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    posted a message on ☁ Glades • Whitelisted Vanilla 18+

    Just fixed the discord invite link. I have no idea why it was redirecting to a Planet Minecraft error page.

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    posted a message on ☁ Glades • Whitelisted Vanilla 18+

    Ah, sorry about that Davie. I've hopefully fixed the link. Tell me if its not working (I sent you a friend request on discord just in case it doesn't). Otherwise you're in!

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    posted a message on ☁ Glades • Whitelisted Vanilla 18+

    No worries Alysius, you're now whitelisted! Come and join the discord so you can get the ip and so you can share those screenies of yours. I may or may not be online when you first join considering the time-zone difference, but feel free to build yourself a home in the spawn village (x:0 z:0).

    You are the first one to apply so it may take a bit till we get some more members.

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    posted a message on ☁ Glades • Whitelisted Vanilla 18+

    Server Info.

    Server is located in Sydney, Australia.
    Launched on 17th September 2020
    Runs on 1.16.3 Paper
    Difficulty set to 'Hard'
    Datapacks: Vanilla Tweaks
    Gamerules: Disabled mob griefing.

    Promo Image


    Glades is a new vanilla survival server that strictly caters to adults. It is a place of refuge from our often-busy lives, and aims to be an immersive, relaxed and openly social environment. Our world aims to develop using old-world themes like medieval, ancient and classical amongst others.

    Players will be able to contribute to the spawn village (which will be our central hub) before then going off to start their own place if they so desire. We only ask that our players build semi-realistically as if they are building a town or homestead, rather than a base which is often made for efficiency. Strive for aesthetics over efficiency essentially. Read the world rules below for a list of similar expectations.

    Lastly, we value a relaxed, slow-paced and creative environment. With this in mind, we do not want players to rush for end-game content for longevity's sake. Try not to explore too much of the world too quickly either. Personal tip from me — you should listen to lo-fi tunes whilst playing for the best experience.

    If this interests you at all, continue reading!

    Community Rules.

    • Do not touch other people's items or builds without their permission.
    • Be respectful.
    • Do not discuss politics, ideologies or real-world issues. This place is meant to be a refuge from that sort of stuff.
    • Do not use game glitches or scripts (including afk farming ones).
    • Only use optifine, shaders or graphical improvement mods.

    World Rules.

    • Build semi-realistically.
    • Keep naturally generated structures in-tact unless you plan to build on the location.
    • Keep the landscape clean by replanting saplings, villager crops, and by making sure your excavations are clean outside of designated pits.
    • Do not go above bedrock in the nether. The 1.16 update makes the nether great to use.
    • Do not search for the stronghold or attempt to go to the end as this will be a community event.
    • There will be an emphasis on the construction of roads and railways in this world.
    • Farms and mob farms should be pleasing to look at, even if it comes at a cost to efficiency.
    • Complex redstone builds do not work in the Glades (lore)
    • More may be added if necessary through community polls.


    • Coordinates HUD
    • AFK Display
    • Custom Nether Portals
    • Nether Portal Coords
    • Double Shulker Shells
    • Graves


    You must be 18+
    You must have Discord
    Join voice chat from time to time.


    You can apply on our [​Discord], or you can send me your application here via the comments below or through private message. Just know you will need to join the Discord regardless if accepted.

    *Link to some screenshots of your builds:
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    posted a message on anyone know about westaustralianminecraft.com?

    Doing a search, all I could find was this old Planet Minecraft server page https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/west-australian-minecraft-783817/

    Didn't even know there was a Western Australian Minecraft server back then.

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    posted a message on Are all the old school semi vanilla faction/towny servers gone for good?

    Can't say I'm a factions guy these days, but the pay-to-win sort of stuff is quite prevalent even on other server types. Most of them come packed with a store selling (more often than not) perks that disadvantage normal players. Crates are another thing that saturate servers these days, not to mention the flashiness of server banners, in-game prefixes, and even the holograms plugin that appeared at some point. These kinds of things have been why I've yet to find a server to dedicate myself to after so long, and is why I just started my own whitelisted vanilla server today. At least with vanilla servers there are no commands or features to monetise, and so players usually play the game for what it is. Players won't expect any perks, and so everyone is on a level playing field and can just have fun.

    Honestly, I still have a heavy nostalgia for old-school factions and towny servers to this day that I've unfortunately given up on fulfilling. Let it be a fond memory of years gone by.

    I wish you good luck in finding a place though. Perhaps you could consider making your own server if you have no luck as I'm sure there are many of us out there who would enjoy it. I'd promote my server but I don't think it's what you are looking for. It's very pve and building focused.

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    posted a message on The rise of generic factions/kitpvp/skyblock/smp servers

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying here. I've observed the server scene for many years now and have been sick and tired of seeing the same generic servers pop up with little to no ingenuity or originality to show for it. Servers that provide donation packages with non-cosmetic perks often forget what the word donation even means; not to mention their blatant violations of the eula.

