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    posted a message on how do we find diamonds
    I rather be legit than duplicating but I have a tutorial up at my channel I can't put a link to it sadly because I'm on my iPod but my name is Drjead11
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition Needs Updates!
    Compared to the PC Edition and the Xbox Edition the Pocket Edition have only have half the amount of things as the other Editions. The Pocket Edition are missing things such as:




    4:Precious minerals

    5:Caves and Villages


    7:The Nether

    I only mentioned the important things above. If you know anything I did not mention in the list above please list it in the comments below. No I'm not trying to rush Mojang , but I'm really anxious to get an update. I might be a newby to the forums, But I have played all three Editions of Minecraft before. Thank you Mojang and the Forums. :)
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    Is it out yet? If it isn't when will it

    No ,but based on the not valid source Wikipedia it should be coming out some time this month personally I don't know. :)
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