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    posted a message on I need builders for my next big map

    So you want people to send in their buildings so you can use them to make a map?

    So essentially you want people to build a map for you.

    How 'professional'.

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    ----------- ---------
    Red and Blue is a cooperative puzzle map. You and a friend work your way through 25+ puzzles together. This map is not possible in single player, the puzzles all require two people to complete. This whole map will take approx 1 hr and 15 mins to complete. It may be faster, or slower depending on how clever you are, or how much you die.
    ----------- --------

    You wake in a jet white room staring into the face of a complete stranger. You don't know this person, you don't recall ever seeing this person in your life. You both need to work together to escape, but can you trust them?

    Rules: No breaking blocks.
    No spawning items (unless you lost an item you received earlier)
    No reusing levers/buttons.
    You may /tp to your partner when and if you die. (Oh who am I kidding? You will die.)
    Instructions: You must have a partner or the puzzles are impossible.
    One player is red and the other is blue.
    Red will be given parkour related challenges.
    Blue will be presented with challenges which require you to craft items or use your brain.
    You may change throughout the map if you wish.
    Play with monsters on, but make sure to hit the button at the start to set correct gamerule.
    Have command blocks ENABLED on your server.

    Q: Why does the entrance drop leave you with half a heart of hp?
    A: It doesn't anymore.

    Q: Will you marry me?
    A: No.

    A: First off, that's not a question. Secondly, it's better together was a copy/based on Portal 2. Mine isn't. So your argument is invalid. Red and Blue has a unique storyline, IBT didn't. Plus, it's better together wasn't the first co-op map. That is all.

    Q: Why are you so serious all the time?
    A: I'm not.

    Q: What is your real name?
    A: Andrew.

    Q: How are you today?
    A: Stressed.

    Q: I have no friends and I want to play this map. Can I?
    A: No. Well, you can, but you won't get far. In fact, you won't get anywhere, you'll be stuck in the spawn room. Go and find some friends or play with a random person.

    Q: Will you make a sequel?
    A: Probably not.

    Q: Will you make another map?
    A: Definitely.

    Q: Have you made any maps in the past?
    A: Yes, I'm not proud of it. It's really bad.

    Q: Where have the playthroughs gone?!?
    A: There are so many on youtube being sent to me through messages and posted on the thread that I didn't see how I would put them all on, so I removed all of them to be fair. If you want, go to youtube and search "Red and Blue Map Minecraft" and you're bound to find many playthroughs!

    Quote from Bouvardia

    To anyone who ends up at the wrong spawn, the beginning is at the following:
    x is -9.268
    y is 73.62
    z is 186.540

    Quote from Dreknathal»

    After having been completed for 3 years and being absent from this thread, I have come back to find that there is still interest in this map and the potential for a sequel. I would love to make a Red and Blue 2 however I feel as though majority of the original fanbase may no longer be interested in these maps, and those who see the new Red and Blue 2 will not have had the chance to play the first one.

    I understand that this is an old map, but whether or not I do decide to create a sequel, I will certainly not be fixing the errors that years of Minecraft updates have created, if any at all. Some of the mechanics in this map may not work in the newer versions of the game, and I might have even unknowingly abused bugs to create some of the puzzle workings.

    What I need from you is an answer. Would you like to see a Red and Blue 2? After 2-3 years of completion, I would think the demand for it would be quite low.

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    posted a message on ALL MINECRAFT /PLAYSOUND FILE NAMES!
    Thanks OP! Very helpful for map building!
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    posted a message on Can anyone give me some help on this problem?
    You can use a program called WorldPainter to create your own mountains, trees, caves etc. it won't look like natural minecraft but it works. If you get used to the program you can create some pretty amazing looking terrain.
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    posted a message on Be a part in building my third custom map!
    Hello friendly friends.

    I'm on the move with my third custom map. After Red and Blue, I decided to make an open world map. So what I've done was I made some concept drawings and started building the terrain. I made an island that the map will be set on.

    Here's a render version of the island:

    Here's a birds eye view of it:

    There is no set application, but just make yourself look presentable. I'm not going to let someone who posts "M3 plz", for obvious reasons.

    If you'd honestly like to help, leave a reply below and I might send you a PM asking for a bit more detail and organize something.

