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    posted a message on A long running parkour adventure realm.

    Update: This realm currently has 33 levels of Parkour, mazes, traps and mob fights along with several minigames including Parkour Wars, 1 on 1 PVP, Base Defense PVP and Ice Boat Racing.

    The entire map can also be purchased on the MC market under the name Rage Parkour. It's all set to be loaded on a realm and run.

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    posted a message on Parkour/Adventure/PVP realm by The Rage Craft Room.

    Currently we have a 31 level parkour adventure course with a difficult ice race and a large team based PVP area. The more you explore the different areas the better gear you'll find including an enchanting area and lapis.

    We are an official Minecraft Partner for the marketplace and released Obsidian Alley and Dystopia on the market already and have a third map coming on 3/26. :)

    Join us, try our map and enjoy our community of skilled parkour player.

    Realm code: HiA8xR1kCfk

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    posted a message on A long running parkour adventure realm.

    Hello, I'm the owner of The Rage Craft Room, official Minecraft partner and content creator for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition marketplace. We've created a couple of realms that are open to the public where players can come together to tackle challenging parkour, fun minigames, PVP and make some friends. WIth over 3,000 members, we are an older and well established parkour community. The realm is called The Rage Craft Room as well as the Xbox club attached to it. Currently it's hosting Rage Parkour, a 33 level Parkour Adventure map with PVP minigames, ice racing and Find the Button at an easily accessible lobby. Realm code is HiA8xR1kCfk.

    We've added a second parkour realm which will rotate different parkour maps we've made.

    The realm is called Parkour Adventure. It's currently hosting a parkour adventure map called Dystopia. Dystopia is a 22 level parkour adventure with mazes, mobs, gear, traps and other obstacles to overcome and is pretty difficult.

    Join code is tFbtI5mNbnY.

    Good luck and have fun.

    Thanks for joining.

    The Rage Craft Room

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    posted a message on 10 players every minigame host dreads.

    1. The Narrator: This is the person that comes into your game and has to verbally announce his or her every move, thought and feeling as if they are reading a story out loud about their own life.

    2. The Escape Artist: This is the player that isn't interested at all in playing your game, rather, they are looking for ways you messed up so they can exploit it. They'll escape your game areas, steal exposed items and generally cause havoc in your game. While they can be annoying they are fairly helpful as a good game creator will use these players as play testers and simply fix whatever is exploited.

    3. The Youtuber/Streamer: This player likes to announce that they are a youtuber or streamer and then take over the party with incessant youtuber style chatter, often without permission or any indication that the party in question is ok with this.

    4. The Griefer: These guys are similar to the escape artist but far more malicious. They'll look for anyway they can to cause damage to your game, annoy other players and generally take away from the overall experience of the host and other players.

    5. The Rager: This is the short tempered, screaming, controller throwing player that can often be heard shouting at the game or members of their household due to their gamer rage. Parkour maps tend to send these players over the edge.

    6. The Clinger: These are players that assume because they've played a few rounds on one of your maps they are suddenly your best friend and entitled to all privs like build/mine and moderator. They constantly ask for privs and can't take no for an answer. They'll also constantly want to join whatever party you are in even if they are not playing the same game.

    7. The Damsel in Distress: These are players who don't bother putting any effort into the game. Instead, they constantly bother the host or mod to help them and hold their hand every step of the way. They can't be bothered to read signs or experiment with options.

    8. The "Professional": This is often a combination of two types. This is the player that shows up on your server announcing how great he is at whatever minigame it is you run (In my case, parkour/adventure maps) and then proceeds to do horribly at said minigame. This player then often turns into the Damsel in Distress and starts begging for help.

    9. The Poacher: This is the player that shows up for the sole purpose of recruiting players from your game to theirs. They play for a couple of minutes, join the party and then proceed to open their own minigame and start inviting your players to it.

    10. The Natural: This is perhaps the best and worst of all. This is the player who shows up on your lovingly and painfully created minigame only to breeze through it. Where hundreds of even thousands of players have struggled and rage quit, this player prances through your carefully constructed death box as if it were a pleasant meadow leaving players and staff alike baffled and in awe.

    I hope you enjoyed the list. I'm a minigames host and have many friends who host minigames so we came up with these archetypes. Feel free to add your own.

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    posted a message on Dungeon Crawl

    Basically a mini adventure map where players navigate through a dungeon of sorts dealing with parkour, mazes, mobs, traps and puzzles. Make them linear so players can find the end and beat the game and maybe make PVP optional.

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    posted a message on Parkor

    I'll check it out. GT is DreamerMMA.

    I also make parkour maps and have a fairly large following of players who are always looking for other cool parkour type maps.

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    posted a message on Building dungeon crawl, parkour, maze, puzzle and adventure type maps. Adult builders only.

    I've been working with some friends and my build team on some maps like this on Xbox one. I host a few different ones and have been getting a lot of requests for downloadable maps so I plan to do some on Xbox 360.

    The maps are generally a type of linear adventure map with focus on parkour, puzzles, mazes, mob battles and finding gear as you progress.

    I'm looking for adult builders who can be on the same page and stick to the game plan. I also want the team to be adults so 18+ only, older is even better as I'm 36.

    Whatever your skill set I'm sure I can put it to use. We'll need buildings, level design, some redstone contraptions, custom terrain, organics, play testing, marketing and whatever other skills you may have.

    I'm DreamerMMA on Xbox live so drop me a message there if you are interested.

    Some examples of my maps can be found on my youtube channel, DreamerMMA.

