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Hmm... I actually don't know what I should put here. I'm 18, I could use that. I attended Jordan High School ( where I now actually work at and i'm attending SLCC ( to get nothing but a generals to finally end what I originally called the "12 years of hell". I was born, raised, and i'm more than likely going to die in Utah, no i'm not Mormon I'm actually a man of science and reasoning. I am actually a story writer and for the past 8 years (since I was ten) I've just let my imagination go wild with what It could come up with. So far I have about 15 different stories and nearly all of them have some kind of Gaming aspect to them. Using that as a Segway i'm also a huge gamer (Kind of obvious) but don't mistaken me for some fat kid with social issues that does nothing for anything. The fat part I agree with and I need to fix (weighing in at 230 at nearly 5" 5') but other than that i'm actually quite friendly and I always do what is asked of me. Let's see... anything else I could add... I like making modpacks. now what I mean by "make" I mean I actually take what is there, strip away some things, and add new things. oddly enough, doing that is harder than starting form scratch... Also despite the titles I spawn with here, I am a very experienced Minecraftian and have even been called "The encyclopedia Minecraftia" by a friend after I got done telling him over steam how most of the mods he was using worked. This will be added in after the act but... ignore the missing Y in my username.
I love Minecraft, that's obvious, but there are plenty of other things I love. building little trinkets is also something I like to do. when I was still in middle school I managed to build a gyroscope out of old VCR parts, K,nex, and plenty of masking tape. it actually worked to until one day I tried to show it to a class and the spinning wheel broke lose due to to much speed and decided to breakdance on some girls desk in the middle of the room. A future interest is that I want to go into blacksmith or something along those lines. I just need to figure out how to build a furnace...

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