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    posted a message on The Nihil Community [Freebuild, Factions & Roleplay]
    Large amounts of updates have occured to both Minecraft and our Server, and we have changed our world from RP to freebuild with RP elements.
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    posted a message on The Nihil Community [Freebuild, Factions & Roleplay]
    We have now dropped our Whitelist, so any player may join. However, new players are ranked as Guests, and cannot use special commands such as /home, /home set, etc.
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    posted a message on WorldPainter v2.4.3 - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    I've got a problem. I've downloaded your new version of the World Painter to use the Biome Viewer, having used it before, however it still asks me to open the 1.1 jar file instead of the 1.2 file. I've tried re-downloading multiple times, and even deleted my Minecraft.jar and reloaded.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    posted a message on The Nihil Community [Freebuild, Factions & Roleplay]
    Updated main post with several new pictures. The map has also been updated.
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    posted a message on The Nihil Community [Freebuild, Factions & Roleplay]
    Server IP:

    The World of Evalus is our current world in the Nihil Minecraft server. It is a free-build server with support for RP, city/country building, and Factions.

    Server Information

    Nihil's Minecraft (and the whole Nihil Community, at that) has constantly and consistently been refined since mid 2010, when it was originally founded as McCloud's Kingdom. Hosted on a completely dedicated box, Nihil is fully tasked to hosting our map, forums, and much more, over at Sign up to our forums today!

    Server Rules:
    • Absolutely no griefing whatsoever (Unless in war with another faction and their protections are waning. ALL OTHER GRIEFING RESULTS IN A PERMANENT BAN.)
    • No hacking or using mods that give you an advantage over other players.
    • You must obey the word of an Admin or Staff, should they give you an order.
    • PvP is legal if Spawn City is out of sight on Far render distance, or as an organised event in the Spawn Coliseum.
    • Do not build on other people's land without permission. It is considered to be griefing.
    • No locking Public Chests, Furnaces, Workbenches, etc.
    • TP-killing/spawnkilling is not acceptable and is a bannable offense.
    • No spamming in all caps. Use caps sparingly.
    • Verbal abuse of other players will not be tolerated.
    • Stealing is legal, as long as you don't break anything.
    • If you find a bug/exploit, report it to the Staff for a reward. Exploiting will just get you banned.
    • Automatic farms of any kind are illegal and lag the server. Don't build them.
    • The Staff don't care for smartarses. Being a brat will get you kicked, and continuous idiocy will get you banned.
    • Use /lwc while in-game to find out how to lock your doors, chests, etc.
    Elaborate Description
    Although we offer freedom to build whatever you want, there are a few rules and restrictions as to where you can and can't build. You cannot build in the Senatus district of Spawn (The Roman themed District), other people's towns/cities, or on other people's properties, unless you have permission to do so from the owner of the related areas.

    Nihil is a server that also encourages roleplaying and interaction between cities. Players can build their own cities and protect them using Factions, and then RP and engage in wars with other factions, which grants them the ONLY opportunity there is to grief other players through sieging an enemy city! We also offer survival, PvP and more, seamlessly within one map, so if you'd like to fight someone in a 1v1 battle in the Spawn Arena, you can do so.

    If you want to go it your own way and survive out in the wilderness, there's a whole world for you which has barely been touched. You can live as a bandit and steal from the poor, join a city and get a job with the Mayor or Leader to earn some cash! There's even an Arena Challenge you can undertake if there is Staff available and willing, which you battle waves of monsters for cash prizes!

    Keep in mind, if you're caught doing illegal activities, such as illegally griefing, flaming, etc, you will be banned quickly. Our rules are firm but fair.
    The amount of RP opportunities are extensive as well; Titles are given to valuable, friendly players, and add a completely open style of character development.

    If you feel as though this place is for you, join our Forums and connect to the server at this IP:

    Technical Information
    In addition to our primary Minecraft player base, our community runs a Snapshot server (more info on our forums!) as well as a Team Fortress 2 server (IP: and a Terraria server (IP:, so join us on those as well!

    Many of our members also play various other games. Feel free to join in with the rest of our community, as even if you're not here to play Minecraft, you're more than welcome in Nihil!

    Server specifications:
    - Intel Core i7 4x 2(HT)x 2.66+ GHz
    - 24 GB DDR3 ECC
    - 1x 2TB SATA II, 5,400 rpm, 8 MB
    - 100Gb FTP Backup
    - 20TB up/down on Network
    - 100 MBit on 150 GBit backbone.
    - Online 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. (Restarts and such excluded)
    - Fully private, fully dedicated box.

