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    --OOC Information--
    Minecraft IGN: TotallInsanity
    Prior Roleplay Experience: 5 years of playing and DMing D&D, around 5-6 Hardcore RP servers on different games including but not limited to ARK: Survival Evolved and Minecraft.
    Define Power-gaming in your own words: Enforcing an action or a consequence on another character without that character's player's permission or in doing something that your character couldn't possibly do in RP. Such as a non-mage to suddenly be able to cast spells of the highest level. (Could be argued that even if the player gave permission it is considered power-gaming but if that is what the player of the characters wants then I see less of an issue)
    Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Using information that you received and/or inferred out of character, in character. So to say, someone tells you something oocly and your character reacts according to that.
    Define Role-Playing in your own words: Taking on a character or in a word a "role" and acting or "playing" as him. Role-playing is done in a variety of concepts: D&D, Video games and of course acting.

    --IC Information--
    Character name: Alucard (Pronounced without the d)
    Race: Half Elf (Half High Elf)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Character Description:
    Alucard is a moderate half-elf with sea-tanned skin and rich brown hair. His eyes are storm blue, almost black at first glance. He has a very shortly trimmed beard that outlines his face and mouth. He often wears his hair in a short ponytail. He often wears shades of blue colors combined with and either gold or silver chains along the sides of his waist, and is known to change his attire between them. He wears several rings with one being what seems to be a sigil of somekind. Alucard is built quite well, he is not very scrawny or very tall, which often gives him off as a half-elf rather than a full one, but makes him easier to pass as human need be. Alucard wears a sapphire piercing in his right brow. (Must say I added this after I found the image cause it is excellent) He gives off a strong smell of the sea as well as noticeable touches of spiced wine, silver and honey. He often wears a feathered hat. (Hint look at the images in the spoilers)

    Character Occupation: (Optional)
    Alucard is a captain, a sea-farer, he lives at sea and will probably continue to do so for a long long time. Right now, he does not have a full crew (maybe a ship) Alucard is known to walk the line between illegal and legal, though in truth he never does anything illegal unless there is no other choice. Alucard in the past was a sailor (refer biography)
    (Now I don't know how far I can go with what he actually has so if this is out of proportions we'll just say that this is his plan)

    Character Personality/Traits:
    (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.)
    In a word, Alucard is a performer. Now this doesn't mean that he takes a lute and begins to play in front of the masses. No, this means that you see ONLY what Alucard wants to show you. Whatever he shares is what he wants you to know, and he takes on a different role in a different circumstance. Now this does not mean Alucard behaves randomly, his decisions make sense to him and to the world but perhaps not the same logical sense. Alucard is charming and quite witty which would make sense. He often deflects questions about himself and pries into the lives of others more so. Alucard likes niceties and the life of comfort, and would prefer it most times. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty need be, but will most likely only do such as a last result. Alucard is clever, and quite logical at that. He rarely lets emotions take the better of him, and is usually quite hard to read at first. Those of have spent time with him have it easier though. Alucard likes attention though he might not admit it, he enjoys having other people around him and would rather not spend his nights alone.

    Character Biography:
    (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences, you must reference server lore)
    Alucard is a *******, an offspring developed from an affair. Despite this, Alucard grew up with a wealthy Elven family and around and elven community in the town of Barkamsted. These were the years just before the end of the war, the life in Barkamsted was one of conflict and worry, the pact war always in the background. As such growing up wasn't that easy for Alucard, for a half-elf and for a child of the Alliance. Alucard knew he was capable of magic from a young age, back in Barkamsted,it was rare for someone with high-elven blood to not possess Bethimir's Gift of magic. Even at the young age that he was Alucard knew that he was attuned to three aspects: Water, Wind and Earth. With the lingering war and attacks on Barkamsted, Alucard spent his days at home at the instructions of his mother, who only wanted to protect her child. She would often bring him and his brothers toys and books, Alucard always prefered the latter. The brothers that were old enough soon joined his father in the war. Around the end of the war, Alucard found himself quite alienated from his family quite often, his mother and sister the only close ties he had. His father and brothers disliked Alucard for his split nature. Due to the end of the war, they had seen a lot more of Alucard, soon that dislike spread like flames to be resentment and hate. This lead Alucard to leave his home at quite the young age, leaving his sister and mother behind to go off and explore the world on his own. Alucard loves his younger sister dearly, and when he visits (not too often but enough), he always pays her a visit.

    Just when anything had began going his way, a deadly plague has spread across Barkamsted. The different gateways in and out of the city (including the docks) were the first thing to be shut down. The city did not wait for more sickly to enter its gates and spread the sickness. Soon word spread about the curse, which denied the ability to heal such disease. Barkamsted fell into a terrible quarantine, trade had stopped, ships were stuck at the harbor. There was no way in or out. Alucard had felt trapped, enclosed. He would spend his days practicing magic (or what little could make of it). And his nights? His nights were spent drinking in sorrows or courting to find even a little bit of pleasure in an otherwise numb world. He yearned to get to the sea and the open air. And as soon as he the docks had opened once more, he was already on the first ship to leave.

