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    The only reason I suggested more generic names for character vampires is for players unfamiliar to the LOK series as a whole, but up to u.

    ok, i'll try to come up with a preliminary design or build for a combined portal.

    Human guardians respawning? I suppose that's ok.

    I talked to a friend of mine who's a bit code savvy and does play minecraft (he doesn't like java so doesn't code, he could but chooses not to), this is what he said when i asked him for advice on this:

    "The best I can suggest is it [the spectral realm] creates a dimension, same terrain generation, but also replaces blocks with impervious versions. Bedrock but same textures, maybe slightly different. I wouldn't suggest recreating the world block-by-block because that would eat up a ton of RAM, depending on how much of the overworld is already generated and built.
    OR, when the player enters this world, it could activate a set of custom Game Rules, where the daylight cycle stops, certain mobs spawn, certain textures replaced, Water has no effect, and would put the player in Adventure mode (can't interact with blocks n such, but can interact with inventories and mobs.)"

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    I just mean generic helpers to help u with the workload, yeah I saw your signature.

    I signed up to be a beta tester when it was 1st announced but laptop broke around same time, later got to play it but my laptop couldn't handle it, so i just watched pwedepie and other youtubers play it online, it's like a fantasy, gothic, steampunk version of overwatch. Well in BO1 there's actually only vorador's brides (3 variations), sr2 they were cut but u can look up their models and concept art, BO2, yes I typed those out in the document I sent u (tried to assign them a generic name with their character name in parentheses just wouldn't include said name for the same reason as Janos Audron and Vorador not having their names), eh yeah a basic generic vampire mob is always good.

    That's fine, just wondering what the portals are gonna look like.

    You mean for the wraith pillar guardians? So you wanna have the quest style go in the order of absorbing the wraith pillar guardians then spawning the human guardians from BO1?
    Well that's not a bad idea (even though that's kinda reversed but makes sense). The pillar spheres yes used for crafting tier 2 wraith blade elements. As far as being used in other crafting recipes? The only thing i could think of is balance emblem locks and barriers. Actually are you including the human guardians too? If so you could have them drop their pillar tokens; both as a trade item and perhaps related to the pillars too.
    Trade the tokens to the reaver guardian (janos audron) for the balance emblem fragments. Otherwise it would be easier to just craft the upgrade using necessary pillar principles... but to apply it yeah guess the spirit vessel is necessary (just not sure on the gui for that), though using it as a kind of automated soul collector should be its secondary purpose.

    If ur not gonna have it be a separate dimension, then u would hafta have the player be invisible and intangible to "material realm" mobs and intangible to water, spawn in spectral realm blocks (to help with how buildings and pillars tend to distort and warp around when Raziel shifts into the spectral realm), add in planar portals/corpses to re-materialize in, on top of adding in spectral realm mobs.

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    Honestly sounds like you could use helpers to help you model and animate at the least, unless u know coders too.

    Well in NosgothTM Dumahim have smoke bombs and can turn into shadows, Razielim can flap gusts of air, Turelim take on a volcanic skin texture when using their "ignore pain" ability, Zephonim have a glowing "Eldritch Blade", so for the most part disable it completely for now but make it so certain clans will only drop certain elemental wraiths: Razielims drop air wraiths (increase drop rate if killed while airborne), Turelims drop fire wraiths (increase drop rate if burned to death), Dumahim drop dark wraiths, Rahabim drop water wraiths (increase drop rate if killed while in water), Zephonim drop light wraiths (increase drop rate if killed by sunlight), and Melchiahim drop earth wraiths. What about material wraiths or non elemental wraiths? (material reaver wraiths, only 1 was seen in the air forge in sr2, the non elemental wraiths were seen in every temple and around and under the pillars). Non elemental wraiths could just be basic souls for replenishing health, while material wraiths could be friendly summons that fight for the player.

