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I started with 2D game development at age 5, at that point I barely knew any coding languages. Eventually when using the 2D engine I found a tutorial for how to use a 3D engine to make images for the 2D engine, and so I downloaded it for that purpose, however I started liking 3D better immediately and started with 3D game development at age 8 where I started learning my first scripting language, Python. Since then scripting has become my main talent and I have programmed 2 Hack Shields on request by game companies and an anti virus. As well as 2 small scale web browsers not released yet, WebFocus and VezixSN. Also have made a live preview HTML editor program, make HTML scripts live time to see your results, no more experimenting, ad components such as forms formatted text and almost everything HTML escalated through the content browser.

My friend got me into Minecraft, and when I found out about bukkit I could not withhold from another language, so I started with Java about 3 years ago. I pick up scripting languages fast, mainly Object oriented languages, so since I knew python very well java was extremely easy to get used to, and took almost no learning.

In Minecraft I mainly work with compact redstone and building and have been in 2 building teams in the past.
Interests Gaming, Software Development, Anti-hack/cheat-wear development, Game development, Music design, tutorial writing, nature

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