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    Quote from Schlutt

    Thank you! This seems like a welcoming place.
    Really needed an outlet for my bronism, as I don't know anyone who likes the show.

    I was summoning the courage to do my first post, then the site went down and... changes etc.
    I don't know how to use it in the first place! I hope the avatar worked at least.

    And if I can ask my first question to y'all: What was the very first thing that made you notice the show?
    Mine was a completely strange youtube crossover vid, "Silent Hill version of Fluttershy's Hush Now" (Then I thought... "What's a Fluttershy?"

    I just became a brony last week. Welcome to the herd. So, I first started noticing MLP when people on these yoyo forums had their avatars/signatures changed to MLP related items, I did not think much of it when a friend explained to me about the new show. I was curious, but I forgot about what he had said.

    Then, last week, I came across a video of dubstep to the episode sonic rainboom. After watching that I knew I had to watch the show, and my addiction began. Just finished watching the first season yesterday. :D
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