    Existing as different things is good; elemental spheres for when an elemental wraith is "absorbed", glass energy sphere when empty, energy sphere if you're still ok with the portals using a power source. As for the guardians, use energy spheres as well, just have the sphere turn into another typed sphere according to pillar principal absorbed (with the item texture taking on the principal symbol), though obviously since these r bosses the player would have to defeat them until they die, spawn a transparent wraith of themselves, then get "absorbed" by a glass energy sphere. It beats the spirit vessel i mentioned several posts ago, though this is dependent on how u wanna do the spectral realm if at all.

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    Yeah BO1 was done by silicon knights as opposed to the rest of the series being done by eidos and crystal dynamics, it's more of a fantasy adventure game compared to the rest of the series, but wow lots of mobs from that game, if included would make your mod a big mod that would be a nice add in to modpacks for players who like adventure and fighting mobs off. Honestly I could just send u a link to a walkthrough of BO1 on youtube.

    So you combined wraith vampires with elemental shades? Actually that's not a bad idea, they just need glowing eyes and that cloak I see on their torsos just needs to start from their shoulders. What do you mean elemental vampires? Like are the soul reaver clans gonna have elemental abilities? Or will they just drop elemental wraiths? Because aside from Rahab's clan which fire water bolts/charges and can swim in water, the clans don't have any elemental affinities (Turel's clan just lives in a volcanic area, and the Melchiahim just dig).

    As for the element spheres, I assume you changed the name from the original energy sphere(s) to elemental sphere(s)? So do they essentially function as safari nets/pokeballs? And with a captured wraith be used as crafting ingredients? What about for getting elemental reaver enhancements and upgrades? Tier 1 reavers r fine this way, but what about for tier 2 (aside from light and dark, just make those require more wraiths)?

    Aye bits you like, well just message me what you would and would not include from my document I sent you.

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    @KnightDemon since I cannot attach a word document on here would u prefer I just send my file over pm? Otherwise as I mentioned before I've organized the ideas mostly based on the game they're from and I have the Blood Omen 1 ideas ready so I can post that on here for every1 to see.

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    I figured as much but it's a long document, even in sections it's long. I'll break it up more I just hafta edit it more.

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    umm... I can't figure out how to send the word document itself on here. there doesn't seem to be an option for that

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    The spikes are just a reoccurring hazard seen since blood omen 1 honestly, but i had an idea that they would have different chisel textures and could b placed on walls to essentially be the spike hazards u see in soul reaver 1 and defiance. The stonecutter is obviously for stone-related items, blocks, and mobs for the mod.

    The heart relics are from soul reaver 2 from the air forge, since they are colored based on the blood colors encountered in blood omen 1, I figured they should be based around said blood colors (i.e. red for restoring vampire health, blue for energy, green for poison, etc) and right-clicking certain colored hearts on certain mobs would have different effects, while the reaver guardian (janos audron) who would trade u back a black heart (think heart of darkness item from blood omen 1) in exchange for runestones (1 of the 2 currencies from Nosgoth, this 1 I affiliate more with vampires).

    The Beast Masters are from Nosgoth yes, the idea was to have a human mob that could tame and "order" animals to attack other mobs (like the hunters in soul reaver 2). Honestly everything from Nosgoth I was already writing recipes and behaviors for because 1. it's more mobs 2. more items to use, so lots of variety but I'll try not to make them complicated. Yes I understand Nosgoth had different creators but so did blood omen 2 (well a different team), plus it's set inbetween Raziel's execution and resurrection (timeline-wise) and if you go on the wiki it gives you a lot of lore and information that happened inbetween his death and rebirth, at the very least I include stuff from nosgoth because the razielim are only featured in this game.

    The animals yeah I suppose there's no need when there's plenty of other mods for that, I guess there's easier ways to get slimeballs and their equivalents with all the other mods out there. However the moths were something I thought could be used to "eat" cobwebs like in mineshafts or in zephon's territory (cuz the idea was that Zephon and his brood would place cobwebs everywhere making it difficult to move, so as an item u could right-click them with moths to quickly break the cobwebs). The crows and ravens, well the crows were just a summon a scarecrow (from blood omen) would use to attack, while ravens could be used as a spying device (that was the idea) which could be binded to a viewing basin (the 1 moebius uses in soul reaver 2).

