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    posted a message on Age Of Thalindor - Restored! [New!][1.7.10] Fantasy Roleplay Server
    Yo! I was on the last iteration of this server, and I'm just now getting around to re-applying.

    Username: Drewfro666
    Roleplay name: Thalmund Goldenshield
    Race planned on joining: Dwarf
    Previous Roleplay Experience: Well, I remember over a year ago this was the first roleplay server I'd ever played on. And I kinda sucked. But it's been a long time, and I've played on at least two other roleplay servers, though not for very long. Chiefly, though, I've been a regular Dungeons and Dragons player for nearly a year now, so I've really fine-tuned my roleplaying skills. I'm also not a whiny 14-year-old anymore, either.
    Timezone: EST
    Do you understand and accept the rules? Yes.
    Backstory: Thalmund is both an ordinary and an exceptional Dwarf. In fact, he is exceptional at being an ordinary Dwarf. Golden beard, bald head, and a nasty disposition, Thalmund is the pinnacle of Dwarven Dwarvishness. A Dwarf of exceptional strength, with the constitution of a rock and a keen instinct (Though severely lacking in cunning and charisma), Thalmund battled his way to the top through glorious, bloody combat. A massive warhammer fit for use by a giant slung across his back, Thalmund laid waste to all of the enemies of the Dwarfish people, be them Elves, Orcs, or Giants, building a name for himself as a proud warrior of legendary prowess.

    Currently serving under the king in his personal Paladin Guard, Thalmund now lives a more relaxed life, though he yearns to return to the fray one day.

    Thalmund distrusts the Elves; the Drow, even more so. Humans are alright, he supposes, though they certainly aren't Dwarves. He distrusts the use of magic of all kinds; except, of course, magic used to protect one's self from other magic, and magical weapons and armor. A shining example of what it means to be lawful good, the Dwarf abides by a strict set of ethics and follows the words of his superiors to the letter and without question, unless he is convinced beyond a doubt that they are in the wrong.

    Anything else you want us to know? Not really. Looking forward to playing whenever you guys get around to fixing up the plugins and such!
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    posted a message on DD BETA 2.0 discussion Thread ➨ Acepting Staff Applications!
    I'm not sure if you did anything or not but I seem to be able to log on now. If you did then thanks and if no, thanks anyways. :3
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    posted a message on DD BETA 2.0 discussion Thread ➨ Acepting Staff Applications!
    Sorry I haven't been on the server much recently, but I've been having problems connecting. It lets me join but a few seconds later goes to the dirt-background screen and says "Connection Lost; Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly removed by the remote host". I can connect to other servers without any problems.

    A moderator on the official Mojang bug tracker says that this can be fixed by changing the server setting "player-idle-timeout" to 0.


    And on the note of removing Sorcerers... I'll miss the Featherfall IV boots that never break. :3 There weren't many active guards on the server anyways so it won't really change much about how the server plays, but it might become a bit of a problem when the official release rolls around and we have more players online.
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    Quote from eduardo272727

    i am having a problem with the lastest 1.6.4 version of NEI its stuck on recipe mode I change it to cheat and utility mode but its still stuck ive deleted the 3 NEI configs and reinstalled the mod but its still broken please help me
    I ran into the same problem, it's not a bug. Just click on the "Global" button in the top right of the screen and then right-click the "W" to the left of where it says "Recipe mode".
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    posted a message on Crash, likely Thaumcraft related

    Trying to throw together some magic-oriented mods to mess around with, worked fine until I updated my Thaumcraft to 4.1. I updated all of the Thaumcraft addons and tried to launch without them still without luck, so that's likely not the issue. Forge is the latest 1.6.4, v6.4.49.965.

    Anyone have any idea what is wrong, or are experiencing similar problems?
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    posted a message on (1.6.2)Better Than Cats Mod (UPDATE 1.1)
    Quote from elrock13

    Is anyone else having trouble getting this mod to work? When I download it I get a ".rar" file (not sure if that's a cat joke or a typo) which doesn't do anything after I put it in my .minecraft/mods folder and log on to my modded worlds. Help, please?
    That's not meant as a cat joke, though it is a funny coincidence. .rar is a file extension similar to a .zip file (What most mods are distributed as), but different in some minor way that probably has no significance.

