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    make sure that you're using the correct version of the mod.

    Actually I just Checked Alan, but Fairy Lights don't work for 1.6.4. The only versions that exist are for 1.7.2/10, 1.8, 1.10.2, 1.11/.2, 1.12/.2

    there is no version for 1.6.4, and that's why it won't work.

    if you want to use Fairy Lights, then you'll have to use LitW:R https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/mod-packs/2615451-life-in-the-woods-renaissance-launching-today and if you use that one you need to use the 1.7.10 version of Fairy Lights.

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    haha, I was just about to come and post that here for everyone who's looking for the mod XD Now if people would be less of idiots and actually look at the last page of comments instead of begging for an update... oh well, that's why I don't use minecraftforums anymore... no-one knows how to look at the last page of comments to figure things out

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    Quote from RockRevenchy_»

    Nice to see this mod is saved from the great mods graveyard ! I've been playing around with this mod for a year now and I'm glad to see it still running and updated ;p

    Your Sarcasm is duely noted, even if it wasn't intented as sarcasm... People have lifes outside of working on mods, Yes it sucks that its "dead", but someone will make something similar agian in the future, if not a better one... So, until then, we'll just have to deal with boring old normal maps that have no dangers and are totally full of resources and easy...
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    I'm needing help with the 1.7.10 version of this mod, but the discussion on it is locked because of people asking for updates constantly (thanks. /s)
    Anyway, I'm wondering if, using the config, it's possible to add additional biomes to the ones that spawn in the Wasteland world type. I'm specifically wanting to add Tainted Land and Magical Forest biomes from Thaumcraft.

    Thanks for coming to ask questions! Sadly, AFAICR, You cannot add more biomes using the 1.7.10 configs... you'd have to have to use a mod such as Biome Tweeker to get said biomes into it... I have 0 skills regarding that mod, so you'd have to look into it on your own to see how to do so... I wish I could provide more help, but I'd be more than happy to answer any other questions the best I can. Sadly I don't think this (version) is going to be updated to the newer versions any time soon... and word on the street is that Azanor is working on Thaumcraft (is it 6 now? I lost count XD) for the latest version(s), but will probably release 1.12.... when he does... you know modders with big crazy flashy awesome mods....
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    aside from generating a huge world in survival and putting the level into the server files, no. Have you tried changing the world gen type to what it says in the OP? I think it says how to do it there, or does it simply crash?

    Quote from Axebeard2025»

    Has anyone figured out a workaround to get wastelands to work on a server?

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    did you yourself specifically test for compatibility for 1.11.2?
    remove the statement "1.12" as 1.12, or change it to say "the Wastelands mod, version 1.12, for minecraft version"
    Cities were removed, that was code from another mod that Kino does not have permissions to use (he has asked and as far as I know has yet to receive confirmation to do so).
    Do not ever say that this, or ANY mod, is for a version that it is not specifically hosted for, it causes issues. Back to the first statement, if you yourself have not specifically tested compatibility for 1.11 and 1.11.2, do NOT say it is for it. People will come here complaining they downloaded the mod from that site, and got a crash on 1.11/.2, when this mod is for 1.10.2

    Thank your for atleast asking to use this mod on that side, I am not a developer, just a conserned forum member who likes the mod, and hates when people who don't read/can't comprehend what numbers are come to the thread complaining about crashes for the mod on a version that it isn't even for.

    Wait for Kino's responce before taking it down, but, for future reference, either ask first, or ask in a PM if you can do this, so you can show proof that you are allowed to post it there.

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    Quote from clawpro»

    Hi i started a world and i saved and quit fine but when i loaded the world up the bunker rebuilt itself and all blocks i placed in it were lost. I am on the latest version for 1.10.2 btw.

    this is a known issue, the only workaround is to turn off bunkers in the options menu. You can try it with your existing world save to see if the bunker doesn't re-generate, meaning you start new worlds with it on, then turn it off afterwords
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    first of all, as 115Kino has said, several times, and on the front page, he isn't going to add the cities, because it was another mod, tha GiMoe added in, with the permission of the old caretaker of the Cities mod. Kino hasn't gotten ahold of that mod maker, and thus hasn't gotten permission to add it. He has stated that he will try to add his OWN version of cities, or atleast large ruins somtime in the future. You'll just have to be patient, and use something like Recurrent complex to add them in "manually". I don't know how you would do that, but I'm sure that if you ask your modpack users for help, they'd try and help.

