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    posted a message on Minecraft: Dark & Light
    I loved the concept, but found the pack swapping to be kind of tedious and time-consuming. If only there was a way to have it happen instantly in the game.
    The map was very short, too. Like, very very short.
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    posted a message on Dreknathal's Map Collection (Being Modified - Don't click)
    Dreknathal's Custom Map Collection Welcome to my map collection thread, my name is Dreknathal and I am a custom map creator. I've decided to create a single thread to house all my maps rather than have separate threads for each of them. So here we are.

    Adventure Maps

    Puzzle Maps
    Red and Blue
    Red and Blue is a cooperative puzzle map. You and a friend work your way through 25+ puzzles together. This map is not possible in single player, the puzzles all require two people to complete. This whole map will take approx 1 hr and 15 mins to complete. It may be faster, or slower depending on how clever you are, or how much you die.
    You wake in a jet white room staring into the face of a complete stranger. You don't know this person, you don't recall ever seeing this person in your life. You both need to work together to escape, but can you trust them?
    Rules: No breaking blocks.No spawning items (unless you lost an item you received earlier)No reusing levers/buttons.You may /tp to your partner when and if you die. (Oh who am I kidding? You will die.)Instructions: You must have a partner or the puzzles are impossible.One player is red and the other is blue.Red will be given parkour related challenges.Blue will be presented with challenges which require you to craft items or use your brain.You may change throughout the map if you wish.Play with monsters on, but make sure to hit the button at the start to set correct gamerule.Have command blocks ENABLED on your server.
    Developer's Comments:
    This map is no doubt the map I am most proud of, with over 70 thousand downloads (being a 2 player map thats 140,000 different people played) it's definitely my most successful thus far, I am so happy that after my many months of building, thinking, redstoning it finally payed off. I want to thank each and every player, and especially to those who provided feedback and created videos and helped the map grow.
    Quote from Bouvardia
    To anyone who ends up at the wrong spawn, the beginning is at the following:x is -9.268y is 73.62z is 186.540
    PVP Maps
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    posted a message on Firestorm Fortress Adventure Map (1.7.4)

    I gave your map a try, and because it's in beta I'm going to give you quite a bit of constructive criticism.

    Iron Golems are neutral and you can run right past them, you should replace them with something else.
    Pigmen are neutral until attacked, you can also run right past them.

    Giving the player a knockback ten sword was rather silly, maybe consider a different enchantment, especially considering the next room is full of witches, which are a ranged mob.

    The boss fight at the end was really boring, the Wither didn't move and the sword given to the player was so powerful I two shotted him. I understand that the shaman has imbued the sword with his energy but if he was that powerful he could just kill the boss himself, I strongly suggest toning it down quite a lot.
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    posted a message on Thorough, well written, thought out map reviews!
    Got these three map reviews coming today, lets get some more in the list!
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    posted a message on Thorough, well written, thought out map reviews!
    I completely forgot about this thread lol.

    Quote from FlareTide

    Regarding the rules: For the background information, is it okay if there's background information in the map and/or in the map thread?

    Either is fine as long as I'm not playing a map blind
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    Quote from Mvf314

    1. No Pics No Clicks
    2. This has to be in the Seeds Section.
    3. People wouldn't tell what they think if you write with letters as big as hell.

    Exactly this ^
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    posted a message on Can anyone give me some help on this problem?
    You can use a program called WorldPainter to create your own mountains, trees, caves etc. it won't look like natural minecraft but it works. If you get used to the program you can create some pretty amazing looking terrain.
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    posted a message on Thorough, well written, thought out map reviews!
    This is mainly why I don't like having to post these on Maps Discussion instead of just Maps. Nobody knows about this subsection.

    Oh well, bumping.
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    posted a message on [1.6] Phantom Protocol - Adventure Map
    I really enjoyed this. The story was great, the design was great, you used command blocks and the resource packs very well. Good job!

    Although I can't be TOO nice about it. There were some flaws in the map, nothing major but something that will take it from "Great" to "Extraordinary".

    I noticed that there was a chest with a command block underneath. You can put a block in between the trap chest and the cmd block and it will still receive a pulse.

