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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version --- 16.06.2019

    New Mods:

    InGame Info XML
    Lunatrius Core

    Mod Upgrade:

    Avaritia 1.15
    Bartworks 0.4.16
    Blood Arsenal 1.2-8
    Core Mod 1.6.14
    Crops++ 1.3.5
    Crop Load Core 0.1.4
    Electro Magic Tools
    Gt Nei ore plugin 1.0.7
    GT Scanner Mod 1.5.4
    IFU 1.6
    Loot Games 1.0.18
    Not Enough Items 1.0.6-GTNH
    Tec Tech 3.6.11
    Thaumic Horizons
    Universal Singularities 8.5
    Warp Theory 1.0k-Dev
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9k-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -changed ichorium to gt mod
    -Made project jarSign compatible
    -Unified build-system
    -updated gradle and forge

    -smaller fixes
    -no hardness or resistance on non gt te blocks
    -fixed possible lesu npe
    -maybe fixed windmill dupe?
    -fixed circuit programmer dupe
    -began work on Electric Implosion compressor
    -fixed recipes
    -added multi layer rotor recipes
    -Giant Materials/Space Compat update
    -added ASM
    -added a **** ton of materials and got my own Materials system up and running
    -added Ross128 when GC is installed
    -code clean up
    -made all asm patches disableable
    -removed secondary configs
    -added comments for config
    -Ore Dict Support
    -Added Y/Th Glas
    -Added OreDict support for all Materials
    -Added an Internal Handler for Colors
    -Added Materials and improved Compability to GT and GT++
    -Improved Code Quality of the BW Oregen Handler
    -Fixed NEI handler
    -fixed megas not working with more than one hatch
    -finetuned the veins a bit more
    -changed material names and colors/texture sets
    -removed Taint Biome due to buggyness and i dont like it >:(
    -added debug log
    -added thaumcraft aspects for materials
    -refractored code
    -added a config option for the debug log
    -fixed Graphene Typo
    -prepared custom TC Aspects
    -enabled a config option for the threaded loader (experimental state)
    -Improved Threaded Loader
    -un-threaded GameRegistry stuff
    -Fixed Heated Water Pump
    -will now drop its contents on removal
    -will no longer void non-burnable Items
    -Added ITileDropsContent for easy use
    -Pulled delSlot into its own Class
    -Created FuelSlot (a slot that will only accept burnable stacks)
    -API version increase
    -Added THTR
    -Redid Config to work propperly
    -added some materials/items for the THTR
    -added additional Thorianite Recipes
    -added InfoData on THTR
    -added isSneaking on diode screwdriver click (reverse Actual Amps)
    -added World Generation feature for Ross128b
    -started on Ross128ba
    -cleaned up code
    -started on Werkstoff Liquids
    -fixed small translation failure
    -this time really fixed (#27)
    -added small rocket gui stuff
    -fixed a bug where the moon of ross128b would cause issues with the dim handler
    -added Electric Implosion Compressor recipe and tooltip
    -fixed Electric Implosion Compressor recipe "Map"
    -moved Ross128 to t3 even with galaxyspace loaded
    -fixes crash when ExU is installed
    -Optimised BlockChecker
    -made THTR structure check NOT ignore walls
    -corrected tooltip on THTR
    -added Empty mode on THTR
    -fixed coords hash
    -started work on OC integration
    -rewrote blockchecker just to see if a loop would be faster than a recursive check
    -fixes not enabled ASM code
    -re-enabled the tooltip handler
    -reworked clienteventhandler
    -Tooltip Server Synchronisation
    -Add thaumcraft wand pedestal fix
    -We only add the vis into the wand
    -added ConfigOption for TC patch
    -added DeObfs instruction
    -code cleanup
    -added Miner Compability
    -tweaked heat values for GTNH
    -minor code changes
    -fixed thorianit exploit
    -fixed yttrium oxide recipe
    -added thorium leaf recipe
    -fixed 45% empty space
    -Added config options
    -removed broken IC2 recipes
    -fixed DEHP recipe

    Blood Arsenal
    -Gadomancy Crash fix part 1
    -Update BloodArsenal.java
    -fixed build.grandle

    -Add login message handler
    -Update zh_CN.lang
    -fixes Xenoxene recipe
    -Titanium Dust with Nitrogen same EU cost as without Nitrogen #4261
    -remove all centrifuge recipes from gendustry bee combs and drops
    -added a load check
    -Let the bacteria Vat recipes only load when bartworks is loaded
    -Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
    -Add usage for Tantalum in SMD Capacitor recipes
    -Missing Rockbreaker LUV+ #4374
    -Tier 8 Rocket is Impossible to Obtain #4267
    -re-configured Quantium Voltage to IV
    -removed unnescarry ,new Object[0] for varargs methods
    -#4474 gating item, updated pack version and added gendustry bees removal warning
    -fix t8 rocket plates
    -added Abandoned GregTechPlusPlus Aspects
    -will hopefully doesnt cause corruption when loaded up
    -Re-enabled Naquadah Generators at IV
    -changed recipe time and minimal heat requirements for enriched Naquadah
    -Awakened Draconium Coil #4647 temperature fix

    -Create zh_CN.lang
    -[ImgBot] Optimize images
    -fully implemented Speiger's Crop Plugin
    -removed (some) duplicate code
    -added debug command
    -fixed magic metal berry
    -added thauminite as supported metal due to request
    -added vanilla Bonsai
    -added HumidityBonus/Malus
    -fixed scala dependency

    Electro Magic Tools
    -Refractored Code
    -fixed Solar crash

    -added a null check
    -changed crop logic a bit
    -if crop havest is not possible at the optimal state, just harvest, ffs.
    -remove redstone flux not working api
    -change api adress and path
    -added recipe

    -Trinium can't be obtained in the Tier below the T4 rocket #4221
    -Disabled all Dimethylhydrazine recipes.
    -Removed them in favour of the GT++ recipes which are harder.
    -Cherry pick multiamp dynamo support for multiblock generators.
    -Removed local explosion checks from large turbine and plasma turbine.
    -Large turbs now support buffered 4A dynamos.
    -salt bees equal to lithium bees #4285
    -Impossible to craft Fusion Reactor MK1 #4276
    -[suggestion] add a recyling recipe for brick stairs #4274
    -Rutile processing magnesium dupe #4260
    -Mining plascrete blocks #3998
    -change name sparkling
    -Problems with bee comb ore quadrupling recipes #4253
    -all ev and iv combs have now chemical recipes
    -Suggestion: Buff Platinum Group Sludge #4241
    -add more comb recipes for Casseterite Sand
    -Titanium ore nerf #3647
    -Increase small titanium ores, change spawn range #4289
    -Superconductor UV Wire wrong recipe #4224
    -Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
    -GT tool fix
    -enable GT Tools to mine any block without tool requirements (dirt i.e.)
    -Make use of scanner recipe map since i also inject my own recipes...
    -refractored code,
    -restored compability to vanilla ore gen,
    -moved GC and Forrestry code to own classes to prevent crashes inDev
    -implemented equals and hashcode on NearbySeeds class
    -added an information line to the Implosion Compressor tooltip
    -Refined last commit
    -re-added unused, Deprecated constructors
    -re-added unused vars
    -treat empty string as null for GT_Tool_*.isMinableBlock
    -allowed to mine any block that doesnt require a tool with GT tools at Hand mining speed
    -rerouted forestry modid to the config value to prevent typos
    -recipy change voltage coil HV,IV #4375
    -redid fake OD
    -removed coal from god of thunder crop
    -beautified code for readability
    -fixed NBT dependant Recipes
    -duct taped import of circuits in assemblers
    -adjusted recipe map sizes
    -redid Item&Fluid Hatches
    -removed rests of UndergroundBiomes & ImmersiveEngineering support
    -added oilsands recipe
    -might fix #3913 and #4421
    -Change gates for Magic Energy Converters. #4324
    -UHV Motor is uncraftable #4350
    -[RFC] New Rocket Recipes #4409
    -shortened sc cooling times
    -ductape fix for fusion reactor
    -cleaned up code
    -Duplicate Alumite tools #4231
    -Fix exploitive hydrogen loophole #4348
    -add missing circuits to ProcessingCircuits
    -added 0lafs changes
    -make higher tier superconductors give out less wires per recipe
    -removed nitrogen/helium cells from superconductor recipes
    -added helium as fuid for superconductor recipes
    -halfed the amount of pumps for superconductors
    -Added HP Solar Steam Boiler
    -added recipe
    -removed unnessecary ", new Object[0]" for vargars methodes
    -UEV Motor uncraftable #4601
    -complain about null inputs
    -adjusted HP solar boiler to match the tooltip
    -re-added solar GUI

    Gt Nei ore plugin
    - updated Java 7 -> 8
    -Buffered Input from cfg
    -refractor, code improvements
    -small ores completely working
    -added tooltip
    -added logger
    -added ic2 to gradle
    -updated gradle deps
    -restored base gt compability
    -small ore csv (untested)