    Alucard made his way to the nearest port, where he went looking for a job as a sailor. He wanted to explore the world beyond. He wanted open seas, and to meet new people. But the world is not a child's tale, it is harsh and unforgiving. Alucard clawed his way up, and even when everything seemed fine, he learnt to keep his guard up. To hold on to things. Soon mundane things didn't matter as much, Alucard learnt that the most priceless information was knowledge. So he kept his to himself, but pried on others, even resorting to extorsion need be. Soon Alucard had been able to hold his ground, not by combat but by a battle of will and deciet. He took on persona's and told people what they wanted to hear to get what he wanted. Towards the start of his journey, he may have skirted the law a bit, which nearly got him arrested, so instead he looked for loopholes in the law, and kept to it or the literal version of it.

    Alucard was out at sea when the Ca'Liar attacked Barkamsted. He did not witness the impact of the attack until it was too late. When Alucard had returned, he had lost some of his friends to the attack. Namely his few childhood ones who preferred the city. His mother and a three of his five brothers were injured during the attack but with medical treatment, they soon were able to stand on their feet. He later learnt that the attack was misguided. This altered his view of the Ca'Liar race. He saw them as selfish, incompetent and uncaring. Even with their later integration in Saphriel's society Alucard had kept a special place for them in his mind, one of caution.

    So when the gates had finally opened, Alucard soon found himself on top of the first merchant ship to leave. It was carrying some sort of artifact towards Falkvard, however this wasn't any common knowledge. They were accompanied by a defensive ship to protect them from piracy and theft abroad the large seas. During their sail, Alucard had overheard of this transport with a talk between the captain of the ship and the head merchant transporting the goods. He now knew exactly what was being delievered and to whom, but as it turns out that information wasn't mutually exclusive to only the three of them. That night, a pirate ship had began attacking their defenses. Cannons (a recent discovery) began shooting, flames bursting the ship open as it began to sink. The ship slowly sank as pirates began to swarm it closer. Alucard began to act quickly, he wasn't yet equipped for battle. He ran to the vaults only to find the merchant at the mercy of one of the pirates, the thief's hand clenched on the artifact. Alucard quickly grabbed the knife at his belt and plunged it into the distracted pirate blood spilling slowly from the wound. He grabbed the artifact and the nearest bag he could find and dove into the open sea and towards the defense ship which was still afloat. After a quick looting of the rest of the ship, the pirates retreated from the mercenary's ship ongoing attack. Alucard told no one he took the artifact and boarded the mercenary ship that withstood the attack. The merchant and his captain became some of the many casualties from the attack. When they got to Falkvard, Alucard took himself to the buyer, with only one request in his mind. He wanted his own ship and crew. He wanted to be a captain.

    Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)
    This is what I got after a while searching, its the closest I can get.

    Alucard Emery | Shades of Magic Wiki | Fandom

    As Travars — ace-artemis-fanartist: Alucard Emery and Esa. On...

    Important Note: I often play characters a bit differently then how I write/imagine them, so if something looks a bit different in-game I hope you won't mind it. Needless to say that everything I wrote here I use as guidelines for myself but if the scenarios and in-game things are a bit different don't be surprised. This is just something I do naturally.

    Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

    A small riot breaks out in Barkamsted between Humans and Pact races. They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates. Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?

    Alucard sits on a nearby stool, his glass filled with a bronze like liquid. From the drunk look on his face, the drink is definitely some sort of liquor. The sapphire piercing above his brow dimly shining in the moonlight. He doesn't seem to mind the rioting and screaming around. Harsh words and soft pushes are thrown around as Alucard sits on his stool, after a short while he raises and begins chuckling and downing his drink.
    "What are you laughing at scum?" A nearby voice from the crowd and the attention shifting to him.
    "Who? Me?" Alucard asks feigning confusion "Just about your idiocy"
    The large orc draws near, slumming his hands on a nearby table "Care to put that to the test?"
    Alucard's eyes shift to the approaching guards and the squabbling group behind him, His eyes slowly shifting to meet the large orc.
    "I don't think it is about if I care, but rather if you dare." Alucard challenged, dropping his glass on the floor to attract the guards attention.
    The guards quickly gain sight of the encounter, eyes shifting their way. The orc angered by his response, moves his hands to his axe and draws it.
    Alucard puts his hands up as if to surrender "Seems you are quite the strong fellow, shame that you aren't very observant."
    He raised his voice and said the following words with complete sarcasm "Help this man is attacking me!" The guards attention quickly shifted to the orc wielding the axe, as they drew their weapons.