    Try deleting and redownloading the mod, and if that still doesn't work, extract the files into a folder and place that in your mods folder, as mods can also (I believe) be launched from folders. If none of this works, try updating your Java and/or redownloading Minecraft.
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    posted a message on [FTB] TIMBERCRAFT DireWolf20 survival server [GriefPrevention] [Enjin] Dedicated server w/ 16 GB of RAM!
    Server is updated to newest recommended version, 1.0.14. Be sure to update before you join!
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    posted a message on [FTB] TIMBERCRAFT DireWolf20 survival server [GriefPrevention] [Enjin] Dedicated server w/ 16 GB of RAM!
    Yeah, pretty much the entire staff is working on that in their spare time. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but it sounds cool. ^_^

    Be sure to sign up on the website, and join the TeamSpeak if you have a mic!
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    posted a message on [FTB] TIMBERCRAFT DireWolf20 survival server [GriefPrevention] [Enjin] Dedicated server w/ 16 GB of RAM!

    IP: Play.Timber-Networks.com
    Official Website

    TimberCraft is an open Survival server running Feed the Beast's 1.6.2 Direwolf20 modpack. Our server runs GriefPrevention with custom settings to ensure that all of your property, even those in modded containers that are normally not protected by other protection plugins such as Towny or Factions, are completely safe.


    - Dedicated server with 16 GB of RAM!
    - Complete protection of your belongings via GriefPrevention!
    - Experienced staff who have been running FTB servers for over two years!
    - Integrated Enjin website and plugin!
    - Active TeamSpeak server with staff always online!
    - Open mining world!
    - Shops at spawn!
    - Donator perks, including kits and an exclusive shop!


    - No Griefing/Raiding
    - PvP IS allowed
    - No Hacking/Cheating

    Banned Items:

    Very few items are banned on our server; however, potential griefing tools are limited to the mining world and have no effect if used in the main world. These include-

    - Tunnel Bores
    - Arcane Bores
    - Quarries
    - All forms of TNT
    - Turtles
    - Nuke
    - Wand of Excavation/Dislocation
    - MineFactory Reloaded Fishing Rods
    - Matter Cannon
    - Crane
    - SPAMR Launcher
    - Anvil, fire and lava ammo for Needlegun
    - Alumentum (Still able to be used for Alchemical Furnace)
    - Dynamite
    - Mining Lasers
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    posted a message on New Villager: Merchant
    Quote from enofix2

    Why drop the items? If he dies by chance and nobody notice, the items are gone. If is killed by another player, your items are stolen.

    Also if a zombie bite him, your items are gone.
    If he didn't drop the items, you wouldn't even have the opportunity to pick them up- they'd just be deleted.

    Partial support. This idea is completely useless in single-player; I would support the idea more if they had some sort of purpose pre-taming, such as a unique set of trades.
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    posted a message on A hotkey to save your current coordinates to the clipboard?
    Hmm, I'm surprised that didn't come up. When I searched there were only three entries, none of which having anything to do with my topic. :P

    I'll leave this thread up for now, and let the mods decide which one stays up. The other thread only has two replies, the last of which being over two weeks ago.
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    posted a message on Wooded Mountains
    No support. Your suggestion is basically a mega taiga at higher altitude with a new generated structure and some dark oak trees mixed in.

    Also, maybe your pictures would look a little nicer if you turned fancy graphics and smooth lighting on, at least temporarily. Framerates don't show in screenshots. ;)
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    posted a message on A hotkey to save your current coordinates to the clipboard?
    Quote from Da_Docta

    it is redundant, I remember seeing a similar thread a few weeks ago, just cant find it
    I did a quick search of the suggestions subforum before I posted and came up with nothing. If you can find said thread and the OP is still somewhat active, I'll consider removing my suggestion.
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    posted a message on Choose your paintings
    Support. Especially since paintings always fly across the room when you break them, for whatever reason.
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    posted a message on A hotkey to save your current coordinates to the clipboard?
    With 1.7 and the new 1.8 snapshots, Mojang is adding a lot of new commands and uses for command blocks. I've just recently started to really get into using them, and I think they're just amazing.

    However, what isn't amazing is having to remember/copy down coordinates. Sometimes you forget and have to re-check, sometimes you get something wrong and completely mess up a design, and sometimes the daunting task of copying down dozens of coordinates discourages you from starting a project to begin with.

    My suggestion is simple- assign a hotkey (If forced to choose, I would probably use "\", but I don't suppose it matters) that copies a player's current block coordinates to the clipboard, where they can then enter a command block and simply Ctrl-V and paste them in. This wouldn't just be for command blocks, however. It would also allow players to easily post coordinates in the chat, on signs, on the web or in text files, etc.

    So, what do you think? Support? Concerns? Is it already in the game and I'm just an idiot and don't know about it?
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