    - Dedicated forums, powered by XenForo.
    - Thorough, helpful, friendly Staff.
    - Child safe, although language isn't censored, we do appreciate a somewhat clean chat. We don't tolerate flaming.
    - Beautiful roleplaying environment, most town/city owners are willing to Roleplay.
    - Helpful Staff: So long as you don't nag, show respect, and you wait your turn, Staff are generally very helpful and friendly.
    - Non-restrictive gameplay, be it regarding high standards of grief protection for the concerned builder, survival-style gameplay for the bandit or survivalist or the simple founding of towns and nations for the politician. All is integrated seamlessly within one world.
    - Strict, yet entirely fair rules.
    - A large playerbase of dedicated, friendly people.


    Protection and Anti-cheating Plugins:
    - WorldGuard: WorldGuard provides the most flexibility when it comes to the founding towns and nations, much more so than dedicated plugins. An area can be 'blanket-protected' so as to stop mobs spawning and much more.
    - HawkEye: Allows block edits to be logged in any given area of the world.
    - NoCheat: Alerts Staff of unusual activities which could indicate cheats and such.

    - Factions: Factions allows players to start up their own towns and factions to protect their homes and belongings, roleplay, and build cities. In most cases, the Staff will request you protect your own things, rather than WorldGuarding it for you. Large towns are an exception, and you may ask for a WorldGuard protection.

    Public / Fun Plugins:
    - FalseBook: Allows players to make Gates, Bridges, Elevators, and Doors from Craftbook. Other features are disabled.
    - BookWorm: Write your own books! Type "/write -help" while in-game for help.
    - LWC: Lock your chests, doors, and even furnaces to keep those thieves away.
    - ChestShop: Make your own shop, and sell wares to players! Remember to lock your chests with LWC!
    - ecoCreature: Gain money for killing monsters and animals! Other than trading and selling good buildings, this is your only source of income.
    - VoxelPort: Staff use VoxelPort to create fast and free public transportation between continents and towns, using a timed departure warp of sorts.
    - MyHome: Using /home after sleeping in a bed will teleport you straight back there after 3 seconds. However, it takes 10 minutes to cool down!

    A message from the Staff Members:
    We like to put effort into achieving a high standard of quality for ourselves, our community, and any new players, be it in terms of server maintenance and conduct, or attempting to provide an all encompassing experience regarding individual styles of gameplay.
    Nihil welcomes all players, from the newcomer to the online aspect of Minecraft, to the veteran, seeking a sophisticated or experienced playerbase. None need feel intimidated or sceptical.

    We hope to see you soon!
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Since I'm working hard on the texturepack, I'm going to shamelessly advertise the server I administrate, Nihil.

    This is the sort of quality specifications I, personally, like to build to. I present to you my old city of New Babel:

    PS: No, we don't use a heightened skylimit. Let me just say that where I was standing in that screenshot, I was 10 blocks above Bedrock.
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Alright, this TP has mostly been dead for a while, but come 1.0 I'm planning to go all out on it, and make some kind of release. Here's hoping I get the time to do so.
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Little update for you:

    Made my own Furnace, Pistons, and Dispenser textures.

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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Hm. I might need to call a temporary close to this texture pack.

    I have begun working on an Indie game with two of my closest friends, and it will be taking up most of my photoshop time. The game's concept is exciting and has me enthralled, so I have begun work on it the moment my programmer friend said he'd love to make a game like it.

    In any case, I WILL eventually finish this texture-pack, and it WILL be quite snazzy if I say so myself, but for now, I apologize, but there is another calling I must attend to.

    Thank you for all your support so far, it won't go to waste.
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Quote from hatstand »

    I can't remember if I told you that idea or if I told Ted. In any case, people can throw fireballs at eachother, and ice can be... Yeah, this is why I scrapped that idea.

    If anyone can figure out a good alternative to ice if snow is ash and such, I'm all for it.
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Yes, that is correct. Here is an updated version (Also updated main post):

    Now with Health and Armor!

    Quote from gvzbgul »
    Wow, very nice. Esp. the torches and the moss stone. I haven't quite thought of something but the transparent properties of the cactuses(ii?) would be good for some kind of brambles or thorns of skulls with thorns etc. The Viking Pack turned 'em into rosebushes, which is fairly similar.

    Will snow be snow?

    Thank you for that wonderful idea.

    Snow, hm, I suppose I will likely keep it snow, but if I think of something more dreary, I will likely switch it to that, yes.
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    Here are a few WIPs of the UI:

    (Also updated main post with them.)
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    You have mistaken this pack for a Warhammer 40,000 pack, sir.
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    posted a message on [WIP 32x32] Grimdark™ Texturepack
    I would like to apologize for the lack of updating to this texturepack. I have run into a rut in terms of real life problems and inspiration for it.

    That said, I am also planning to work on a high quality generic Sci Fi texture pack, as I've noticed a massive need for a good looking one (No offense to other texture artists, I just feel a lot of them are... lacking).
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