    Skype would be preferred because it's free, but if anyone has a ventrilo or teamspeak server or anything along those lines, we could use that as well.



    Available positions:
    Redstoners: 5
    Dialogue Writers:2

    Detailed info on each.

    Builders do what their name suggests, they build things! Their job is to make the buildings and structures and make them as pretty as possible.

    Terra-formers are like builders, but instead of building structures, their job is to manipulate the terrain around them and make the landscape beautiful.

    Redstoners are in charge of the redstone placement. They create the puzzles, traps, cool looking doors and everything else that requires complex redstone.

    Dialogue Writer:
    Dialogue Writers write the storyline and the lines that NPC's say. They are in charge of making the storyline as epic as possible, but also keeping the player's interest.

    Accepted players:
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    Reported the thread.
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    posted a message on Drek's Map Reviews! Well written, thorough reviews!
    Greetings, my name is Dreknathal. I will review your maps. I've reviewed maps in the past and if you want a well written, harsh, but fair review for your map, you've come to the right place. I will give a very in depth and truthful review for you. Please don't cry if you get a bad review, and please don't cry if I don'r review your map.

    I will include constructive criticism to help the map's development.

    Please post your map below with the following template:

    Map Name:
    Brief Description:
    Map type:
    Creator(s): (Don't say 'me'.)
    Estimated play time:
    Link: (Not a direct download link or I won't review it. Must be a forum link.)

    I won't review maps that don't have pictures, or that have not used the template above.

    My old reviews:

    - CobraX0 Puzzle Map -
    Quite a good puzzle map. It'll keep even the most experienced minecraft players scratching their heads. The solutions were right up in your face, but you could hardly see them. Very well hidden and sly.

    There were bits, though, such as underwater parts, where you couldn't really see anything, so I found it to take a little longer than planned.

    The solutions can be completed by all minecraft players, new and old, and it'll keep you entertained, frustrated, and questioning your own logic all at the same time.
    I enjoyed playing through it.

    However the lack of a storyline made it rather dull to play through as you would expect what's coming next. "Another room, lets look for chests." I know puzzle maps are puzzle maps, but a storyline as simple as "You have been kidnapped, escape this place!" would keep people interested.


    - Xyoends's Puzzle Map -

    While an extremely short map, it was rather fun to play through. Especially one room with around 5.7 million monsters.

    I wouldn't call it a puzzle map more than it is a challenge map. Although it's not really that either.

    The length needs a lot of work. The rooms it currently has are great, especially the /spoils/ cookies from the quiz :D /spoils/ but it is way too short. I suggest continuing on it, and giving it some more, even harder rooms!

    Fun, but short.

    - Racing the Clock - By Xyoends

    A quick little race against the time map. Good use of redstone. Recommended for anyone who wants to test their Minecraft Parkour skillz!

    The clock timer was well designed, (by the way, how many repeaters did you use?) and for an inexperienced minecraft parkour player, it was quite intense not knowing whether or not I was out of time. I'm sure when the next version comes out, I'll need to give Hard difficuty a try!

    I did spawn outside the starting building and had to noclip my way in. Just a heads up.

    Overall, great short little map.

    - Untitled - by AMVFanatic1081

    Great map.
    I loved the storyline, and the humor in the dialogue, it was great to read along with.

    The parkour wasn't too hard at all, i was able to get it on the first try, being an amature, thats pretty good for me :D

    The boss fights were pretty well designed, and fit with the story. But I lagged because of the amount of arrows being shot.

    At one point the map suddenly stopped after the race against the lava falling on you with fences in your way bit. So I assumed thats all you had so far.

    The redstone work you must have had to do with the automatic checkpoint tracks was really impressive.

    Overall, great map so far, can't wait to see more.


    - The Curse of the Oakwood Zombies - by ProfPepitoz

    I really enjoyed playing through this map. All the different quests plus the main storyline made it feel as if I wasn't playing Minecraft anymore.

    I managed to get a few quests done, before deciding to move onto the main story in the castle.

    The story was great, intense, just.. great! With zombies lurking every corner, I was Shifting my way through ready to be ambushed by one! It was really fun.