    GT Scanner Mod
    -refractored code
    -added bartworks integration
    -added automatic dev and dev-debug build to build grandle

    -redid logic to work propperly with any type of material as input
    -refractored code (a bit)
    -fixed GUI
    -restricted the wand to OW, Nether and TF (configurable)
    -removed damage bar from Item
    -added build wrapper
    -make ifu buildable with the dev version we add on GTNH webpage

    Loot Games
    -Single line that prevented people from completing Stage 4
    -Corrected some confusing messages sent to players

    Not Enough Items
    -Prevent random crashes. No idea why this happens, but deal with it gracefully.
    -(Probably) Stop the ic2 invalid damage application messages.
    -Update gradle wrapper
    -bump version and specify gtnh in filename

    Tec Tech
    -Added recipes for Energy hatches 4A-64A IV/LUV/ZPM
    -Change recipe of Biomainframe (#15)
    -The recipe became more logic.
    -ResearchStation,ObjectHolder and QuantumComputer recipes can only use CrystalProcessorMainframe #4361 (#16)
    -Realy Ultimate Battery Recipe issue #4604
    -[Recipes] Assembly line need few changes. #4636
    -Fix Researchable scanning issue

    Thaumic Horizons
    -several fixes
    -fixed safe handler
    -fixed aspect fraction of the safe handler
    -re-made it buildable for gradlew
    -updated gitignore
    -fixed internal stuff
    -hopefully fixed server crashes
    -added propper dim retrun
    -fixed cloud client crash
    -improved miner Math issues with pocket plane dim
    -added "dustBlock" as default block for pocket planes
    -fixed fps issues by removing clouds from pocket plane dim
    -fixed another NPE

    Universal Singularities
    -name change to make Phosphorus Block working again

    Warp Theory
    -Fixed warptheory error message
    -Always allows usage of command on server

    Witching Gadgets
    -added a catch to the duplication aswell
    -fixed an ArrayOutOfBounds Execption
    -OutOfBounds Execption pt2
    -removed GT++ harddep for softdep

    Config changes:

    -add bartworks cfg

    -Updating Botany glass to be pure clear glass, no dumb border.

    Core Mod
    -update displayed version
    -update pack version

    Custom Main Menu
    -Update Main menu from GTNH

    Enhanced Lootbags
    -Reward bags are absolute trash: EV suggestions #4268
    -Reward bag suggestions #4257
    -Added a bunch more proper loot to the Advanced bag.
    -Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests.
    -Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
    -Fix to IC2 lootbag.

    -add deep iron small ores to mecury

    -enable item rendering in hand. Duct tape fix

    Holo Inventory
    -Due to user demand, ban drawer controller from holoinventory

    InGame Info XML
    -add ingameinfo xml and configs

    Open Modular Turrets
    -Initial Changes to turrets (more damage)

    -Update server list #4479

    Thaumic Horizons
    -enabled pocket plane
    -tested on zeta w/o complications so far

    Witching Gadgets
    -Ichorium nugget duplication in Witching Gadgets #4240

    Script changes:

    -AE2 Cutting Knifes #4264

    -Make UHV circuit correspond to ore dict
    -UHV circuit of Neutron Collector and Neutron Compressor Recipe corresponds to the ore dictionary

    Biome O Plenty
    -Calcite Synthesis #4228

    -Bauxia crop doesn't recognize TiCo Aluminum Block. #4227

    -update EMT script
    -fixed damage problems with EMT Recipes
    -now accept any damage value

    -Minor issue: Unrefined Desh -> Desh Ingot (Furnace recipe) #4286

    -remove old gendustry combs out of the recipes

    -remove handcraft recipes from Niobtitanium and tungstencarbide

    -remove max tier cheaty recipe for machine parts
    -Chest loot #4251

    -Fix Blast Furnace Convert Glass

    Pams Harvest Craft
    -Butchery knife duplication #4234

    SG Craft
    -IC2 SGPU crashes client when attempting to leave its interface #4254

    Tinkers Construct
    -Obsidian dusts don't smelt in the smeltery #4277

    Twilight Forest
    -Steeleaf issues. #4265

    Quests changes:

    -Added large gas turbine quest, fluid regulator quest, fluorine coins quest.
    -Fixed up info on rotors in boilers and steam turbine quests.
    -Fixed butcher knife quest to accept any knife.
    -Fixed alumite ingot quest to oredict.
    -Thorium Reactor Quest #4259
    -BM quest #4250
    -Change block needed for Pyrolusium crop. #4244
    -O like Oxygen Quest Rewrite
    - Slightly rewrote quest text to better direct player toward recipe that creates 2000 L Oxygen
    from 1 Cassiterite Sand, as well as some minor reworking of the rest of the quest text.
    -Added oxygen from sugar to quest text per request
    -#4400 Minor quest fixes complete.
    -$4342: Quest added for Soul Brazier to help players manage permanent warp.
    -Quest fixes and additiona. #4911 #4323 #2358 #4216 #4342 #4320 #4232 #4169 #4245 #4298 $4198
    -Quest fixes. #4337, #4194, #4157, #4109, #2599, #4124, #4117, #4113, #4076, #4091, #4078, #3683, #4349, #3603, #3505, #2926, #2880
    -#3042, #4247, #4319, first pass of #2663.
    -Fixes for crop quests from bedrill, created Botany quests for #2663
    -Next part of #2663.
    -#3647 redo gating for fluid quests. #4404
    -Quests #3996 #3654 #4426 #4327 #4392 #3282 #3503
    -#3503 warning added for Doomsquirter.
    -First pass at TecTech quests, skeleton for Steve's Factory Manager quests.
    -#4227, #4281, #4437, #3604
    -Most of #4424 complete. #4448 #4449 #4447 #4441
    -#4451, #4454, #4455
    -#3851 #4133 #4459 #4465 #4468 #4473
    -#4478, Started #4500 & #3626, general quest cleanup and maintenance.
    -Minor quest changes. Added SAG mill grinding head quest.
    -#4500, adventure backpacks, bee stuff, #4373
    -Remove concrete bug mention.
    -#3626, mostly finished with #4373
    -Quests. Spray can, adventure backpacks, #4530 #4526 #4521 #4488
    -#4373 #4407 #4542 #4555 #4551
    -Trying out new bee quests, setup bee template quest for copying
    -Bee breeding quests megaupdate
    -Added a bunch of magical branch bees, at least enough to get to empowering.
    -Didn't make it thaumic shards and salis mundus
    -Added side effects for shard bees
    -Added more magical bee lines, including draconic and wither bees.
    -Fixed problem with quest unlocks. Added excited and cultivated.
    -Added info on Botany pigmented glass not being fireproof.
    -Fix Celebratory
    -Converted Bee Breeding quests to use Bees Advanced lootbags.
    -Added quest for Acid Generator after Redstone centrifuging. Fixed Slice and Splice rewards.
    -Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests. Needs a recipe to convert standard to fortuned bag.
    -Spread out ic2 crops quests
    -Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
    -Change Gendustry quests to use proper expert bag. Change alveary quests back to using Bee Advanced.
    -Moved upiering bee adv -> bee expert to unlocking the Genetics Sampler/Mutatron or Industrial Apiary
    -Fixed Enderio Crafter reward bag.
    -Quickfix for Endless Evolution, change from 1:1 to 1:4 due to player concerns.
    -Change DE cores to 4 ichor ingots, reward 16 cores. Clean up LV window.
    -Minor quest fixes. Changed DE quest back to 16 cores, but instead of 16 ichor changed to 4.
    -Final quest update for
    -Update for Chinese translator.
    -Minor quest fixes from Translation, #4643 #4642 #4641
    -fix diamond hammer quest
    -Minor fixes. Quest fixes for translator. Fix to IC2 lootbag.
    -Updated with more bee breeding quests, translation cleanup.
    -update Quest files us lang

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version --- 08.03.2019

    New Mods:

    Controlling 1.0.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    Avaritia 1.15
    Bartworks 0.3.22
    Core Mod 1.6.10
    Crops++ 1.3.2
    Crop Load Core 0.1.3
    GT Tweaker 1.7.1
    IC2 Nei Plugin 1.2.2
    Loot Games 1.0.17
    SpecialMobs 3.3.2
    Tec Tech 3.6.10
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9i-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Added Radox + Bartworks
    -changed forge's maven to overminddl1's maven
    -should also host IC2 etc.
    -added recipes:
    -add second input slot to cutting saw
    -DEV ProjectRed Suggestion #4166
    -GregTech Wrong Circuits in Recepten LuV,ZPM,UV #4128
    -Change ore mix of pure Ti/Cromite to Imlenite/Cromite
    -Change ore mix of bauxite/bauxite to bauxite/ilmenite
    -Change recipe of Magnesium chlorine + sodium to give back 9 small magnesium dusts
    -Change the ebf recipe of titanium to require EV in the ebf instead of HV
    -Change the recipe of Tungstensteel/Tungsten to require EV in the ebf as well
    -Change the recipe of HSS-G coils to require 144L tungstensteel instead of tungsten and take 7680eu/t in the assembler
    -Change the recipe of naquadah coils to require 144L HSS-G instead of tungstensteel
    -Change recipe of Naquadah coils to require 30720 eu/t,
    -Change recipe of naquadah alloy coils to use 122880 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of fluxed electrum coils to use 500000 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of Awakened drac coils to use 2000000 eu/t in the assembler
    -changed high tier material ebf temp to 9,9K and 10,8K
    -rockets now better tiered t1-8 1=HV 2=EV 3=IV and so on
    -Add login message handler