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    posted a message on Jumpcraft Official Parkour Map

    I need to come back and build with you guys a bit. I've been so busy on my Xbox1 maps.

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    posted a message on Looking for adult builders and players for parkour/platformer/adventure/maze type minigames.

    I run a few servers that are basically adventure courses where players solve puzzles, navigate mazes, fight mobs, do parkour, find hidden gear and eventually find the final level in a linear adventure course.

    While the games are often open for all ages I'd like to open it some days for adults only for building, play testing or for groups that wish to simply play the game. Streamers and youtubers are welcome as well, we'll just have to discuss a time and day to get you in.

    There is a surprisingly large community of adult builders on minecraft who are absolutely amazing. Even if what I build isn't your thing I can probably help you meet some new people and maybe fall in with a group that better suits your style.

    For those not there yet, check out the Minecraft Servers club on Xbox One.

    Here is a couple of videos of my servers to give you a better idea of what it is my team and I do.

    Message me on Xbox Live as DreamerMMA for an invite.

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    posted a message on The Whispering Eye Parkour Adventure Server!

    Here's part one of a play through of The Whispering Eye Parkour Server on Xbox One.

    I host several maps like this, built by my build team, The Rage Craft Room. These are a series of linear courses with parkour, mazes, mobs, traps, gear and puzzles.

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    posted a message on Add adventure, parkour and platformer type mini games.
    Quote from itsobvious»

    no way.

    i do not like that. parkour and mazes wouldn't work because eventually everyone would master it all.

    Maybe some. The courses that we build end up taking at least 3-5 hours to complete for most players. If you take 5-6 of these together and bundle them up I think it'd be easy to sell them for maybe 3.99 offering players something like15-25 hours of content if they just did a single play through on each map.

    You may not like these kinds of maps but I've had around 1,500 players come through and have had fantastic feedback from them. Many comment that they wish they could download the maps and when I brought up the idea of a map pack containing a few of them for a few bucks they mostly seemed enthusiastic about the idea and wouldn't have a problem spending around 5 bucks for something like that.

    I honestly got bored of most of the other minigames because after less than an hour of playing them you've seen everything they have to offer and at that point you are just grinding trying to get better than the other players. With the maps I propose the players can tackle the maps on their own, compete against friends, play cooperatively with friends, enable PVP for an extra challenge, be inspired to build something similar and expose themselves to a whole new kind of mini game they may never have had the chance to try in minecraft.
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    posted a message on Looking for parkour and minigames? Here's some hosts.

    I've added a new parkour adventure server.

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    posted a message on Looking for parkour and minigames? Here's some hosts.

    I find a lot of people are looking for fun mini game servers to play on so I'm going to list some of the best ones I know and what they host.

    Please add other hosts like this you know or if you host this kind of stuff yourself please add your name so we can get an easy reference list going for the forum.

    I'll start with myself.

    Gamer Tag: DreamerMMA

    Game types: Parkour, adventure, platforming, Murder Mystery, PVP.

    Youtube/Twitch/Beam: DreamerMMA

    Server Videos:

    Obsidian Alley Parkour/Adventure Server

    PVP Server

    Gamer Tag: ThatOtherGuy60

    Game Types: Parkour, Mini Games, Hunger Games

    Video: Parkour server. Sorry for the audio quality.

    Gamer Tag: Fire god ca

    Game Type: 200 level adventure course with parkour, puzzles and mazes.

    Gamer Tag: THE EDGE1970

    Game Type: He hosts Xbox Playdates GB. Plot world with mini games coming plus amazing cruise ship world.

    Gamer Tag: TowerAngel

    Game Type: It's a survival server several years in the making. At the beginning players must navigate through several mazes and challenges before getting into the main part of the server.

    Gamer Tag: Ambition LG

    Game Type: Large Mini Game world with parkour races, elytra courses, droppers and more.

    Youtube: Ambition LG


    Gamer Tag: Cg0 x iRuSSian

    Game Type: Large RPG server.

    Gamer Tag: Jakie Doo

    Game Type: Parkour with some economy aspects. With some builds copied from PC and others unique it's a cool server where you pick and choose which parkour levels to play at your leisure.


    Gamer Tag: OPV Russian

    Game Type: RPG Adventure course.

    Gamer Tag: TXI Rookie

    Gape Type: He rebuilt the 100 level parkour course from PC. I believe he's working on the second one as well. Modded parkour server, very well done.

    These are all I can think of for now. Please add more and please write reviews for the servers you try so others have an idea of what you experienced and the hosts can attract more players.

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    posted a message on Add adventure, parkour and platformer type mini games.

    My team and I build platform, adventure, parkour type servers.

    Basically it's a linear course where players work their way through parkour challenges, mazes, mobs, traps and puzzles. Along the way the players find equipment, usually starting with a wooden sword and slowly aquiring leather gear, chainmail, iron and eventually diamond gear among other stuff. As the players progress they find beds to set spawn points at, ender chests to store gear and refresh points to get food, arrows, etc...

    I host 5 servers like this on Xbox one and the feedback has been fantastic. I believe we have seen well over 1,500 players come through the various servers I host and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Adding some kind of campaign or adventure would be fantastic for the players. Give them dungeons to explore, parkour to do, riddles to solve and secrets to find and I think you'll have a hit minigame that players would gladly pay a couple bucks for.

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    posted a message on Insanely Hard 100+ Levels of Parkour [Fast Add] [No Mic Required]

    Is this a copy of the 100 level parkour build on PC?

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