraft deaths tho you do lose more in pvp.. your claim once built is fully protected and the only thing other players can do in your claim is pvp but if you leave a way in to your base/home that might be a problem this server is based off Kohi/HCTeams on PC and this is the only server of its kind so make sure to leave your gamertag below to join i will add you as fast as possible please be mature and expept to read all the rules and info when you join this server is action packed and is waiting for you!!

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    posted a message on Minecraft XboxOne Kohi Factions!
    UHF Minecraft xboxone faction server
    Welcome to this server you must follow a strict line of rules going around claims and raiding also the layed back simple server rules that make the server fun ok so you join and need to make a little in game money and after you a full stack of points you can trade it in for a starter claim and then you go find a place to put it and after you set up the slabs around your new home you can start building your home but be careful because there are alot of other players and claims and they will wanna make you raidable now let me explain raiding every player has 10 power and if you drop below 5 power so half your plot would go away and so would your protection letting them to tear you and your home/base apart!

    Now every time you die in pvp you lose 2 power but normal deaths are 1 power and every real life morning you get +10 so if your missing power thats how it would come back so how not to go raidable? well when pvping dont die and other people cant open break etc... anything in your claim so if you have a house they cant open your wood door or break a glass window BUT this applys towards you too when your trying to raid them and also for more power every player has 10 power so if you have 3 members in your faction thats 30 power but if you fall below half so 15 you can raid them also you guys could make more then 1 claim and even expand the one you started with in this server you need to be good and quick ok so read rules in the game and more info will be on the server but thats the idea need help look up HCTeams lets play to get a idea of what my
    server is based on!

    GT: XxDROIDxX16x

    see on youtube/darkdroidgaming!

    hcf not uhc or uhf

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