    The only downside really is that at the beginning, the sign said "Sleep here to set your spawn" and naturally I said "Whatever you say, Mr. Sign!" and slept. So i wandered around in daytime with hardly any zombies around, but come nightfall there were a lot of things around, and set the mood really nicely.

    Also, around the town, there were a lot of chests with a lot of stuff in them, I really had no idea what I would need and what I could just leave behind. So I took everything I saw, and filled my inventory quickly. :)

    Overall, great storyline, awesome concept, almost felt like a real RPG.


    - Castlevania Rebirth - by Dyz-69

    Pretty challenging map. There were a lot of mobs to avoid and the parkour was pretty challenging also.

    The setting was good, the storyline I felt was a little hard to understand, but I think i may have done something wrong. :P

    The parkour was easy enough that a beginner could do it with a little time, but challenging enough that a Minecraft veteran could have a bit of fun with it.

    Some things were shocking. The steve spawner!? Where the hell does one find such a thing?!

    Overall, great challenge map, I had fun.


    - The Arvadus Kingdom - by Arvanzi

    This was a good map. The towns were apsolutely beautiful. The work you must have put into these would have been frustrating, but I am glad you pushed through, because this is certainly something to be proud of.

    The buildings all had something that looked great, but some thing were incomplete, such as the tracks in the train station.

    The towns were huge, but easy to get lost in. You need to place more signs around directing the player to points of interest.

    Everything looked great, it was a blast to explore around these towns and look at all the work you have put into it.


    - Cubeception - by Piecia997

    This map was great. It had a great storyline, with difficult, but still do-able puzzles, and challenges. The multiplayer really involved team work, which was a great experience.

    The storyline was a little hard to understand at first, but once you got into the map, the pieces started to come together.

    The parkour was easy enough for a beginner, but challenging enough to entertain an experienced minecraft player.

    The map was large, and had good length of gameplay, and it wasn't repetitive. It wasn't the easiest map to complete, as the puzzles were difficult to find the solution for.

    Overall, great map for anyone who wants to have a bit of a challenge. Defiantly recommend multiplayer as it makes the experience that much more enjoyable.


    - Dropcraft - by Dillonklinux1996457

    This map started out pretty badly, as I could not figure out how to open the door, and ended up spawning a redstone torch to continue. From then onward it got a little better, but some things just didnt make any sense. The map just suddenly ended and I had nowhere to go.

    I may have done something wrong, but I was stuck, there was nothing around for me to break, and nothing but redstone.

    The appearence of the map wasn't great. The rooms had glass which you could easily see the rest of the map. All the rooms surrounded by a great big bedrock wall was really ugly to see, and killed the mood of the map.

    The rooms themselves didn't really have a theme and seemed as if they are just... there.

    It really could have used a storyline to keep players interested, and make it seem more adventure-like.

    5/10 - For the work you put into it.

    - Around the Hills - by Symphonym

    This parkour map is extremely challenging. Definatly would not reccomend it to beginners. Even experienced Minecraft parkour players will spend at least 10 minutes each on a majority of the puzzles.

    I apsolutely loved how this map was created on the randomly generated world you started with. Definatly added a sense of realism to it, and made it better to play.

    Although I was unable to complete most of the parkour (I suck at it) i did manage to get a few done. That I am proud of. (:

    The look and feel was apsolutely great. I had a blast exploring the map.

    8/10 - Good map, looks like a lot of hard work went into making it. (Perhaps as hard as it is to play it ;D)

    - Untitled - by Zlavik

    I, personally will argue that the map is impossible. One minecraft player can simply not jump that high, or that far without placing blocks or flying.

    I would actually like to see someone complete the map without flying or placing any blocks.


    - Poor Petes Pumpkin Problem - by Razack541

    This map has one of the best names I have ever seen. Ever.

    This map was quite humerous. It's weird how some people will go to such an extent to steal a pumpkin. The storyline was really cool and funny, which kept me interested :)

    I really liked some redstone work in here too, such as the water way where you stood on pressure plates to guide the water to the lever. That kept me for a few minutes and got me to think for a bit.