    -Add new Garnet based crop PNGs.
    -added moron's garnydinia
    -added the lens
    -refractored the code and removed Opererators from CropLoadCore
    -fixed GarnydniaCrop crashing NEI-plugin
    -removed wronly implemented getCropInformation()
    -added documentation to Speigers ICropCardInfo
    -removed comments
    -fixed localizer cppLense

    -removeal of Axe for base entites
    -streamlined single block NaquadahReactor
    -fixed basegenerator for naquadagen
    -redid the naquadah override to an universal solid fuel function
    -Add fortune bonuses to miner and multiblock miner.
    -Fix for pipes left with 1L when splitting.
    -Add alumite material and generate GT tools.
    -fix(magical energy absorber): crash in scanAvailableAspects
    -Adds null checks and bound check when getting aspects list from an aspects container (jar or addon euquivallent)
    -add a second intput slots to the cutting saw to add a circuit
    -add nei support for the second cutter input slot
    -Wooden pipe recipe #4187
    -[suggestion] additional gt decorative plates #4185
    -restored compability & removed duplicates
    -added more adding methodes to the cutting machine
    -Construction Foam plate #4175
    -HOG (high octane gasoline) buff [RFC] #4168
    -LV Energy Hatch Recipe Suggestion DEV #4159
    -Grammar/Spelling in Achievement #4141
    -Achievement Misspelled #4139
    -As a tic/gt material to use the Ichorium #4130
    -New coil rebalance (1200K+) #4126
    -Change ore mix of pure Ti/Cromite to Imlenite/Cromite
    -Change ore mix of bauxite/bauxite to bauxite/ilmenite
    -Change recipe of Magnesium chlorine + sodium to give back 9 small magnesium dusts
    -Change the ebf recipe of titanium to require EV in the ebf instead of HV
    -Change the recipe of Tungstensteel/Tungsten to require EV in the ebf as well
    -Change the recipe of HSS-G coils to require 144L tungstensteel instead of tungsten and take 7680eu/t in the assembler
    -Change the recipe of naquadah coils to require 144L HSS-G instead of tungstensteel
    -Change recipe of Naquadah coils to require 30720 eu/t,
    -Change recipe of naquadah alloy coils to use 122880 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of fluxed electrum coils to use 500000 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of Awakened drac coils to use 2000000 eu/t in the assembler
    -T2 and T3 Rockets now tiered to EV/IV
    -tiered t3 rockets to iridium(IV). Mars stone ia s iridium source
    -rockets now tiered t4-8
    -Muffler Hatch (MV) Recipe Incorrect #4207
    -Faster saplings -> wood pulp #4210

    GT Tweaker
    -two input sawcutter support for GTNH

    Loot Games
    -Stop worldgen for entrance if block to be replaced is non-solid

    Special Mobs
    -Just used a generic damage source, as opposed to an indirect one.

    Tec Tech
    -Really Ultimate Battery recipes is lack #4204

    Witching Gadgets
    -remove gallium and add ichorium to black list

    Config changes:

    -Ganymed have now samll osmium

    Recipe changes:

    -Gregtech Stone Chisel Compatibility
    -Left Abyssal Stone in the Black Granite group instead of moving it to the Basalt Group by popular demand.

    Storage Drawers
    -add storage drawers to assembler thanks to Drags Team

    Quests changes:

    -Quest ID 1637 Storing the Fluids (ProjectRed) Retrieval Task Change #4181
    -Too many items required? Quest 1814 #4170
    -add new healing axe buying quest
    -Quests 1782-1786 cannot be competed #4190
    -MV Solar quest ingredients - wrong wire flavour. #4123
    -issue regarding fired clay water buckets and cauldrons #4160
    -Impossible quest in Witchry #4155
    -Quest 84 Where can I put all the liquids doesn't actually craft a tank #4153
    -Coins Quest 1044 - Iron (III) Chloride #4151
    -Fix HV and MV miner quests, have incorrect EU/tic #4150
    -Adjust butcher knife quest so it accepts any butcher knife, not just iron #4147
    -Quest 755: Better Than Duct Tape Recommendation #4142
    -Change tungstensteel unlock quest #4138
    -Quest ID 553 Diesel Fuel #4193
    -update quest book for new ti changes and ebf changes
    -fix ichorium ingots
    -Marble cobble should not be part of Nickel quest #4209

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 17.02.2019

    New Mods

    Bartworks 0.3.21

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.6.07
    IFU 1.5
    Open Computers
    Open Security 1.0.117
    Special Mobs 3.3.1
    Tec Tech 3.3.9
    Waila Plugins 0.2.1
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9h

    Mod Changes:

    -Name fix for Raw Casing/Cell
    -Russification new sentences for EMT
    -small graphical update (tooltips adjusted) to provide clearance
    -made tooltips on EMT solars coherent
    -added the real output power of the Essentia Gens to the tooltip
    -updated the de_DE.lang

    -Did block blacklisting smarter so it uses less server load.

    -move neutronium ebf to max tier
    -Helium from Aurora Blocks [Suggestion] #3929
    -mica insulator in awakened coil to 40
    -IV Mainframe recipe is wrong. #3924
    -add new Item Raw Neutronium for Neutronium Process.
    -renerf quantium ebf recipe
    -change circuit to 11 because it use a fluid/gas (neutronium)
    -Suggestion: Modify SMD Diodes #3945
    -GT Block of Cobalt can't be crafted #3888
    -Magnalium Recipe Bug #3946
    -Brick dust recipe change #3868
    -Thick Neutron Reflector wrong recipe(It don't show on NEI) #3962
    -change resistance from Reinforced Blocks be similar to gt change harvet level as well
    -fixed Venus Blocks OreDict Issure
    -added blockOlivine as blockPeridot in OreDict
    -Endium Blocks cannot be broken back down into ingots #3957
    -Hazelnut Wood not working to make heavy oil in pyrolyse oven #3956
    -change Neutronium Mixer recipe to zpm
    -add uhv cutting machine recipes for power ics
    -add fusion mk 4 recipes to core mod
    -removed unused bat file

    -Fix flask crash on server
    -More Osmiridium Wires per recipe,
    -Lower Osmiridium and Europium wires in Motors
    -Adjust a few Fusion recipes
    -remove europium from pure generation on Planets
    -Add simple mass overrides for replicator
    -reactor coolant change
    -[2062]assembling machine energy-dynamo hatch mistake #3907
    -Deep iron can still be smelted #3900
    -Clear glass recipe inconsistencies #3895
    -redid small boiler logic, added blocks, added diamond
    -rescaled burn value of coal coke to 3200 instead of 6400 in small boilers
    -added everything burnable else
    - that is not in a bucket or cell (No Fluids)
    - has at least 2000 burntime (No Wood/Saplings)
    -[] Phatlic Acid recipe consumes second cell #3938
    -fix lce 9x output
    -add wiremill recipe for Fine Wire Americium recipe
    -Input grid in 9-input assembler is not centered to items #3865
    -change hardness from the Reinforce Blocks to be core mod equivalent
    -add missing Core mod reinforced blocks to gt
    -restore compability for mods (superconductor wires)
    -reroute Superconductor to SuperconductorUHV and mark Superconductor as Deprecated
    -also fixes a possible NPE in dev enviroments
    -MV lathe requires industrial diamond? #3980
    -No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961
    -Changed Crops
    -Buffed Lemon crossbreed chance to a reasonable rate
    -Buffed Oil Output from Rape since IC2 crops cant be sprinklered like Pam's
    -Buffed CompressedPlantball recipes to use less Crop Drops since they are rarer than other stuff
    -Buffed Milkwart to always produce a dust instead of a small dust in the extractor, this reflects the chanche of the Fluid Extractor recipe
    -adding the liquid fuel back for campatibility reasons (GT++)
    -Change fuel requirements
    -Increase stone chances. Increased small ore for silver, realgar, zinc. Decreased density of some oreveins. Increased orevein percentage to 100%
    -Fix problem with genertor leaving 1L and IC2 universal fluid cells providing random EU.
    -Re-enable filling containers from generators.
    -Lower densities for rest of ores.
    -Fix for oreveins not always taking on color of surround GT stones.
    -oreveins were being placed first, changed to now place GT stones first.
    -Increased GT stone changes again. Added feature that GT stones will now replaced hardened stained clay and cobblestone in the worldgen. -This will allow small ores and potentially oreveins to be seen higher up in mountains and in canyon biomes.
    -Add support for placer ores, including config options for enable/disable and density.
    -Increase orevein height to 9 layers. Give small ores a free 1 fortune boost to compensate for lower orevein densities.
    -Fix copper tin orevein to be 80-200, not 180-200. Minor orevein optimization.
    -Add more messages during startup so players know things are working.
    -change Neutronium comb recipe use more eu/t now
    -changed processing time and tier for cosmic neutronium, infinity catalyst and infinity
    -add materials Curium, Californium and Flerovium
    -add new fusion recipes mk 4
    -fixed NPE related to custom materials, might break their language support.
    -restored compability for the Driller Base
    -Update assemby line info in nei for scanner recipes

    Special Mobs:
    -Fixed internal MCP code usage.
    -Pain will now trigger death events properly.