    The plants well, the corn when cooked in a furnace would give u food or/and b4 fully cooked switch out the coal or other fuel w/ an empty bucket to get oil, which is used to fill cauldrons (free turn ur sticks into torches w/o wasting coal) the gaseous flowers were just hostile entities that a player would hafta kill, though they could be a summon nature guardians could use.The mist & hot steam generator obviously for vampire players when they get the mist form, or blast vampires with hot steam (like in blood omen 2).

    The Succubus is from the cancelled game "Dead Sun", while I only saw her briefly in a clip, she was swimming in a pool of blood but since I don't have any other data on her i figured she could just be a boss who upon defeat would do something beneficial for the blood fountains.

    The observer yeah I guess is pointless, any recipe that uses it (like the sentry eye from soul reaver 2 that I already came up with for would use it) could just use an eye of ender instead.

    The update to the pillars well because i've noticed they're just decoration right now, so having them have a GUI or something and give the player a map to the pillar guardians (both human and vampire spirit ones) kinda makes sense cuz we never discussed the details of how the player would acquire the means to upgrade the wraith blade to the tier 2 versions (aside from light and dark), so directions to guardians which I would assume would be bosses.

    Honestly i've just been coming up with ideas while you've been inactive, I've been reviewing the games in the series like what could be added as a mob, block, item, etc from each game and then listing them by game. I've already identified several mod only blocks the stonecutter could make. Tell me which ideas you approve of and which you don't (I understand on most of the animals, though being ale to remotely explode pigs and creepers, I honestly like that idea). I have alot more ideas I would like u to look over but I understand you're 1 person and don't have much time so I will cut back abit, i'm just anxious to submit them all to you and any ideas you don't approve of or just have questions about I'll tell you where they're from and my justification for.

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    Hey KnightDemon these r some ideas i've been working on while u were inactive from this site for about a month (1st page)

    Recycled Minecraft ideas (some items have new recipes)

    Stonecutter: (iron swordx2 + furnace + redstone) used to craft special mod stone blocks and stone mobs.

    Spikes: 2 iron ingots + 2 wood plank blocks + 2 stone pressure plates and a piston in a U-shape. They can b placed upside down and act as a slab while inverted, or placed on walls. Spikes protrude when given a redstone signal.

    Observer: 3 cobblestone blocks on top and bottom, nether quartz on far right then redstone in remaining slots.

    Glowing obsidian: obsidian + glowstone dust + redstone


    Runage Energy (WIP): an all encompassing magic system for TK, spells, eldritch, rage, and form change usage/powers. This ability is inherit to vampire and wraith players (would work possibly similar to mana from botania). Capacity is increased to a max of 30(?) runes (made by the stonecutter).

    TK artefact: treated as a spell, grants player telekinesis. This is an item; cannot be placed, does not despawn, and is added to the player’s Soul Tab.

    Energy Runes: used to increase runage energy capacity. Like the Clan Crests, they must be crafted by the stonecutter, but then filled w/ souls via soul machine and spirit vessel, then surrounded by 4 each of dark and light orbs (alternating, in a circular pattern, w/ rune on pedestal in center), then 3 blood vials broken (thrown) against it to awaken it for use. When active, item is immediately consumed upon pick up.

    Mist & hot steam generator: used by vanishing brides and vampire players to assume a mist form for invisibility and intangibility (w/o having to spend runage energy). Can blast hot steam to burn vampires: furnace + bucket of water + blood beaker + runestone + magma cream + iron bars + Weighted pressure plate; runs on (buckets of) water being heated by fuel or w/ a redstone signal. Mist will flow like water but will not push blocks or entities.

    Elytra slot: as opposed to having the elytra in the chest plate slot; different kinds of elytra available (bug wings, bat wings, feather wings) and can be placed in said slot. Recipe: Elytra full durability + bug wings/bat wings/feathers x8 will give u corresponding wing type of elytra

    Sticky sticks (stick + slime ball): used to recreate blaze rods (when surrounded by blaze powder) and bones (when surrounded by bone meal) in a crafting grid. Also makes bomb arrows (flint + sticky stick + feather + TNT)

    (Mob) fluid drain: 8 iron bars around a runestone (or an XP drain from openblocks mod + (empty) Life Beaker. When a mob is damaged by a non fire based attack, it collects and drops fluids (such as blood, mooshroom soup, milk, liquid slime, water, ink, lava or XP) onto/into the block bellow it.