    The map looked great. Definatly a lot of good construction work went into building the big castle, got a little lost, which means you built it well. Haha :D

    Defiantly a fun map to play. Would recommend it to anyone with some time to kill. :)


    - Eronev Mansion Adventure - by Jigarbov

    This map was fantastic! I loved the storyline and the humor in the dialogue, good fun to play through and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone.

    The storyline was great, and the way the player is introduced to what he can and cannot do, and when is great. It feels like an actual game when you do this.

    The buildings were magnificent looking. The people.. eh. Haha.

    The dialogue was perfect, slight humor kept my attention and it was to the point.

    Great map for anyone! I would definitely recommend giving it a go!


    - The Magical Helmet - by Delidor

    While I do hate giving less-than-good reviews. I'm afraid I cannot give this one a good review.

    First of all, the entire map is flat sand. With snow. This made it look really shabby and un natural.

    The buildings at the start were made of dirt and looked like 5 second jobs.

    The path between rooms is far too large, someone walking that would get bored just walking there. I had to turn fly mod on just to move faster.

    The rooms with monsters had way too many monsters, it wouldn't be possible to get through all that, especially at the rate they were spawning.

    There was hardly any dialogue at all. The chests were filled with useless junk that I never used.

    The storyline was good, but executed poorly.


    - Zombie Survival City - by slanter2010

    Well the title explains it all!
    This is definatly a zombie survival city.

    The cityscape was realistic looking, which is nice. But I don't understand, you want me to go into the buildings FILLED with zombies with no equipment?

    I think I may have missed something. A room with armor, weapons food etc?

    Although, not a bad survival map. Challenging, but good.


    - Untitled - by Sampsaa

    It's good for a first map, however there are a few things I would like to point out.

    At the beginning you are given a sword with half its durability missing. Thats not nice :(

    As you progress, you find a full set of golden armor, and you haven't used your chain armor at all.

    You are also given various food items, and told you can craft items, but I found no use for any of my items as I didn't need to fight anything, and took litterally no damage.

    You are also told you can break blocks. Maybe specify which blocks you can break :)

    What I would suggest is take away the golden armor chest you find, and in the cave, put some zombie spawners down so the player has some use for the equipment you give them. Also, it was reeeally short. It's a good idea, but we never fought the bandits that destroyed the town, or even found out if there were any survivors!

    Overall, good map, especially for a first. But add something to fight, make it longer, and don't give unnecissary items. :)

    Oh and I loved the X marks the spot at the start! Very witty :)

    6/10 - Being generous for the good storyline :)

    - The Forest of Silence - by Fangride

    Great map. Good storyline. Had a blast completing the puzzles.

    There were a few things I picked up on.
    Some of the redstone didn't work. The piston doorway at the "I think i see a dead body up there'' bit didn't open, and in the room after with the book in it, one of the steps for the bookshelf staircase didn't open up. Also, after the water maze, the piston contraption wouldnt work. So i had to break the wood to get through.There's something to fix.

    The parkour wasn't hard, and anyone would be able to play the map. However the water maze was really difficult. Perhaps you could make the exit a little more lit up. In fact the entire maze was dark. I couldn't see a thing in there.

    I loved the story, it was great fun helping a talking tree get his life together. Helping cure everyone and everything with that apple felt good too :P

    Had great fun and besides those little bumps in the road, it's a good map. I would recommend it.


    - Revenge on Sam - by Drspy007

    Pretty good map, i liked the storyline to it.

    I didnt like the cow spawners at the start though, they annoyed me :P

    The map was well designed, and it worked with the story.

    I was unable to finish the map though, the file crashed while I was trying to play. I will be sure to finish it, though.

    Great map - well thought out. 7/10

    - Escape the Facility - by guy1234567890

    I loved this map. It had a great story and the map was well designed.

    The dialogue gave the map a sort of Portal feeling, Where you are being mocked by the person. Feels bad man.

    The parkour was well done, the mechanics you used with Lava and Water were superb, challenging but easy at the same time.

    I got a bit of De'ja'vu at the 2nd stage, felt weird. But very clever.

    Definitely a good map to play I recommend it. 8/10

    - Destroy the Diamond Comet - by Munchable901

    Great map! I enjoyed the storyline, it looked great and it was fun to play through.

    The map itself looked awesome. It was well build and fit nicely.