    Tec Tech
    -fixed ur thing (#12)
    -moved gtnh circuits in if clause and disabled non-existant circuit
    -Update GT_MetaTileEntity_Hatch_Rack.java
    -change Nano circuit recipe

    Witching Gadgets:
    -add more Materials to Blacklist

    Recipe changes:

    -replaced dremcraft and ic2 item casing by gt (in bq and script)
    -Solar Pannel nerf

    Bio o Plenty:
    -Bamboo (Sticks replacement) have no burnvalue #3978

    Clear glass recipe inconsistencies #3895

    Core Mod:
    -Fix Neutron Reflector Parts
    -No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961

    Extra Utilities:
    Fix can't craft Bedrock Drum Because don't use the ore dictionary,can't make Bedrock drum

    -added mortar recipes for cooked/uncooked minced meat - issue 4039

    -Add recipes for disabled Harvestcraft cooking tools #3878

    -Can not craft the OC:CHARGER in #4067

    Magic Bees:
    -Thaumcraft's research Magic Bees's frames introduction #3939

    Project Red:
    -Indigo dye needs Blue Illuminar recipe #3896

    -Assembler recipes needed for HS booster and HS transition track #3933

    Steve Carts:
    -change chest pane recipe from steve carts

    Tainted Magic:
    -tainted magic messed up after 2.7 #4030
    -fix broken Tainted magic page

    Tinker Construct:
    -add cobalt ingots and nuggets back to smeltery

    Config changes:

    -correct server properties

    Core Mod-
    No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961

    Ender IO:
    -Eener io tp is now 2 secs cooldown like the quest book said

    -add 4 item to protein vanilla porkchop, beef, chicken, fish

    -changed europium mix to uranmix
    - Updated gregtech orevein percentage to 100 in prep for changes.
    -update GT cfg

    -Updated IFU config with blacklisted blocks to prevent mineshaft/dungeon exploiting.

    Witching Gadgets:
    -update WG config

    Quests changes:

    -update translate able version to
    -Major update with new IC2 quests and PTFE quests.
    -Re-ararnged some quests to make better sense.
    -Fixed minor typos. Added super tank 2 and 3 quests.
    -Addeed some more info for newbies to understand pipes and water generation.
    -Added printer quest for Seismic Prospector.
    -Added info on steam outputs cannot be blocked.
    -Removed outdated oil cracker info.
    -Added info on more ways to get gallium and arsenic.
    -add new Quests for Bartworks thanks to @bartimaeusnek
    -correct Windmil quest (hardened clay amount)
    -add new ebf coil quests for 12k and 15k coils
    -add quest early on about mushroom islands #3932
    -Quest 1200 Plasma Generator should ask for a lower tier dynamo #3931
    -New ore mix quests #3887
    -Add Kitchenware 2.0 Quest (HV Age)
    -fix quest "Radon Decay"
    -added chinese quest file. Thanks to Kiwi
    -Cant complete the Crossbow-Bolt Quests #1154 and #1156 #3884
    -Quest ID 1156 Not Completing (iron tiped bolts) #3808
    -Add a few more Quest like Ironwood Tools and Armor or Canopy Tree quest.
    -moved redstone quest to after upgrade 2.0 so players find out about cauldron cleaning sooner and can clean redstone for their ore wand
    underground fluids quest after moon.
    -updated ic2 crops starting quest
    -Tips for monsters
    -Railcraft boiler tips
    -Backpacks config option to wear backpack
    -Bees breeding - Need purebreed bees
    -tier 0 quests for tips on dealing with infernals and other monsters
    -spectre glass for nether portals, spectre key, spectral armor
    -stairs quest
    -Openblocks fan quest
    -EBF tips
    -A bunch of new pam's foods quests
    -enderio magnet
    -Added some base tier coins quests for animal products like leather/wool/eggs
    -Added flood gate quest
    -correcting coin amounts and change some minor quest stuff
    -seismic prospector - added that it also finds ores.
    -added quest that tells you ball of moss is not shown because of thaumcraft
    -added quest talking about alternatives to aluminium gravel ore.
    -Made Alu gravel no longer required to progress Making Better Tools
    -re-arranged Quest in MV and HV
    -Add a few new Quests like PVC, Field Gen I, Power ICs and MV Motor
    -add more quest for uu mater and replication
    -quest 1078 and 1079 need to change #4031
    -Add a GT crowbar quest #4052
    -fix description of quest 1703 and correct some Chinese translations
    -update questfile (us) to lastest Questfile
    -Tetrahedrite unlock, made redstone mainline
    -made iron tipped bolts and ticon Forge tools generic
    -fix Large Bronze Boiler quest-
    -set oreberry coin rewards to 10
    -added some new coins rewards and adjusted others
    -AE System - Cables #184 reward is a T5 EV lootbag #4058
    -Add Quest: Basic Electric Oven #4054
    -Rubber armor repair recipe or quest #4049

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 13.12.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.6.04
    Nodal Mechanic 1.1.0-K
    Open Computers
    Tec Tech 3.3.8

    Mod Changes:

    -New OC recipes improvement #3157
    -Make Open Glass gt recipes #3835
    -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
    -new ebf coil recipes
    -add new ebf and vac freezer recipes for high tier stuff
    -deep iron added to ebf list and vac freezer
    -Elite Arc Furnaces only have one output slot #3863
    -missing the last one (arc funace wrong otput)
    -Coke Oven Brick Dust recipe bug #3869thanks @DualBallers
    -Add zh lang file thanks to kiwi
    -update Phosphor/Phosphorous (nedd new GT file)

    -Oil recipe fix
    -normal rubber allowed in luv pump #3834
    -UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
    -Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
    -HV energy hatches too expensive #3844
    -change color for HV coil
    -New EBF Coils 12k and 15k Electrum Flux and Awakened Draconium
    -add new temps to materials
    -change material enums a bit for new ebf coils
    -deep iron added to ebf list
    -Some mistakes in GregTech.lang #3853
    -Potassium nitrade dust recipe missing ingredients #3855
    -MV Output Bus is not possible to craft #3867
    -issue with malachite ore (nether version) #3872
    -Cannot craft Foresty Copper Electron Tubes in the GT Assembling Machine. #3871
    -add cinnabar 2nd mix thanks to kiwi
    update zh lang file for GT thanks to Kiwi
    -Also allow any number to be used while making ore dict things Better NC panel input/output format and additional book recipe (#1501)
    -Update src/main/java/gregtech/api/metatileentity/implementations/GT_MetaTileEntity_BasicBatteryBuffer.java
    -Update src/main/java/gregtech/loaders/postload/GT_MachineRecipeLoader.java
    -Add volumetric flask. (#1500)
    -Fix maintenance cover (#1496)
    -New public variable init
    -Initiated new public variable which is calculate how much damage get turbine rotor per time, its needed to compare with actual rotor durability.
    -Fix #1439 and #1456 (#1503) Fix #1439 Fix #1456
    -Fix flask gui.
    -Add disable sort option for input bus. Default behavior will stay same
    -depricate Phosphor
    -Fix flask crash on server

    Tec Tech
    -Add Object input for ass line
    -add oredict support for circuits in assline
    -UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
    -Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
    -recipe overlap assembly line slots
    -In case there is no alt field
    -Fix using bad number type in add line recipes...
    -fix material Phosphor to Phosphorus in lastest gt version

    Recipe changes:

    -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
    -fix derp. Oredict cant be input item.