    Currencies: Gold Kronah coins (created from a gold nugget, yields 3) traded by mod humans, runestones (prismarine block in the stonecutter gui; yields 16) traded by vampires.

    Iron tooth Signet ring: vampire fangs + iron nugget + netherrack to craft. Summons Vampire Blacksmith (Vorador) sells mod exclusive "vampire weapons".

    Golden Ouroborus: Summons Vampire Reaver Guardian (Janos Audron) that acts as a priest, librarian, and an enchanting table for vampire and wraith players; crafted w/ 3 golden nuggets and a snake corpse.

    Red Heart Relic: Turns reaver guardian into "The Beast" (hostile boss mob to hylden, demons, and humans) dropped from red blooded enemies (10% chance); cannot b consumed by player.

    Blue Heart Relic: Turns reaver guardian back into original form or bald triple winged form when given relic while in original form, dropped from blue blooded enemies such as ghosts (10% chance) heals wraith player by refilling soul points when consumed.

    Green Heart Relic: Corrupts reaver guardian who spawns hylden revenants (hostile boss to all mobs except hylden) dropped from mobs that can inflict poison (except for witches, 10% chance) acts like rotten flesh when consumed.

    Black Heart Relic: tradable item from reaver guardian in exchange for runestones and/or golden apples, restores blood points upon obtaining; (crafted from red, blue, & green heart relics).

    Blood beaker(s) (crafted w/ empty bottle + bone meal + wooden button (stackable by bottle contents)): right click a corpse w/ an empty Blood beaker for later use to refill blood points. Mob corpses display (filled) Blood beaker meter indicating how many bottles left that can be filled (meter displays blood color based on what the creature is).

    The Dark Scripture: guide to the mod (name comes from item Raziel retrieved in Avernus cathedral). Player starts w/ it; Book + blood beaker + ink sac + runestone. The book is readable and has both mod-related crafting recipes, information on mod items & concepts, an updating map, as well as instructions on what to do (in relation to the mod), and directions to the Pillars of Nosgoth.

    Menhir Standing stones: used in multi-block structures to artificially generate planar portals, used by summoners to summon spectral mobs controlled by them.

    Alchemy Table: 3 empty bottles + 3 wooden pressure plates + 3 wooden fences. When placed down used to convert witches (when they enter its radius) into a "Red Sister of Anacrothe". Found in empty villager houses bigger than 3x3x3 interior space.

    ANIMALS: all animals drop their skulls that can be used in multi-block structure for beast-masters. These animals have either been seen or depicted throughout the series.


    Pigs: feed it a grenade to have it explode like a creeper (requires implode spell)

    Frogs: found around water sources, eats flies and moths, drops slime (10% chance) and frogs legs to be cooked.

    Flies: drops bug wings used in potions and crafting recipes, found around grasses

    Moths: drawn towards light sources, eats cobwebs & webbed walls, drops bug wings occasionally and moth grubs (item) that also eat cobwebs and eventually mature into adult moth forms.

    Deer: hunted by wolves and bears, drops venison, eats grass like sheep.

    Bats now drop bat wings used in crafting and potions (compatability w/ xeno's reliquary), can be crafted into leather on crafting table.

    Swans: swim in water and eats fish and can be tamed w/ bread. When tamed will catch fish to give to owner. Right click w/ green heart to turn into vulture

    Vultures: Attacks zombies & zombie horses, eats rotten flesh & zombie corpses.

    Seahorses: can be tamed and ridden like a horse while underwater (eats fish) and given saddle and horse armor (even w/ the escutcheon version).

    Owls: Hunts arthropods, rodents, fish, and chickens and will perch in trees, or on fences, pillars, bird perch stands, or burrow out a den. It repels endermen, arthropods, and can be tamed w/ spider eyes. Upon death it drops feathers and /other/ bird meat.