    Also the spelling mistakes in the map can be fixed. I remember seeing a few in the mailbox book.

    The upside-down pigs. Yes they're funny. But having Dinnerbone pigs just ruined the drama in the map for me. My sister was murdered, but oh look at upside down pig.

    **As a side note, I loved the telephone mechanic.
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    posted a message on [Co-op] [PUZZ] Red & Blue by Dreknathal.
    Updated the map with bug fixes and checkpoints.
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    posted a message on Thorough, well written, thought out map reviews!
    Greetings. I am a map creator myself, and I absolutely love playing custom maps (just as much as making them!). I have done a review thread in the past, and I would like to review some more maps! Check out my old reviews here.

    These reviews will be long and will go into lots of detail with everything you did well, everything you did not-so-well, and provide constructive feedback on how you can go about improving your map. In saying this, the reviews may take a little while to write up and depending on how long your map is, you might be waiting a little while. I will send you a PM on the minecraft forums telling you that your review is complete if this is the case.

    Your map reviews will have a summary of my thoughts and at the end I will rate them out of 5 for originality, immersion, gameplay and then an overall score out of 5.

    I have some rules, however.
    -Your map can be a WIP, but the gameplay needs to be longer than 10 mins.
    -Your map must have screenshots with it. Whether you link me to your thread or post a download link here, if there aren't screenshots, there won't be a review.
    -If your map is a maze, and nothing more than a maze, I will not review it. Your review will be nothing more than "You put walls together nicely."
    -Please provide some background information to your map, the storyline, where it's set, when it's set etc.

    Thats about it, let's carry on with the reviews. Post your maps here!

    *Note: If I do not review your map, there is a reason for it. Something broke the map entirely, it was impossible to play, or it took less than 5 mins to complete. Don't take it to heart if I skip your map on a review.

    The 50 challenges - Lucasthefourth.
    My first impression was "WOAH that's a huge download." Aside from that, there were a few issues with this map when I played it. Some of the puzzles were broken, sometimes the redstone wasn't connected up or there were missing buttons/levers. I'd suggest going back and testing all the puzzles again. Another issue I had, the very first puzzle was irritating to complete. While it looked simple on paper, having monsters falling on you knocking you in the lava, having creepers appear out of nowhere and exploding, pushing you in the lava was very irritating. I suggest having "Keepinventory" on by default, I lost my items very quickly. The scenery was another issue I had, the entire map was built around a normally generated minecraft world and I didn't feel immersed in the map at all. I'd strongly suggest at least building rooms around your puzzles to make it feel a little better for the player. Some good points, however, the puzzles were very unique and I haven't seen most of them used before. Overall I give the map:
    3.5/5 for originality
    1/5 for immersion
    3/5 for gameplay
    3/5 overall.

    Escape from the psychotic lab - Jaxler1
    I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this map, the storyline, although generic, was enough to keep me interested and immersed. The puzzles in the map were quite difficult and often took me awhile to complete. The parkour was extremely difficult, something I really did not like. One of the first puzzles you encounter in this map is a iron bar parkour course, it's insanely difficult and fueled me with a lot of frustration trying to complete it.This may be something you wish to change. Other than those flaws it was a pretty great map.
    2/5 for originality
    3.5/5 for immersion
    3.5/5 for gameplay
    4/5 overall.