    -Update Build-Craft.zs

    -start with comb oredict support

    -add all Trapdoors to AnimalTrap

    -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843

    Open Glasses
    -recipes not removed via code possible

    -Infusion recipe for Charged Silver Caps is missing #3860

    Tinkers Contruct
    -Clear glass pane EBF recipe bug #3879

    Quests changes:

    -Assembly Line NEI #3842
    -re add mil quest from DualBallas
    -[Help] Guidebook localization support. #1643
    -update Sleeping bag quest
    -Move Space Torches quest to after Rocket Fuel #3880
    -add new iron and wooden door quest Oil Sand Quest #3877
    -add lang file us for quests

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version --- 10.09.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Adventure Backpack 0.9-h10
    Core Mod 1.5.39
    Electro Magic Tools
    GTNH-TC-Wands 1.0.4
    GT Scanner Mod 1.5.3

    Mod Changes:

    -fixed cell hydration cell recipe
    -can't make cake in assembler - milk won't pipe in #3527
    -change iron3 chloride to the material in recipes
    -Added Bio CPU
    -re-added PicoCircuit and QuantumCircuit as UV and UHV Circuits, Nano Circuit is not registered as Neutronium Circuit
    -Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438
    -working on new circuits and boards
    -fix uhv superconductore wires
    -fix broken circuit recipes
    -OpenComputers - Rack doesn't craft in the assembler. #3575

    -fluid regulater adjustment is broken #3535
    -possible fix on Crash - Fluid Registry Issues - #3536
    -add texture liquidair
    -remove iron3chloride from fluid list because it is an material now. Same for Lifeessence
    -Sunnarium fusion recipe #3534
    -Un-Nerf Liquid Air #3517
    -Java does not handle integer division in the expected way when going negative. Have to use Math.floorDiv() instead.
    -Fixed Java exception when removing chunks from list.
    -added config option to allow broken recipe map for debug purposes
    -rename oil drill to oil/fluid/gas drill
    -Add more high tier circuit parts and boards + add textures
    -Correct name of Superconductor for UHV
    -More Bio Circuit parts
    -add reinforced Glass tubes + add recipes for it
    -add Crystal soc 2 recipe
    -correcting superconductors + add bio tier
    -Added new Solar Panels from UHV to UIV (no recipes yet)
    -change to new fluids for nq reactors.
    -rename all from wires to Superconductore uhv
    -remove unused materials because of Materials.java:27: error: code too large
    -Add recipe for Promethium
    -Fix Saltwater Huge thanks to @Frytes
    -fix superconductor wire color to white back
    -fix Block alloy glass
    -change solar pannels to meta generated items 03 add ass line localizer for items
    -Change Prometium Recipe
    -Pipe/Cable overhaul & Add filter output on fluid filters
    -Unified connect() method for pipes/wires - each subclass has it's own canConnect(), letsIn(), and letsOut() methods that map to the specifics for that implementation
    - Shift Clicking while placing a GT machine will now try connecting to the cable/pipe it is placed on
    -You can open a connection to the air for pipes & wires, allowing the next thing you place down to auto connect (ie: a JABBA barrel)
    -Distribute Fluids - Modeled after several of the upstream PRs
    -Fluid regulators on pipes should stop spazzing out now
    -Fluid filter covers - Now work with filtering output
    -Fix: Colored cables/pipes properly connect (or don't) to each other based on color
    -Trigger connection evaluation on painting of cables/pipes or machines
    -Trigger connection evaluation on placement of blocks -- IE: A wire/pipe open to air, and then a dirt block is placed on it - this will close the pipe/wire connection
    -Fix weirdness if only one of the gt6 pipes/cables are enabled
    -added replacement class for ALL of the Nq Gen classes....
    -Changed Nq Reactors to use the new Universal Class
    -remove unused stuff and rename fuels
    -remove core mod hard dependencies
    -fix naquadah reactor wiredness
    -Various fixes Added GT-FML-Log
    -Added an Exception if a Nq reactor without recipe map is created
    -Added the ability to add ReinforcedGlass in the CleanroomWalls (https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/issues/3584)
    -Added a config option for changing the ReinforcedGlass percentage
    -Renamed Materials2 -> GTNH_ExtraMaterials and fixed it
    -added tooltip for glass
    -cleaned up code a bit
    -GC Energy Compat
    -GT cables now properly fill GalacticCraft machines with Energy
    -IC2/AE2 Energy Compat
    -Updated IC2 & AE2 energy compatability
    -Added an option ic2EnergySourceCompat (default is on) to allow GT cables to pull energy directly from IC2 energy sources (nuclear reactors, MSFEs, etc) without the need for a transformer
    -Filling IC2/AE2 energy buffers will now send multiple amps if needed
    -Use a set instead of an arraylist for transfer electricity; deprecated backwards compatiable method left in
    -handle nulls

    GT Scanner Mod
    -Fixed issue with Electronic Prospector having issues with single-chunk scan. Upped version
    -Change from fixed colors for fixed fluids, to assigned colours using a HashMap.
    -New fluids will need to be added to the map.
    -Tweaked display so instead of trying to change the color displayed in the chunk, it now fills in the chunk indicating how much fluid is located there.
    -Fixed offset for the crosshairs vs the player's actual location.

    GTNH Wands Mod
    -Added Method to add/modiefy Wand Caps
    -Fixed Craftable Wands
    -Update ThaumcraftWands.java

    Electro Magic Tools
    -added Large Essentia Gen
    -updated Single Block Solars and Single Block Essentia Gen to use @mitchej123 fix
    -added Large Essentia Gen support Blocks
    -added Super Nice Textures thanks to @LogicFalls
    -added Essentia Hatch
    -added Essentia Filler to support the Essentia Hatch
    -changed load order of the EU map (since Avaritia registers its aspect way too late...)
    -fixed Ichorium based recipe
    -fixed a Typo in the Information String[]
    -fixed a few bugs, removed unused variables & imports
    -added a ingame book containing the fuelmap

    Config changes:

    Custom Tooltips
    -Command Blocks for Better Questing - disable 2? #3201

    -Liquid Air values too low to actually pump. Made floor and increased top end.
    -add new tier circuits infos
    -update gt cfgs

    Recipe changes:

    Electro Magic Tools
    -added Recipes for the Large Essentia Generator and support Blocks.

    -Coin Mold / Coin Shape on official Servers #3580

    Thaumic Bases
    -Tiny Suggestion - Recipe to Switch Thaumic Relocator Type #3520
    -[recipe] Making Amber(Thaumic bases) #3118

    Quests changes:

    -Tier 7, Superconductors 32768 quest requirements #3526
    -Memory card quest (#1331) is impossible to complete #3525
    -Lich bone chip for coins quest #3524
    -Synthetic Rubber (#1615) asks for wrong kind of steam cells #3518
    -Qbit Wafer and Chip (#1679) has quantity mis-match #3516
    -Glass Fiber (#1675) has quantity mis-match #3515
    -Add quests explaining underground liquids off-world #3543
    -Salt for your salty mouth quest not repeatable #3574
    -Suggestion: Remove requirements for oil in quests #3561

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 26.08.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.36
    GTNH-TC-Wands 1.0.2
    GT Scanner Mod 1.5.1
    Tec Tech 3.6.6a

    Mod Changes:

    -Comb Time and Voltage Adjustments
    -Dragon egg crafting items
    -Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438 (NAND Chips)
    -Superconductor dusts mixing fix #3440
    -nerf Nichrome to 480eu/t vac freezer and make EBf burn time longer
    -marshmallow recipe change
    -nerf bee comb time to 300. Its a compromise between 1200 and 128
    -re enable op bees. Bees get a rework anyways
    -Unable to make the Blank fuel tank for the Small fuel canister #3459
    -add 10K Coins for later use
    -Suggestion: wild carrots ore dictionary #3485
    -Suggestion: Extract fluid fire resistance potion from pam's ignis fruit #3484
    -Suggestion: Flesh Root to mincemeat #3483
    -Suggestion: Extract coconuts into coconut milk #3482
    -Suggestion: Mixer recipe for Red Alloy #3491
    -[RFC] Uses for Natura nether trees #3435
    -added Trophy recipes for dream
    -changed World Accelerator check for solars
    -Recipe to turn empty hydration cell back into normal cell #3381
    fixed cell hydration cell recipe

    -[Suggestion] Change Blood Magic Life Essence Cell recipe to use Regular cell rather than Universal Cell. #2215
    -Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438 (NAND Chips)
    -Fix for issue 3399
    -Conflicting/Unusable recipes in Large Chemical Reactor #3450
    -duct taped fix. remove gt++ recipe for cetan
    -Seismic prospectors changes:
    -Do radius in blocks. Clean up printouts. Add in chunk information for located ores.
    -Added powderbarrels to usage. Added recipes to make Adv Seismic Prospectors. Removed recipes for the old ones.
    -boronsilicate fix mixer recipe
    -fix dimethylbenzen derp
    -Fixed Mufflers and Large Boiler Fuels. (#1319)
    -Adding new Textures for GT Coils Textures by @LogicFalls
    -fixed GT Teleporter
    -improofed readability a bit (in dependencies in GT_Mod & GT_MetaTileEntity_Teleporter)
    -alkalus' fix to improve performance on the typefilter...
    -Change to use an ObjMap
    -Missing LCR recipe for CrO2 + O -> CrO3 #3510

    GT Scanner Mod
    -Fixed basic prospector behavior.
    -Changed to display summary of ores found and distance from player.
    -Adjusted range down overall. Increased success chance slightly.
    -Increased durability
    -added simple scanners
    -added UHV Electric Prospector's Scanner
    -removed unnecessary classes
    -disabled debug build

    Tec Tech
    -Push some collider work and change plasma nerf behaviour
    -Change fusion behaviour a bit

    Config changes:

    AE+AE2 Stuff
    -add oredict to inscriber for dia and gold plates

    -Bee adjustments and OCD cleanup

    -added fluids to planets (charon not exists)

    Loot Bags
    -New lootbags and balanced the old ones #3469
    -LuV Quest merge #3471