    The redstone work was good, but i had no clue what the numbers were for the combination lock. So i had a peek and worked it out from your wiring. Sorry :P

    Storyline was good, I enjoy making millions of diamonds from a push of a button. It was creative and clever :)

    Definitely give this one a go. You won't regret it!


    - Can you get to the diamond room? - by DeMuis

    Not a bad map - however I did pick up a few things while playing through it.

    Good news or the bad news?
    Bad news it is.

    1. I AM SUPERMAN: There is a bug with a popular modpack by Zombe. This causes you to jet up into the air and be invincible when you get in a bed. You must have slept in a bed at the spawn because when I played it, i took no damage whatsoever.

    2. Apple picking with Steve: I noticed along the map that you gave the player at least 1500 apples (exaduration. But it was a lot). Which is more than a little excessive

    3. Where am I? Where are my glasses?: In your element room, the earth room was a soul sand maze, and my god was it dark. Couldn't find anything in there, so i had to noclip just to see what there was in there. A single torch or glowstone would help a ton.

    4. Fences! You shall not pass!: There was a room I came up to with a big fence 'cage'. I had no way of getting around it and there were no hidden doors anywhere. If i was supposed to burn it, you should have told me. :P

    5. Not the gumdrop buttons!: There was a room I came across where as soon as you entered you had to hit the right button to stop the lava. There were way too many buttons and choosing the correct one would need Jesus to take the wheel. Perhaps give a clue as to which button it is.

    Now the good stuff:

    I really like the redstone work you put into this map. It was well made and not too hard either.

    The parkour was easy and fun, Definatly something anyone would be able to do.

    Storyline was great - I enjoyed becoming rich beyond my wildest dreams with the diamond in that room.

    Overall, with overlooking the problems I faced, not a bad map. I enjoyed it.

    The Cure by OrcMaster419
    This was a nice little map with a great storyline. However the way to go was not always clear, the destroyed town at the beginning was great, it felt like something terrible had happened and it was my job to find out what.

    Later in the map the story started to unfold and become more clear, but the way to go still wasn't always clear, I found the gravel pathway and followed that, but could see other places I hadn't yet explored, I felt very lost. Maybe that is something you can work on.

    Also, it was clear to me that this was created in 1.7.3, because all the food was given to me. The hunger sucked for this as I couldn't heal well enough :P still added a bit of a challenge to it, and I got through it.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Architecture: Hmm.. 7.5/10
    Puzzle difficulty: N/A
    Overall Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall Rating: 7/10

    Levi's Nightmare by Kmilley

    This map was fantastic, it had an amazing storyline and the way you set it out was great, it really felt like an actual game the way you had everything put out.

    The transitions between the different towns were great, they were realistic but not too long that you got lost.

    The storyline behind this map was great, a good horror-ish story behind a Minecraft map always seems appropriate, it surely kept my interest. I had a great time playing through this map.

    Honestly there is nothing bad I can say about this map. You must have put a lot of work into it.

    Storyline: 9.5/10
    Architecture: 9/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: N/A
    Overall Difficulty: 2/5
    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Parkour Adventure(?) by Retrorecon

    Right off the bat this map is in creative mode, so I have an unlimited source of levers. I'd suggest using MCedit to change it to suvival :)

    I had no idea where to go after the spawn point :P .

    I exited the building using my unlimited lever source and went down the waterhole thing. After that I stumbled across an unactivated nether portal, so after wandering around endlessly i decided that i would activate it and go through and found a parkour bridge with a broken nether portal at the other side, i fixed and went into that one and came out in the middle of nowhere.

    I wandered around for quite some time before giving up completely,


    StagMan's Parkour Map by StagMan. (Duh)

    I haven't played a parkour map since 1.8 was released. I really enjoyed it, it was short but fun.

    It was in creative mode which was good because I could just fly back if I failed :P Not sure if that's what you were going for, but it was handy.

    It's short, but it's fun. Although the story wasnt implemented as well as you made it out to be :P but nonetheless, I had fun with it. I would suggest continuing with it. :)

    Storyline: N/A
    Architecture: N/A
    Puzzle Difficulty: 2/5 (I count parkour as puzzle. Sue me.)
    Overall Difficulty: 2/5
    Overall Rating: 7/10

    The Devil's Lunch Break by SheMeT

    I enjoyed this map, the story was good and it was well made.