    As for the radiated water, I think that'd be a fun thing to re-add, as well as the sleep option one. as for the tree's, you can use something like Recurrent complex again to make custom trees, as well as other wood related things, like destroyed bio-domes, with dead-shrubs instead of sapplings.

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    looking forward to he development of this mod :D I absolutely love love LOVE Decorative mods.

    Does your mod tie into the default block textures? IE: texturepack compatible?

    If you ever need idea's for things to add, don't hesitate to ask :3

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    yes thank you much. Question/suggestion/request:
    Can you make something completely unrelated to candles completely? That being a desk, bookshelves, and podiums? It'd be super fun to have a book shelf that you can fill with books and watch the texture change as you fill it (kinda like Bibliocrafts, but for 1.10.2 :D), the desk would probably be another similar thing, but could have lots of pretty candles on it :3 and the podium would, also, be for books, but could be nice decorations for church type builds that also have books on it :D

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    Quote from yooksi»

    Although that sounds like a fun idea, I was looking for something a bit more realistic. Something that would be both realistic and useful in survival. I am sure I could add that option in creative, shouldn't be too difficult.

    Just finished working on the GitHub wiki for the 1.10 port. I've added almost everything from the list provided by @Drakoflame, take a look here. let me know of any more features you would like to see. In the mean time I will slowly start building the mod from scratch.

    AH! Well, in that case, either Ladder/rope arrows that will provide a climbable surface to climb up on once it lands. Alternatively you could make a web-arrow, one that will explode in sticky webbing that traps people/mobs
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    Oh cool!

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    wait really? how did you get him back? or did he just show up?

    Also it would be really cool to watch them, especially if you could somehow tie into Optifines dynamic lights, so you could watch the arrows light up the area around them if you say... shot it into a cave to light it up before exploring, only to see hundereds of creepers looking back at you (also, love the zelda reference, Wind Waker was the ****)

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    Well, for new ideas, the first thing I really could think of, was something akin to the torch arrow, and the bundle arrow, sort of like iChun's "Torched" mod. You would shoot a bundle of torch arrows into the air, where it would break apart and rain torches from the sky. It would be super useful for lighting up areas, as you just shoot a few of those into the air and you've lit up a very large patch of ground.

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    OMFG! I just found some noob who quoted the front page to reply! So we have a copy of the page back when it was still up!:

    When a bow from this mod breaks, it turns into an unstrung bow which can be pulled back like a normal bow to be re-stringed.[/b] This process consumes three string from your inventory. Enchantments are lost when this happens.

    Any bows that are crafted from the normal bow should
    not need the normal bow to be damaged, if that is the case, then it's a

    Normal bow:[/b] This bow is basically the same as the vanilla bow.

    Spoiler (click to hide)

    Recurve bow:[/b] This bow fires faster arrows than the normal bow, has less durability and takes longer to pull back.

    Spoiler (click to hide)

    Longbow:[/b] The longbow is the longest-range
    bow in this mod (so far). It fires much faster arrows than the normal
    bow, has the same durability, and takes much longer to pull back.

    Spoiler (click to hide)

    Yumi:[/b] Has the same durability as the normal
    bow, higher power/range than the recurve bow, and takes a bit less long
    to pull back than the longbow. Its stats are basically between the
    recurve bow and the longbow, except its durability is the same as the
    longbow and normal bow.

    Spoiler (click to hide)

    Composite bow:[/b] The composite bow is the
    fastest-firing bow (in rate of fire) of them all. The crafting recipe is
    (so far) the most complicated, too. To craft it, you'll need two rotten
    flesh, a water bottle, a bone, a stick, a piece of leather, and three
    string. The crafting recipes using all these items are below.


