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    IP: mc.tg-gaming.us

    Welcome to TG-Gaming! Our minecraft server is tekkit based. Our set up is quite different from normal tekkit servers. Usually when you start on a new server, within an hour or two you already have a condenser and maybe a few mk2's and 3's. TG-Gaming provides a more difficult task of obtaining everything easily. Condensers are not craft-able or drop-able. You can only buy them at the shop or from other players. We have a few circulating through the economy today. We have a PvP karma system to promote PvP! Refugees are immune to PvP for the first 30 minutes of starting out.

    Unbanned items! (Most servers have these banned!)

    Alchemy Bags
    RM Furnace
    Disk drives
    Project Table (To be unbanned soon)


    Ranks are time based. Play longer to reach higher ranks.

    Refugee: Starting rank (Most crafts disabled)
    Citizen: (You can now start a town for the price of 10k credits)
    Assistant: (Access to timers, filters and reactors allowed)
    Technician: (DM Tools/MK2s are unlocked!)
    MadScientist: (RM Tools/MK3s are unlocked! /md is also unlocked.)
    Wood: (Donation Package)
    Iron: (Donation Package)
    Gold: (Donation Package)

    Server Rules

    Be Respectful
    Be ethical
    Use common sense
    Do not cheat
    Do not abuse exploits or glitches
    No spamming or begging
    Do not dupe! Report a dupe for a reward!
    No griefing/stealing in towns. (The wild is okay)
    Just have a great time! Watch out for outlaws!

    Right now we have 30 slots. Once cap is reached, I will begin the process of upgrading.
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