    The storyline was good, it was original and simple, which made it interesting to play through. I had no problems with the storyline whatsoever.

    The map was well made, it had very little flaws except the breaking obsidian and stone bit.
    I did not like breaking obsidian, it took forever and was really boring to do. I even broke a bit of redstone wire because i held my finger down too long and broke some netherrack. :(

    The puzzles were original, especially the fishing rod bit. That was clever. :)

    Overall it's a great map, definatly worth giving a go.

    Storyline: 8.5/10
    Architecture: 7.5/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 2/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall rating: 7/10

    Untitled by Gladiator60

    A nice parkour map. It's well made and it's quite challenging.

    The parkour in this map is quite hard, especially for me. I suck at parkour :P

    The castle theme was great, and visually appealing which made all the falls worth it.
    The way to go at the start could be a lot clearer, though :)

    Storyline: 7/10
    Architecture: 8/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 4/5
    Overall Difficulty: 4/5
    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Escape the puzzlemaster by Ditto64

    Very well made puzzle map! The challenges were very original, and originality is something that I really enjoy in maps. This defiantly stood out. :)

    The puzzles weren't hard. But not too easy either, I had a lot of fun working them out. :) Very witty puzzles I must say.

    The way you progressed in the map was good, impossible to get lost. That is always nice.

    Storyline: 6/10
    Architecture: 7/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall Rating: 8.5/10

    Fetch Quest by Valark

    Well I will admit I was lost at the start, I had no clue what on earth I was supposed to do. I spawned in the middle of the town with no story or background.

    Until I looked at the map.. I found my way to your puzzle room and was absolutely amazed. The story behind your gatekeepers was fantastic, and really well made. I was impressed at the redstone work put into it, and the design of the room was flawless. Then I saw that giant nether portal and nearly cried. It was beautiful.

    The puzzles were good fun and kept my interest quite easily. Well done, sir. One of, if not THE greatest map I have ever played.

    By the way, how did you put a note on the map? That part really interested me.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Architecture: 10/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall Rating: 9/10

    Room After Room by Plaatinum10

    Pretty good puzzle map, the puzzles were challenging but doable with some effort :P

    The way you set out the map was good, I liked the whole room after room feel of it. It defiantly gave it a more puzzle-like feeling. It looked good.

    Storyline: N/A
    Architecture: 7/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Overall Rating: 7.5/10

    Avalanche by XPlatnium

    First off I'd like to say that the file size is too damn high! Nearly 100mb is way too much for a map.

    So the puzzles in the map were good, they werent too hard or too easy.
    The storyline was great, it was original and kept my attention. The map didn't stand out from very many but it was still fun to play through.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Architecture: 7/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 2/5
    Overall Difficulty: 2.5/5
    Overall Rating: 7/10

    Dream of Steve by Correiajoao

    This was a fun little adventure map. I say little because it was rather short. I think you should continue working on it, because the concept is great.
    The Nether portion of the map definitely needs to be longer,

    The map was quite easy, but that's not a bad thing. If you do continue on it, you should make the future rooms a bit more challenging. More mob fights would be great!

    I loved this map, had great fun.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Architecture: 7/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 2/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3/5
    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Assassin's Creep by Selib

    I don't usually like parkour maps.
    In fact I usually hate them.

    But this map was amazing, I had so much fun that it was worth the thousands of times I fell.

    At first I thought "Assassin's Creed? In Minecraft? Blasphemy!" but it's true. This map really does resemble Assassin's Creed. Everything looked fantastic and there were so many places to go I just couldn't try all of them. Definitely give this a go, whether you enjoy parkour or not, you will enjoy this.

    Storyline: N/A
    Architecture: 10/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Overall Rating 9/10

    Dark Realm by Stosh15

    Pretty good map, the storyline was great but I found some problems.

    There was a hole in the floor that led down to a redstone room in the first puzzle room in the temple.

    Also, in the nether part, you had a 'Find the redstone in the chest to complete the circuit.' but the door opens once the circuit is unactivated, so finding the redstone is pointless.