    Tinkers Construct
    -Stone Duplication With Fortune / Auto-Smelt #3497

    Server dat
    -Add Wabulabudaba russian gtnh server

    -Missing Plasma #3427

    Recipe changes:

    AE+AE2 Stuff
    -Add Inscriber recipe #3477
    -Wireless Setup Kit #3441

    Extra Utilities
    -Quarry use now Europium Plate. Approved bei 0lafe

    -Idea - Decending Name GenDustry Comb Ore Directory Names. #3509

    Iron Chest
    -recipe conflict world anchor #3475

    Loot Bags
    -LuV Quest merge #3471

    Project Red
    -Have Null routing chips use vacuum tubes instead of LV circuits, up output #3407

    Quests changes:

    -Suggestion Portable Quest #3493
    -fix kill enderman quest
    -[RFC] Uses for Natura nether trees #3435
    -fix a few quest rewards
    -Fixed a bunch of issues from tickets. Added redwheat, tin pipes, brass pipes(restricted pipes too)
    -farming station, large combustion engine quests
    -Quest Error Brew of Love #3488
    -Cleaned up quests. Added new SpaceSuit quests for Venus PPE.
    -update fusion quests lootbags
    -Rotor and watermill quest outdated/incorrect #3406
    -Quest #1495 #3197
    -Making gallium easier to get #3455
    -Add Mineral Sands to the Orefinder purchase quest #3463
    -Suggestion: Make the feather duct-taped wings quest optional #3466
    -Move seeds quest from behind mattock? #3476
    -More Space race quests (tier 5 Rockets)
    -more circuit quests and stuff Luv/ZPM/UV
    -LuV Quest merge #3471 Add polybenzimidazole quests
    -Manualy merge 0lafes Quests. Add a few more (IV so far) LuV follow later
    -Add Synthetic rubber quests
    -Updated seismic prospector quest to new advanced seismic prospector and added more information.
    -more quests like chemical dehydrator and nickel quest
    -marshmallow quest added
    -Update/move basic prospector quest #3456
    -duct taped fix. remove gt++ recipe for cetan
    -Nuclear reactor quests #3443
    -Suggestion: Alternate Radon Quest #3449
    -update coins coins Quests by 0lafe
    -The big fluffy crybaby quest 905 #3437
    -Dragon egg #1499
    -Completed Quest Inaccessible #3436
    -Check unlock for Empty Epoxid Board, in EV #3426
    -Quests #3511
    -Fix hv food quest

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 08.08.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Crops++ 1.3.1a

    Mod Changes:

    -fixes Visual issures with Waterlilly
    -added buildversion to build.properties

    Quests changes:

    -add a better reward for iron/steel armor #3422
    -Large Aluminium Cells needs to be moved to after MV #3421
    -Hand pump quests (2x) need to be set to consume resources #3418
    -Review Multi Block goals and mark quests as main that need to be mainline #3416

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 06.08.2018

    New Mods

    findit 1.0.1

    Mod Upgrade:

    Adventurebackpack 0.9-h9

    Better Questing 1.0.173e

    Core Mod 1.5.33

    Crops++ 1.3.1

    Electro Magic Tools

    Extra Cells 2.3.14bNIGHTLY

    Galactic Greg 0.9.9



    RF Expansion 1.0.13a

    Standard Expansion 1.0.108b

    Tec Tech 3.6.6

    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9g-GTNH

    Mod Changes:


    -added cropGeneExtractor

    -added cropReplicator

    -added cropSynthesiser

    -add water lily textures

    -added WiP Weedpicker

    -added WaterlillyCrop

    -added debugweedmaker

    -smaller code fixes

    -removed fluid canner recipe

    Electro Magic Tools

    -fixed weird behavior of GUIs due to short Overflows

    -fixed Aqua Infused Gen not working underwater

    -did some changes to the reflected gens, still don't work.

    Extra Cells

    -Fix #398 - OreDictionaryExportBus not working with craftable items

    Galactic Greg

    -added support for small ores in space

    Witching Gadgets:

    -fixes and some more items

    -fixed renderer issures on terraformer

    -added River, Ocean, End terraformer focus

    -started on vorpal sword


    -Usage for PBI #3179

    -OC recipes: memory planks autocrafting "economy" #3185

    -OC recipes: Cards are not craftable #3184

    -OC recipes: Server (T3), screen (T3) #3183

    -remove config 0 circuits

    -OC IV circuits not have variants

    -[Recipe] Solar Panel (Super Solar Panel) #3114

    -move fish oil recipes to the core mod

    -nei shows wrong recipe for thick neutron reflector #3207

    -World Anchor Uncraftable #3235

    -exchange recipe tier for personal and passive anchors

    -IC2 Personal Safe lacks assembler recipe #3264

    -Add Quantium Pipes for super fast new uhv conveyor belts.

    -[RFC] GT Solar Panels to strong #3232

    -Add UHV forming press for Uv Solar pannel ingredients

    -Circuit Downcrafting Exploit #3289

    -Typo in item "casting form (large pipe shape) 5994" doesnt have R in large #3285

    -added floppys w NBT for OC

    -tweaked GT_CraftingRecipeLoader to use the private fields instead of 4 Args in call

    -added Lua Bios EEPROM

    -increase ore washer tank

    -Update GT_MetaTileEntity_WorldAccelerator.java

    -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261

    -fix wrong obsidian recipe

    -Regular Coke Oven Bricks #3346

    -Fix to support disabling MACHINE_METAL tinting on machines.

    -Add new coins for Dream World in Witchery

    -Glowstone dust from biome's plants is unusable (has meta 32767) #3370

    -remove all wildcard values and replace it by meta 0


    -Gated PBI at LuV

    -Make the pre production more expensive start from MV, HV, EV, IV Level

    -Usage for PBI #3179

    -move fish oil recipes to the core mod

    -add new space certus Quartz oremix (need a Nether reset)

    -pulled small ores into code

    -removed config for custom ores

    -removed immensive engineering support

    -removed magneticraft support

    -removed PFAAGeologica support

    -added small ores for GaGreg

    -fixes #3226 via

    -added some Main Branch PRs




    -tiny pile sulfur + raw rubber = rubber #3267

    -Suggestion: add small certus quartz ores #3250

    -UHV piston use wrong motor tier #3242

    -bedrockium wires don't have wiremill recipes #3241

    -Configurable max stacks for conveyors

    -Update tooltips for conveyor modules

    -Light and Heavy Fuel Burn Values #3115 (320 to 305K)

    -reverted Blood-Asp#1468 due to buggy behavior with ore grinding

    -Look for air instead of tile.air.

    -[Suggestion] Change Circuit Assembler "processing" GUI to avoid confusion with Assembler #3274

    -increase ore washer tank

    -Railcraft Crowbar Recipe Issue #3333

    -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261

    -fix wrong obsidian recipe

    -Jade should be added to the Twilight Forest. #3345

    -Universal Fluid Cells Wont Empty #3342

    -Revert changes for machine metal support, using different method now via coremod to enable disable.

    -change shards ore texture thanks to @LogicFalls

    -name fixing Iron3Chloride

    -Name tag assembler recipe #3351

    -cleanroom not working in LV #3355

    -Increase Large Combustion Engine pollution 50%.

    Tec Tech

    -Init work on collider

    -Fix dyes (#11) Remove writes to GT Dyes enum because it caues problems with trying to remove MACHINE_METAL tinting.

    Config changes:

    Anger Mod

    -angermobs and vampirism #3290

    Core Mod

    -Passive chunkloading incorrect info #3253


    -non gendustry bees are op #3347

    -osmium queen #3339

    -Fences are uncraftable with non vanilla wood planks #3304


    -Updated and fixed some stuff in Gendustry lang.

    -Gendustry log warns


    -Update GraviSuite.cfg


    -Jade should be added to the Twilight Forest. #3345

    -Suggestion: add small certus quartz ores #3250

    -shruken filesize

    -added custom veins as named veins

    -Add planets to the space quartz mix


    -High Pressure Coal Boiler vs Advanced LV Boiler #3371

    Open Coputers

    -Opencomputers OS #3310

    -Various OpenOS items are uncraftable #3312

    Special Mobs

    -witchery doesn't recognize special mobs blazes which causes problems #3214

    Recipe changes:

    Twilight Forest

    -Add Thaumcraft aspect for Twilight Forest stuff #3236

    Carpenters Blocks

    -fix recipe carpenters safe

    Core Mod

    -[RFC] GT Solar Panels to strong #3232

    Ender IO

    -[suggestion] move ender IO farming station to early HV #3199

    Electro Magic Tools

    -Nano goggles infusion refuses to start #3262


    -Fixed a couple of errors and added the max values if one was set.