    The Crystal Maze - yokcos700
    Wow, what can I say about this beast? This map is massive! Seriously seriously huge. I can't tell if this is a bad thing or a good thing. Let's get straight into the negatives of the map. The amount of redstone clocks that had to be firing constantly seriously lagged my system, I turned all my settings down and still ran into fps issues. Most of the rooms were identical, survive for 2 minutes killing these, survive for 2 minutes killing these instead, it got repetitive after a while. There were A LOT of rooms yet not that much variety in them. I ran into an issue in the aztec hub where I had to shoot the minecarts, I don't know what happened but a command block took my bow off me and I was unable to complete the room. Now let's dive into the positives. For starters, this map has amazing, absolutely astounding architectural work. I've never seen anything quite like it. This map was built so well down to the finest detail that no two rooms looked the same, all the hubs looked magnificent and everything just worked. The puzzles, while a small variety, were pretty enjoyable. They did stand out for me and I was able to complete most of the ones I attempted. They weren't too difficult yet I did need to think for some of them too. I did really enjoy playing through this map although, I tried the end level, but didn't manage to complete it.
    Here's some ratings:
    4/5 for originality. I rarely ever see maps with hubs like this.
    3.5/5 for immersion. The buildings around me looked fantastic and I really did get immersed in the map. Although a more engaging storyline could work really well.
    4/5 for gameplay. The puzzles were fun, unique and challenging, although some of them were repeated and this did knock off a point. Although I don't blame the repeats, there are a lot of rooms to complete.
    4.5/5 overall. This was truly a fantastic map and I applaud you.

    The Monastery - BickerCraft
    Wow. Wow is all I can say, this map is spooky as all hell. I love it. I love the work you put into the design of the Monastery and the catacombs. Everything looks amazing, a very nice choice in textures. This map had my heart racing 24/7. I was so careful turning corners and I was getting really tense, I didn't know I could feel so creeped out in Minecraft. I didn't find a single bug or anything. Although the beginning is a little slow trying to search around for the keys while blind, but once I got deeper into the monastery, I began to feel very exhilarated. The ending of the map was superb, completely freaked me out. Very, very well done.
    Originality: 4.5/5 I don't often see horror maps around and this one executes the theme perfectly.
    Immersion: 5/5 I completely felt like I was exploring an abandoned monastery while playing this map, you hid all the tricks behind walls amazingly and everything looked great. Perfect score for immersion.
    Gameplay: 4/5 Would be 5 if the player had a little more control with their actions. The map felt very linear and once you found the item you need, you knew exactly where to put it immediately. This kind of map can't really help this, but I'd try putting in some extra rooms for the player to explore that don't necessarily relate to the flow of the map, maybe even scare them more!
    Overall: 4,5/5 Absolutely loved playing this map. Can not recommend it enough.
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    posted a message on Abandoned! v0.6
    Well honestly, map making is about putting your work out there, no matter what. Don't be shy, be proud. My first map ever was absolutely horrendous, and I still published it. It got around 50 or so downloads and most of them didn't leave very good feedback, if any at all.

    I didn't give up though. I published my second map and it's got over 50 thousand downloads, been played by a few popular youtubers and has received amazing feedback. I'm currently working on my third map now, the responses have been very inspiring to me.

    So don't be shy, publish your map and see what people think. You can learn from your errors and make more!
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    posted a message on The Creator Custom Map
    Definitely not the worst map I've seen. It's pretty good!

    Definitely some improvements needed though, for example, the spelling and grammar on the signs and command blocks.

    I also decided to take a peak at your command blocks and noticed you used @r. Why? People playing on multiplayer wouldn't have a good time if you use @r. I suggest @a, that way, no matter whether they play on multiplayer or singleplayer they'll all get teleported no problem.

    You hid the command blocks quite well though! Thats the one thing that really bugs me in Adventure Maps. That and redstone not being hidden, so good job!

    Also, like Tovagulet pointed out, I couldn't understand the numbers and shapes relation. I actually tried to make sense of it, how many sides, edges, points the shape had and couldn't make sense of it.

    The map was very short, and it was over before I really got immersed in the story. Perhaps you should continue on this idea and make bigger maps!

    Overall I'll give this a 6.5/10.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Insomnia [Sprint Map!] [2000+ Downloads!]
    I have never played a sprint map before and had a lot of fun, my best time was 1:05.

    However I'm not too keen on the name of this map, Insomnia is the inability to sleep and the map was about having a nightmare because you slept near a portal. Just doesn't work for me.

    Anyway great map! I'll check out your others!
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    posted a message on [1.5] [ADV] DUNGEONS! (8000+ DOWNLOADS!) V3!
    Challenging, but fun.

    Also the boss I did was the Baconater and he was terribly easy.

    Then I went into a boss fight that spawned at least 60 mobs and died instantly. Not very consistent there.
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