    For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage. From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something. It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do?

    The sounds of Alucard footsteps is usually accompanied by the wringling of chains and sweet humming as to alert to his presence. However, in this empty caverns, silent footsteps seemed preferable. The walls covered with thick foliage and vegetation as he gracefully made his way through the brambles and onto clear ground. He was about to continue when his eyes caught the sight of movement. The movement subtle, a shambling mound of something. It paused, slowly as if it was looking at him, quivering and letting out a moan. Alucard's position shifted like water, moving from tourist to combatant, his hands: one up, one to his sheathe. His eyes narrowed looking at what it might be. Whatever it was, it was either long dead, or nearing death. Either way, whoever wonders to a tomb not being prepared deserves as such. He straightened his back, if it hadn't attacked him this far, it probably won't. He let out a rambling of words "Damn this tomb, I just want to get back to sea..."

    --Magic Application--
    (Optional, this form must be filled out if you want your character to have magic at all.)

    Magic Biography:
    (At least three paragraphs about your character's relationship to magic, and how they may discover their potential.)

    Alucard is not an atheist but rarely does he actively worship the gods. Instead he worships magic which in a way is worshipping Bethimir. To him magic is like a sense like a gift. It is not an ability to be used when needed but one you have to grow and develop, not by learning it from a book or learning it from a teacher but rather living magic. Feeling the wind of a storm and the waves of the sea. Unlike other mages, Alucard is only capable of elemental magic, no matter at what level (meaning that he cannot cast illusions even with a weak artifact). His attunement to water, wind and earth is stronger than the rest of the elements.

    Alucard uses many metaphors about magic but at the end of the day, its something that is innate in him and he can't place his finger on what exactly it is. This is why even if he went to a teacher to learn magic, it wouldn't have gotten him far. Alucard magic is a result of self understanding, and so needs to be his powers. Now of course he still needs a trinket and practice, but his relationship with magic is one of self. He does hope one day he can fight using only magic, rather than standard combat wise.

    In terms of the elements, Alucard is no master. He wants to learn magic the same way a toddler learns how to walk, its not a skill its a sense, a part of someone that renders him useless completely without it. His attitude to magic is different to many others making him rather an outsider on the magic sense. That's all really.

    Please describe the magic system, including its limitations in your own words:
    (Two Paragraphs, please mention how one would cast, the limitations to casting and specific races, and the consequences of overuse)
    The magic system isn't too complex but it has some major factors that need to be taken into consideration.
    1. Characters need to be born with the innate gift of magic, the ability to have magical potential. A person either has magical potential or doesn't. Simple as that. a person without potential can't cast magic.
    2. Characters need to be trained and have experience, simply being born with a good build does not make someone strong, he has to train. Same goes for magic in that sense. Your not a master right away, you start off being only a Weak caster.
    3. Characters need trinkets! Trinkets are like the spellcasting focus in D&D, they are a channel of power. Without them, magical power is difficult to conduit correctly
    Note: You can only cast magic as powerful as the lowest of either your artifact or your training level.
    4. Spellcasting! You can only cast spells a limited number of times. 5 spells of the highest level before your out of juice, 10 spells of the level below that, 20 level for the one bellow that and so on. Basically each spell slot is worth twice as much as the level underneath it. (Exceptions some spells are innately easier to cast such as shield spells in the holy aspect only taking 1/20 the cost, dark shields costing 1/10, dark transport and telekenitic shields costing 1/5, illusion being 1/4 as exhausting, x2 light attacks against non dark, x2 specialized effects) Magic that is 4 levels below yours counts as a cantrip and therefore free.
    Mastery (high level in more than one aspect can also affect the amounts of spells you can cast.
    5. Overcasting, what happens if you cast more than you can? well you roll 1d20 (bonuses depending on skill), DC starts at 5 and increases by 2 for each successful role. A nat 1 is pretty much death (really?) and a nat 20 grants you 2 spells at highest level.
    6. Magic Decay. Magic is like a muscle, don't train it for a while it goes away. So if you do no casting for a long long time, you start to lose it.
    7. Aspects, aspects are like the attunement of one to magic, it is something innate and not chosen. Basically you can have up to 4 aspects based on your race and decisions ranging from holy and dark to elemental aspects. This allows you to cast magic of that aspect to a higher level, you can still cast all the other magic but only up to Medium level.
    8. Sight. To cast you must be able to see the element/thing you are casting with/at. Thanks for the reminder!

    Please describe how you would use a weak trinket with your characters first/only aspect:
    (Try to be creative, while acknowledging its limitations and utility uses)
    Alucard might use it slowly moves his wine across the glass, stirring it very slowly while adding a small hand gesture. