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    posted a message on A "HostileTo" tag!

    For some mapmakers, mobs just aren't able to be customized enough. I wanted to make Snow Golems that would throw snowballs at players, but I wasn't able to. If we had a HostileTo tag, we could make all kinds of mobs hostile to players and other mobs. This would also be extremely helpful for when a youtuber wants to make a mob battles video.

    The command would go something like this:

    A zombie that attacks everything but players: /summon zombie ~ ~ ~ {HostileTo:["!player"]}

    A Snow Golem that attacks only players and chickens: /summon snowman ~ ~ ~ {HostileTo:["player","chicken"]}

    I'm not sure if my current command format would cancel out the mobs that the mob you are summoning is automatically hostile to (or even if my command format is correct) but it's the idea that counts. What to you guys think about this idea? I'd love to know!

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