    Squid: right click w/ red heart to turn into succubus


    Goats: behave like sheep but will attack when provoked, drop same drops as sheep.

    Rats: chews thru (opens) wooden chests and eats food items, drops rat meat.

    Snakes: neutral, eats frogs, rodents such as rats and rabbits, drops corpse used in crafting recipies

    Black Bears: same as polar bears except found in taiga biomes, eats & drops fish.

    Lions: male and female found in grasslands, can be tamed into a cat by non-beastmaster players, hunts deer, sheep, and rabbits. Upon death drops venison, sheep, or rabbit meat.

    Crows and ravens: crows summoned by scarecrows, heal by eating corn. Ravens summoned by vampires, can be used as a spying device, heal by eating rat meat. Both drop feathers and corvidae feet used in potions.

    Tamed Ocelots (cats) now actively hunt nearby rats even when sitting but will then sit once rat despawns.

    FOOD: frogs’ legs, biscuit, beer, venison, rat meat, /other/ bird meat, & cheese.

    PLANTS: corn (crop), Gaseous flowers (hostile stationary entity) emits poison gas

    FACTIONS: Human, Demon, Vampire, Hylden, Elder God. Sub-Factions: Ancient vampire, Vorador, Kain.

    Pillars of Nosgoth (update); found in flat grassland, only the base is there and player must make the pillar icons, once crafted and placed at the appropriate height the quest book will update: right-click the quest book on each pillar icon to receive a map to the lair of each corresponding pillar guardian “boss”. Once the human counterpart is killed, the map will update to show a map leading to the tomb of the corresponding pillar alignment predecessor that a wraith player must kill. Once all guardian bosses are killed (both human and spirit vampire) any player w/ either a physical reaver or a wraith blade can go to a pillar and receive full runage energy for an appropriate reaver element/alignment the player is currently using.

    Pillar Guardians; there’s the Necromancer, the Druid, the Alchemist, the Summoner, the Mentalist, the Paladin, the Energist, & the Time-streamer. Killing these human bosses will “restore” their corresponding pillars they r attuned to and “disturb the rest” of their spirit vampire predecessors for the wraith player to kill, obtain their souls for use in a spirit vessel to receive elemental wraith blade upgrades.

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    Elohem what is this series of yours that you've included w/ the mod? is it on youtube? if so i'll give it a look.

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    @KnightDemon glad to see ur finally back. While you've been gone i've been writing pages of ideas that could be useful for this mod if u'd like to see.

    Maybe the phonograph could've have a GUI pop up like with the Auto-Jukebox from Minefactory reloaded; the player could press the play button and depending on what settings the player has the gui set to it either play the vanilla track on the disc that's loaded or play a track from the series based on what track the vanilla disc is (obviously for a track that has a spectral version it would hafta be played in the spectral realm, which to do so a player needs to interact w/ said block using wraith blade). The crafting recipe could be a jukebox + 3 gold ingots + bone + vampire tooth (any size).

    If it would be easier to just add in more music discs with soundtracks from the series then fine but in order to play their variations (like combat or spectral or spectral combat) then the player would need to use the jukebox.

    As for the reaver doors, so long as it splits down the middle to open up.... doesn't matter but i vote for 3x4 or 3x5; it should be at least 1 block taller than it is wide. On that note design-wise visually I suggest the reaver doors from defiance (u would just need to make reaver doors for the balance emblem fragments maybe)?

    As for glyph energy and related items they would need to be at a higher redstone signal level than anything reaver-related. The obvious generator for would be the mass. I'm not good at redstone-related things but I have a friend who is so I might get back to you on that.

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    Are y'all just making a map or structures too? More details if possible plz, because I've been giving A LOT of suggestions to KnightDemon for his legacy of kain mod called "Blockacy of Kain" since I saw a mod review of it. So far it's mostly an item and mob mod.

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    Hey I was watching a walkthrough for Blood Omen 2 and I saw this and I thought "a phonograph? could be an upgrade for a jukebox and have it play different soundtracks from the series". By the way I did a search here in the forums, Blue_Jerry3 is working on a legacy of kain map.