    A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. ~Wikipedia

    Donations should come from the heart due to ones desire to see their favourite server stay open over the long-term (and should only do so when their wallet allows for it)

    This is why I often enjoy private vanilla servers when compared to other server types. Vanilla servers don't require much funding or maintenance to begin with, and due to their vanilla state they won't really have any in-game perks to provide their donators save for some items given in creative mode if they choose to go that route. Players who support these kinds of servers often do so on their own volition and not for the purpose of gaining perks that will see them rise above other members. I also appreciate that these kinds of servers often grow organically which inevitably gives them their own unique flavours over time.

    Personally I've grown tired of servers that use holograms, loot-boxes, overwhelming amounts of colours and prefixes amongst other such things. I've no doubt become much more minimalist about my wants and needs for servers which is likely why whitelisted communities appeal so strongly to me these days.

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    posted a message on Wire's World 1.16.1 | 20+ | Whitelist | New Server | Semi-Roleplay Survival Server (With Plugins) APPLY HERE

    Minecraft Name:


    Region (NA, EU, Etc.):

    Time Zone (EST, CST, Etc.):
    >AWST +8

    How long have you been playing Minecraft Java Edition?:
    >Since the early days for sure.

    >Edit: Man those days are nostalgic, perhaps on a similar level of nostalgic than the Saturday Disney channel when they still aired cartoons rather than those god awful live comedies.

    If you were to join the server, would you want to create your own settlement or join an existing one?(Please Explain Why):
    >It really depends. I enjoy building over most other things in Minecraft so I often start up my own place, however if I have the opportunity to join an existing one that appeals to me aesthetically, and should they allow me to help build the place up, then I could potentially do that as well.

    Do you have any roleplaying experience? If so, where?:
    >I do not have much roleplaying experience unfortunately.

    What other games do you like to play?:
    >Other than Minecraft I mainly play and mod Skyrim, otherwise I am chilling out with Battlefield 4 on PC. I might play some Battlefield 4 after submitting this application.

    What is Gordon's last name? (not a trick question):
    >Ramsay is the only Gordon in my heart. Thanks meme culture you fuc*ing donkey.

    >Disclaimer for my application. Before I commit to most servers I usually have to see how my ping fairs. I also usually try and get a vibe for the place before committing. Perhaps if you add some screenshots of what the server has so far some of us could get a firmer idea of what to expect and better decide whether or not we would like to join it.

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    posted a message on [2015] Beta 1.7.3 Retro Server!

    For some reason when i get the beta 1.7.3 version i cant get on 1.7.3 servers any idea why? i really want to play some beta again :(

    it says failed to connect to server and stuff

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    posted a message on SirenSMP ★ Towny ★ Custiom Biomes ★ Buyable Shop plots ★ Chest Protection ★

    Drakolite be mine name :>

    I think towns need to be a whole lot more expensive to create. I personally don't like it when everyone has a town with 2-4 people in it, and have towns scattered everywhere :3

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    posted a message on Looking for small and casual community based server, survival mode.
    Im a moderator on this fairly newer server called "Lumindor". It is an economy based survival server, that goes with a tech/modern theme. It is still being worked on, the owner/founder Lifas currently has exams so it will take a while to be fully setup. It will soon have towny, and shops at some point after his exams, with the economy hopefully being player run.

    We deny any act of griefing, pvp is allowed but will in turn ruin relationships with other players. The player base isnt that big(we hope to get bigger) and the current players whom play here are quite a nice bunch if i do say so myself. If your interested get the full run down on the PlanetMinecraft server page, and join on the ip: mc.lumindor.com

    Hope to see you here! ~Mikey757
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    posted a message on Looking for a server
    Im a part of a survival economy server called Lumindor. It is quite a nice server, i personally can see it getting out there in the future! It uses a tech/modern theme for its graphics and build style so the economy aspect matches up quite well no?

    Though it is still being worked on, there will be some changes and additions.


    PlanetMinecraft Page

    Lumindor Website

    ~Mikey757 (Server Moderator)
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    posted a message on Looking for a server to call home
    We have a nice community and server in the making, it is a survival economy based server with a tech/modern theme. We plan on getting towny in the future and a shop system running as a player run economy. Though as i said we are still in the making, there will be various little changes from time to time. If your still interested do give us a look.


    Lumindor Website

    Lumindor Planetmincraft Page (Has Info on what we are)

    Hope to see you! ~Mikey757 (Server Moderator)
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    posted a message on Looking for a small survival server
    Hello! I am currently a moderator (staff member) on a fairly new server, though we don't plan on being small we are at the moment.
    We are a Survival Economy server that has a modern/tech theme, with towny still being worked on. For more Info go to one of the two links:
    Hope you think about it!
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