    Bottled rotten flesh (crafted with rotten flesh, not sinew):

    Hide glue:


    Spoiler (click to hide)

    Arrow types:

    The arrows (including the vanilla one) are in their own creative tab.

    Spoiler (click to hide)

    Fire arrow:[/b] Arrows that are on fire. They light blocks on fire after a fraction of a second, then burn away.


    Impact explosive arrow:[/b] Explodes on impact with the ground or a mob. The explosion is quite small.


    Timed explosive arrow:[/b] Explodes somewhere
    around 1.5 seconds after being fired. The explosion is almost the size
    of a creeper explosion, and is quite deadly. These arrows do not stick
    in entities, but bounce off.


    Ender arrow:[/b] This arrow teleports whoever
    shoots it to where it lands. By default, these arrows will load chunks
    around them so they continue to fly until they land.


    Torch arrow:[/b] Unlike the usual torch arrows,
    these will place torches wherever on a block the arrow lands. Multiple
    torches can go in one block. Currently there is no check to see whether a
    torch will conflict with another's bounds in a block (meaning they can

    The torches created will interact with liquids and pistons the same as
    normal torches, though if a torch arrow lands in water, it shouldn't
    place a torch, but instead drop a torch item.

    Multiple torches on one block will not increase the amount of light
    currently. If they are made to, I believe the increase in brightness
    wouldn't be very significant.


    Spoiler (click to show)


    Drill arrows:[/b] These will break through six
    blocks of stone. They use the effectiveness of a pickaxe to find out how
    many blocks to go through. When they are picked up after being fired,
    their flint drill heads will be broken and they'll have to be crafted
    again to get back a working drill arrow.

    If they hit a mob, they'll cause damage to it and pass through, possibly damaging another mob or breaking a block or two.

    They can be crafted with a sticky piston, three arrows, three flints,
    and one redstone torch (see below for the arrangement of these items).


    Potion arrow:[/b] These arrows will affect whatever they hit with the effects of the potion they were crafted with.


    Splitting arrows:[/b] All arrows are able to be turned into splitting arrows that can split into a number of arrows between 2 and 15 (inclusive).

    To craft them, place 2 or more arrows into the crafting table along with
    half that number (rounded down) of string. This is a shapeless recipe,
    so it doesn't matter where they are.

    There is a command (/splitarrow) to get the damage needed to make an
    arrow split into the number of arrows you specify. You can use this
    command to give yourself an arrow that will split into that number, too.
    See the /help command (for me, page 3) for usage. If the arrow name
    parameter of the command isn't entered, it'll default to the item you're

    Last but not least, the quiver!

    Quivers can hold up to 64 items in 16-sized stacks, to allow you to have multiple types of arrows per quiver.

    Crafting recipe:[/b]

    Quiver hotbar overlay:[/b]

    With the overlay at the top of your screen, you can select which arrow
    type you want to shoot from the quivers in your inventory. Press + to
    move your selection forward, - to move it backward. The overlay has
    three different animation styles to show the selected arrows, which can
    be selected in the config file.

    The quiver that contains the arrows you have
    selected in the hotbar is rendered on your back if you have the
    RenderPlayer API installed. Press backspace to switch between wearing it
    on your belt or your back.[/b]

    Quiver inventory GUI:[/b]

    This GUI is opened by right-clicking while holding a quiver and allows
    you to place arrows in your quivers. The button in the middle allows you
    to remove all the arrows from the quiver at once. Shift-clicking any
    arrow stack in your inventory will fill as many slots in the quiver as
    possible with that stack.

    Quivers can be dyed:[/b]

    First, dye a plain quiver (it must be empty) white with this recipe using bone meal:

    Then dye it whatever color you want it to be using the same recipe:

    I guess this makes things a LOT nicer for anyone who wants to update and/or see what this mod adds
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