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    my vote is for the sr1 kind of portals. yeah i even though i still have my old systems and games, i don't want to set them up and play them over again when i'm busy w/ irl stuff so i just watch walkthroughs.

    the spirit vessel is the metal cylindrical stand u see raziel imbue his reaver with new elements from in defiance. in this case it would collect the souls of the wraith guardians or shades (i guess for these mobs in particular the souls r entities which a wraith player cannot feed on). i guess it would be an item maybe 3 blocks high crafted from 2 elemental fonts on top and bottom center then 3 iron bars across the middle of the crafting grid. Then redstone in the corners to allow for barriers when redstone connected to light/dark orbs or fire sconces/braziers (like when raziel obtains the earth reaver in defiance). Maybe give it a GUI with an inventory of 2 elemental soul slots and to enable barriers around it when given a redstone signal, and when it checks for the correct soul recipe to give a check mark for reaver imbuement of a whatever element the player is trying to craft.

    The fonts r good. The player would hafta make the tier 1 reaver of the corresponding element they r trying to obtain then imbue their tier 1 reaver with the souls of the tier 2 version to upgrade the reaver into the tier 2 version, but yes still allow for switching elements by fonts.

    (I.E. im playing and i already have the tier 1 versions of all elements then i make the spirit vessel, kill 2 dark shades it collects their souls then shift-right-click it with my dark reaver tier 1 and upgrade into the tier 2 version, but then later i use a light font to switch to my light reaver tier 1. Then later i upgrade to light reaver tier 2 but there's a nearby dark reaver font and just switch back to my dark reaver tier 2 by using it cuz i'm feelin lazy and don't want to hold keys down to switch reavers).

    I haven't thought about other uses for the spirit vessels aside from collecting other mob souls that drop nearby it when it's placed down (so give it a regular chest size inventory space for souls only)... also witchery adds in spectral stones which capture spectral undead ghost type mobs from its own mod, yet the EnderIO & Soul Shard mods let's players capture souls of mobs (by a soul vial or blank soul shard, respectively) so maybe some compatibility should be present for them later on like being able to place either of those items that have souls in them in like a soul extraction slot or something; the soul inside the item will go in the spirit vessel's inventory (maybe for wraith player consumption or re use by other mods) while the item that was holding the soul reverts back to what it was b4 capturing a soul (such as an empty soul vial).

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    I'm sorry let me clarify. In Defiance as Kain explores the vampire citadel he uses portals to get from each elemental reaver forge to another (and back out to the outer areas of the citadel). In one chapter of the game Kain has to find a power source for a portal that is missing its own, so he goes to an area that has a broken portal but with its power source still intact. Raziel uses similar ones but those can be locked out by puzzles.
    My idea is to merge the portals from Defiance (that require the sphere of energy as a power source) and the portals from sr1 that can let u cycle thru other portals you've visited for fast traversal.
    While the concept is sound (if I do say so myself) I'm not much of a modeler/texture... I lack artistic talent but i'm very good at descriptive imagery.

    For the 2 tiers of wraith blades:
    In sr2 u visit the forges to obtain them, but they only lasted until u visited a font of their elemant. If u went into the spectral realm and then return to the material realm u hafta find an elemental font u want to imbue it again (tier 1).
    In Defiance once u forge the elemantal reaver u keep it and can cycle to it whenever u want so long as u r in the material realm (tier 2).
    As I commented on e'lohem's mod review video on youtube i mentioned an instant reaver switch device (which could b used strictly for the tier 2 reavers). I'm not a coder either so I'm honestly not sure if this could be doable for u.
    Either way though if u do make both tiers; the tier 2 reavers should b obtained/crafted in a similar way as to how u get them in defiance; by fighting wraith guardians (however for light and dark elements i recommend adding in elemental shades) then their souls r collected by a spirit vessel.

    I was watching a walkthrough video for bo1 and in the spirit forges that young kain visits... the wraith smiths have what appears to be a blood altar from the blood magic minecraft mod, so i kinda want to look into that (especially since it deals with blood which fits with vampires).

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