    -Frequency module is uncraftable #3314


    -combs aren't properly accepted in voltage type filters #3358


    -Quantum solar panel can't be crafted back to GT EV solar panel #3257


    -Mutation frame too OP for gtnh [] #323


    -OV scaner craft bug #3245

    -nei shows wrong recipe for thick neutron reflector #3207

    -Cp Foam and Concrete Bucket #3202

    Magic Bees

    -Update Magic-Bees.zs

    -Metabolic frame #3341


    -add iron and gold nuggets to saw recipe

    -shift saw in nugget recipe

    Project Red

    -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261

    -fix pr chip recipes using mv circuit

    -Added Circuit Boards from PR mod to circuit assembler

    -add routec junction pipes to assembler

    Super Solar Pannels

    -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261


    -nerf magic mirror

    -Update Thaumcraft-05-Golemancy.zs

    -Salis mundis duplication not working #1116

    -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261

    -fix pr chip recipes using mv circuit

    -fix aspects

    Tinkers Construct

    -make unused pattern to wood pulp

    Quests changes:

    -Move Gas turbine quest so it is obvious it is an alternative to diesel. Add information that pollution is 50% less with gas vs diesel

    -Added Large Gas Turbine, Trading Station, and Automating Power on/off quests.

    -Updated witchery and new Project Red quests.

    -change coins in quests a bit

    -First half of witchery quests cleaned up.

    -New quests added for: vacuum hopper, XP shower, carbon crossbow limb, replacement hand pump, cleaver + wiither skulls, salt coins, witch gear, wtich books.

    -Part one redesing Robot arms emitter and sensors need a change

    -Part two redesing Robot arms emitter and sensors changes

    -Coins Coins Coins repatable Quests make the game to easy. #3189

    -New Tab ProjectRed quests

    -add more witchery quests

    -fix a few more witchery quests (coin balance)

    -Added new IC2 quests. Added node upgrade quest for World Interaction Upgrade. Fixed some quest issues.

    -reduntant quest pre-requisites, smd component, central processor, advanced circuit assembler #3356

    -remove mv steam turbine from hv starter quest

    -Add Horse spawn eggs to Saddle Quest

    -[Quest #1299] Cant detect Dense energy cell #3344

    -add handpump quest

    -Early game storage (pre-AE) #3277

    -Flew to Ceres - can't loot or break the landing balloon #3300

    -Reconfigure HV Macerator quest requirements to MV macerator quest #3334

    -General Quest Fixes/Typos #3321

    -Frequency module is uncraftable #3314

    -Pitchblende quest demands red Uranium 238 Ore #3318

    -Move Tetrahedrite quest from Steam to LVf #3305

    -make advanced ores for the wand as checkbox quest with no reward.

    -Make rutile quests optional-Titan Ore balancing #3278

    -Rutile is main quest but a or quest. So you can go the rutile or bauxite way

    -add more coins to quest

    -Alvearies (How to be(e)) incorrect amounts (low priority) #3291

    -Contains changes from WarlordWossman for 4 additional Stevescarts quests.

    -[RFC] GT Solar Panels to strong #3232

    -Ore Wand Quest #3271

    -[Quest 803] Wrong circuit for quantum armor #3273

    -[Quest 1531] Wrong data stick for rocket #3272

    -[Sugguestion] Seed oil quest #3269

    -Add Ore Drilling Plant quests #3244

    -BBF quest has wrong clay number #3248

    -Incompatible Blaze Powder types #3252

    -Passive chunkloading incorrect info #3253

    -Suggestion: copper wand caps in adept thaum instead of iron #3260

    -Wrough iron quest #3221

    -Basic circuit assembler quest in an odd place #3224

    -fiery bowstring required again in ardite crossbow body quest? #3233

    -remove �f

    -Add crosbow to the quest

    -Mention crop calculator in questbook #3225

    -add more quests. Weed Ex Crop Matron

    -Crossbow quests #3209

    -Sifter quest too generous #3215

    -change Solar Quests to new recipes

    -[Quest] Remove ore requirement from Magnalium quest #3187

    -Stone age quest tab improvements #3191

    -Change dolly and glider quests to just retrieve the item #3178

    -"Cough Cough - Something needs to be done about the smell" quest #3180

    -Space Race Quest Fixes [Minor] #3181

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 23.06.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.29
    IFU 1.2
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9e-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    Witching Gadgets:
    -added Coal Sifter boost
    -fixed Oilsands

    -change Solar Pannels eu need
    -Move passive anchor to Steam-level, personal anchor to LV #3135
    -Small fuel canister get new recipe
    -OC recipes changed: inventory upgrade inventory controller and transposer

    -add liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen as material
    -change liquid air recipe
    -fix for Assline books
    -fixed SMP Assembly Line book issures.
    -fixed minor sorting issure
    -fixed Multiple items on one page
    -added GT BlockOres, BlockMetals, BlockGems for Assemblyline
    -Smp assembly-line books issures (#128)
    -fix for #2152 fix for reused DataSticks keep parts of old NBTTagCompound, fixed blockores and removed one hashmap
    -Attempt to fix for #3030. Checking in on branch and doing PR so it can be reverted easily.
    -Rebalance nether veins #3155 Certus Quartz now from Y 80 to y 120
    -New feature for chestbuffers/superbuffers:Transfer size mode. Instead of matching the output inventory, this mode will only transfer fixed sizes to output invetory. Useful for input hatches to Amazon Packager or PA filled with packagers.
    -Make Fluid Filters cheaper #2448 now for LV
    -add Quarzite to Nether Quartz Vein. Change ore wight from 20 to 30 on Certus Vein
    -Forestry biomass is now less efficient in a distillation tower #3172
    -Boost coal ore output #3099 by 2 and in the Sifter

    -Updated GT jar file. Now files ores not exposed. Also finds ores using different background rock. Updated version number to 1.2.
    -Commenting out Side.CLIENT makes it work fine in SSP, but crashes the server. Uncommenting it does not crash the server, but fails to pass info on hidden ores.
    -Ore finder wand now searches on the server and passes results back to the client via the damage bar. Will now find GT ores that are not yet exposed/activated. Damage bar is now required. Searches above and below the character. Searches are done by default every 250ms. Searches ignore GT background stone types.
    -Fixed removing item and state not resetting.

    Config changes:

    -Fixed IFU.cfg.
    -remove trash from Space lootbags
    -Boost coal ore output #3099
    -Arsenic queen item name issue #3132
    -disable Ninja for mob farms

    Recipe changes:

    -Catwalk no longer has Assembler recipe #3174
    -Spikes to cheap (add Plates and one Sword

    Quests changes:

    -fix amount of coins in a few quests be main quests now.
    -Add Titanium and Tungstensteel ingot coins coins quest
    -Spellcheck on Superconductor quests. Updated ore finder quests.
    -Added Quartzite to Coins quest to find Certus quartz.
    -Main quests for Multiblock goals. Added Spectral Glass quest.
    -Added Electric Tools quest.
    -more space race loot bags as reward
    -Add new Tier 4 Space race Quests
    -Add Tinkers Modifier to Quests
    -New Quests #3173 like Spikes
    -change TF portal quest need now Torche berries
    -AE2 Quest Energy Cell cant be submitted #3047
    -Problems with 'Brewing, the Industrial way' and related quests #3122
    -Tier 1 Schematic quest #3147
    -Chad quest should not be a main one #3153
    -Crafting quest requirement for hang glider #3152
    -Made arc furnace questline main quest.
    -Added Ganymeade to dimension names. Updated wording on anchor quests. fixed spelling errors.
    -Move passive anchor to Steam-level, personal anchor to LV #3135

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 14.06.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.28
    Detrav Scanner Mod 1.5.0a
    Extra Utilities 1.2.13a
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9d-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    Witching Gadgets:
    - fixed an issure where ruby ore will be converted into useless cluster
    - fixed an issure where the config was not read propperly
    - fixed rendering issures with WG clusters
    - removed unnessecary try-catch block
    - continued primordial armor gear development
    - added masks and goggles for primordial armor gear
    - tweaked Infernal Blast furnace to not consume less essentia (128 per recipe was way to much)
    - disabled a few useless recipes

    - added simple scanners
    - added UHV Electric Prospector's Scanner
    - removed unnecessary classes
    - disabled debug build

    - Solar Panel (Super Solar Panel) #3114

    - Capsule of liquid oxygen #3090
    - add liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen
    - add vac freezer recipes

    Config changes:

    - Enderquarry upgrades too good #3076
    - disable Ninja for mob farms

    Recipe changes:

    - Obsidian plate bending #3092
    - Macerate mob heads for resources #3098

    Quests changes:

    - Add IFU and Prospector Scanner Quest Thanks to Moron for the text
    - IFU quest fixed. Rewards changed. Coins ore quest added with 2hr cooldown. Crafting station moved to after GT tools (saw). 2nd EBF quest changed to retrieval. Higher tier crossbow limb/bolt quests added. Reinforced obsidian for killing the wither added.
    - Gold Wand Caps Quest #3108
    - Forestry and farms Stuck? #3113
    - [Quest] [Minor] Quest (#1003) for MV solar panel wrong #3112
    - Lost in TF comsumption #3101
    - changed Lox Quest

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 09.06.2018

    New Mods:

    IFU (I'll find you | Early Ore Scanner)
    GTNH TC Wands 1.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.27
    CropsPP 1.2.9a
    Detrav Scanner Mod 1.5.0
    Draconic Evolution 1.0.2n
    Extra Utilities 1.2.14
    GT++ 1.7.1
    Tec Tech 3.6.5b
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9c-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    - fixed Issures with Java9
    - hopefully fixed critical NBT write Issures

    - try to fix crash on using infusion claw in protected areas

    Witching Gadgets:
    - fixed WGBF recipe map, causes no longer crashes

    - added compability to vanilla GT

    - added UHV Prospectors scanner
    - added LV-UHV Simple scanner

    Draconic Evolution:
    - tried to improof performance for 11x11x11 digging with draconic Staff of power

    - T2 rocket schematic fix
    - Downgrading Circuits for carpenter
    - Rose Gold - missing Mixer recipe
    - Stainless steel dust in mixer
    - Assembler Recipes matched to hand crafting recipes
    - added Dirt/clay recipes

    - Rose Gold - missing Mixer recipe
    - reduce explosives by 50% in seismic prospector
    - Added option for disabling machinemetal tinting.
    - Increase chances of GT stones.
    - Fix for typo
    - Add back in missing large boiler pollution numbers.
    - Add EU/t for monster repellent.
    - Superconductor Wire processing times fixed
    - Added Polybenzimidazole
    - Tungsten from Endstone -> Tungstate

    Config changes:

    - added IFU config
    - Aluminium Oreberries no longer Oredicted to Aluminium Nuggets

    Recipe changes:

    - Galgadorian Woodcutter buffed
    - Ender quarry nerfed
    - Weird recipe Onion Soup
    - Thaumcraft wands/caps recipes changes
    - lunchbox no longer needs steel screws
    - ender fluid pipes nerfed
    - Kinetic Generator Recipe Rebalance
    - added Missing Mutagen production step
    - Food cans now in HV
    - Carpenter's Blocks Slopes buffed
    - Cardboard wings crafting fix
    - added recipes for liquid cryotheum and pyrotheum

    Quests changes:

    - GTplusplus quests added
    - Add Chapter Tier 7
    - Space Dungeon Quests
    - fix for quest 1472(Grappler)
    - Carrots quest changed
    - Early game "Backed" Potatoes quest oredict error fixed
    - MV Multiblock Goals changed
    - Added quests for finding ores and Bart's GTNEI ore finding window.
    - Removed laser engraver quest in LV. Added chemical bath quest in LV.
    - Added info for new players on being online with Mojang.
    - Added info on getting a backup mod or doing it manually.
    - Added Ender IO Wireless Charger quest.
    - Added note to Darksteeel Armor quest to do potions 3 at a time so they match correctly.
    - Implosion compressor and vacuum freezer casings updated.
    - Primal shroom coins quest moved to require the quest before finding primal shrooms.
    - Cooldown changed to 20 minutes -long enough to encourage searching, since you only get 5 at a time.
    - New information quest when starting multiublocks to not allow multiblocks to cross chunk boundaries.
    - 16 new quests
    - Some minor quest fixup on HV/EV quests that unlock too early.
    - fixed enderquarry quest

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    Version 27.05.2018

    New Mods:

    Travellers Gear 1.16.6a
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9a-GTNH

    Mod Upgrade:

    Crop Load Core 0.1.1
    Crops PP 1.2.9
    Galaxy Space 1.1.3c
    GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.5.25
    GT PlusPlus prerelease 21
    GTTweaker 1.7.0
    Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10n
    Tec Tech 3.6.5a

    Changed/added Recipes:

    Biome O Plenty
    Bone Meal different recipes between Sagmill and Macerator #3000

    Core Mod
    try to fix prim peral in core mod section not working @bartimaeusnek
    change core mod script primordial Pearl

    change GC recipes and tier them
    remove torche from chisel group and add glowstone torch (balancing reasons on Planets)
    change glowstone torch recipe
    integrate Lander 3 in GC and GS
    tier 3 lander not need a second seat

    Broken recipe | Fixed #2933

    Ender IO
    [suggestion] ender fluid pipes should be more expensive #2997

    Forestry circuits crafting+questing annoyance #2879

    change output to tungstate (ender goo)

    IC2/compact Kinetic Generators
    Iron III Chloride Coin Quest Wrong Cell Requirement #2826
    Fixing the Thick Neutron Collector (GTTweaker 1.7.0) Quick fix for the Thick Neutron Collector for GTTweaker 1.7.0
    Kinetic Generator Recipe Rebalance #2825

    Spice of Life
    lunchbox needs steel screws due to changes done to the weighted pressure plate #3004

    Tinkers Construct
    Tinker spruce stencil #2944

    Thaumic Base
    Void seed (Thaumic Bases) #2940

    Twilight Forest
    uncraftingFix hides and removes the uncrafting table

    shimmerleaf has no option to turn it into quicksilver anymore (?) #2950

    Orfanix server overloading #2956

    Code changes:

    Core Mod
    Added Uniboxinator fur GT++ compatibility
    change the mass fab using gt item list because of gt++ compat
    Add UHV Mass fabricator
    More Bees #2917
    Add UHV Centrifuge for Infinity Bee Combs
    revert vac freezer reipes back in secs it was before
    change centrifuge tiers for combs
    nerf inifinity line
    Manuyllyn recipes unbalansed #2962
    Quantum chest scanning(for gravi recipe) #2959
    Superconducting Coil only crafted with UHV #2924
    add new glowstone torch recipe
    make recipe craftable (Glowstone Torches)
    No moon tungsten. Change it tungstate
    bounch of fixes replaced null with "GT_Values.NI", "GT_Values.NF" or "new Int[]{10000}"
    High End recipes for Infernal Brick #2991
    Vanadiumsteel Dust im Mixer #3001
    new recipe for #2999
    Assembler recipes for EV+ GT crafting materials (robot arm, sensor, emitter) don't match shaped crafting circuit tier #2996

    Add Unboxinator LuV-UV for gt++ compat
    add massfab to item list gt++ compat
    nuclear control displays 2.0, lang file addition (#120) applied mitchej123 fix to all turbines added .lang translation for GUI removed error log for quicksilver dust Lang file for Multiblock Information Superconducting Coil only crafted with UHV #2924Nuclear Display patch
    Oregeneration config error - Apatite veins #2001
    Turbine nuclear gui (#121) fixes critical server crash due to server sided getInfoData() by using StatCollector.translateToLocal instead of I18n.format
    remove Styrene recipes. Now you need to go the GT++ way using Chemical dehydrator.
    [RFC][Balance] Move food cans to HV #2821
    Copy fix from https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/issues/726
    Fix for #2420. Small knife damage reduced, mob damage immunitiy implemented. Butchery knife damage buffed. Based on mining level, 5+ will instakill cows. Looting enchantment does not appear to work, filing separate ticket for that.
    rebased Mulch recipes
    applied https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/pull/1425

    Config changes:

    Anger Mod
    Add knife and Butchery knife to blacklist for mob explosions. Raise explosion chances to 10%. Related to https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/issues/2202

    Core Mod
    Mana Beans are enabled for placing again
    Add Gendustry Machines to the Blacklist from World Accelerators (Gendustry Apiaries are not on the list)

    Ender IO
    [Suggestion] Make Travel Anchor's Great Again #2939

    Add a bunch of new Bees by Zoko
    Chnage Gendustry recipes and configs
    Mutagen is more expensive
    New Gendustry recipes for Mutatron and Apiary
    nerf bees
    disable Infinity branch in Mutatron
    Add arsenic and firestone Bee
    add upgrade config override for bees

    Spice of Life
    Spice of Life settings #2930

    Witching Gadgets
    Add new Configs for Travellars Gears and Witching Gadgets


    Fusion reactor and assembly line quests cleanup.
    Added a tip about iron golems in the Nether
    setting up pollution scrubber and wireless charger quests.
    [Quest] 1k Item Storage Cell #2947
    Fix GT++ Quests and add Dummy Blocks.
    [Quest] Tier 2 Storage #2946
    IC2 Wind Meter - quest #2945
    [Quest] [Suggestion] "Indium" quest requirements #2938
    (Quest Text) Making Americum #2941
    Titanium Quests (suggestion) #2936
    [Quest] Power of the Sun 1x1 HV #2951
    MV fluid solidifier quest requires the LV machine #2873
    Unnecessary item (Quest 887) #2969
    New space race quests #2974
    more armor quests and more space race quests
    Quest ID: 1184 doesn't complete #2976
    more moon quests
    Too many Assembler Machine Casings in Assembling Line Quest #2980
    Quest ID: 674 Wooden Rail Variants #2984
    Most GT++ high priority quests completed. Need to finish thermal centrifuge and fishing port. PLease validate rewards.
    Add info on higher tier knives having better looting levels.
    Add Chapter Tir 7 to Quest book
    fix a few quests
    add EV and IV Machine parts to the coins coins coins questpage

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    posted a message on [GTNewHorizons][Gregified Modpack, Minetweaker, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry,2,3kQuests]

    The last 5 weeks i was away and have no time to look into it. Now i am back and active.

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