    There was a nether portal in the redstone mine that was unactivated and i found no flint and steel anywhere.

    Also, i didn't like the lava maze. But I hate mazes and lava altogether. So thats probably why :P

    Oh and how many torches did you want to give me? I started out with a full stack, and found about 5 more stacks in the chests along the way, but didnt use them once.
    Same with the food. :)

    Now the good stuff.
    I really liked the way the buildings were set out, and the mines looked great. Well done with the designs. They looked awesome.
    The storyline was interesting and i was intrigued to continue.

    Storyline: 8/10
    Architecture: 8.5/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 2.5/5
    Overall Difficulty: 2.5/5
    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Cube Maze by ajnin_wodahs

    Well.. the title surely doesn't lie. This is a 5 story maze map and boy it sure is difficult. The mazes are huge and really well made. I rage quit after the first 10 minutes. I was sick of seeing dirt.

    Not really much else I can say about it, it's a maze map. A hard maze map.

    Storyline: N/A
    Architecture: 9/10
    Puzzle difficulty: 5/5
    Overall Difficulty: 5/5
    Overall rating: 8/10

    Asteroid 5251 by Rahz

    I was a little confused with this map. The download gave me two map files so i played the Asteroid one first. It was very confusing. The notes led me into the crashed ship and told me to grow trees and make a farm. So, naturally, I thought "Why not?" and made myself a wheat farm and grew some trees to make tools. I made myself some iron tools and went down underground. I saw this massive cavern and went "Ooh" and had a look, but there were no notes, no nothing. I didn't have a clue where to go.
    The concept for the storyline is good, though. I must just be really slow for not figuring it out. >.<

    Storyline: 7/10
    Architecture: 8/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: N/A
    Overall Difficulty: ?
    Overall Rating: 7/10

    Sorry. :|

    Goldmine by Domportera

    This is a great little adventure map, with a great storyline. But I had a few problems.

    The monsters you had to fight was good, but the amount you had to fight at one time was just horrific. There were way too many mobs to fight, and I died due to a creeper blowing the tower to smithirines. I had to find my own way back into the storyline so I followed a redstone torch trail and found my way. The storyline was great, it was interesting and striking.

    The progression in the map is good, provided you don't get lost and find yourself in a random part of the story.

    I also liked the little "Heres a wood pick, go mining and come back with a diamond pick." Thats something you dont usually see in adventure maps and I quite liked it.

    Storyline: 8.5/10
    Architecture: 8/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 2/5
    Overall Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Nhbetancourt's Parkour Map

    First off, I spawned in the middle of nowhere with a few stacks of items in my inventory. I had to die to get back to the start. :P There's something to fix.

    So the parkour in the map was a bit dull and nothing out of the ordinary. A bit boring even, there were no exiting jumps and even the map looked boring. The seed used wasn't great either. :/

    There really is nothing I can say about this map, other than that and you might want to add a bit of scenery in the map, otherwise this is just an ordinary parkour map, a boring ordinary parkour map.

    Storyline: N/A
    You: 2/10
    Level Generator: 8/10 (Good job level generator!)
    Puzzle Difficulty: 1/5
    Overall Difficulty: 1/5
    Overall Rating: 5/10

    The Trials Of Atlantis by Janplanet1

    Its a good map, but it has quite a few flaws.

    First of all, there are waaaay too many mobs spawning, lower the amount of spawners or else the map becomes very hard.
    Secondly, in your "What is 5-5+5x5" room, i got lava poured on me before I even had a chance to answer.
    Also, in the room after that, I was given a fishing rod and saw 2 stone pressure plates, fishing rod+stone pressure plate= failure.

    The progression I really liked, the way you showed the player where to go with the colored wool was good, and I really liked the end with the sand falling and creating a staircase.

    Storyline: 7/10
    Architecture: 7/10
    Puzzle Difficulty: 1/5
    Overall Difficulty: 4/5 (lower the mob spawners)
    Overall Rating: 6/10 (Needs some work)
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    And before you decide to post again, Maybe you should read the thread that says you shouldn't spam on my thread.

    This is hardly spam.

    You can't copyright it, nor can you take "Legal action". Lol.
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    This made me laugh and then facepalm. Wow.
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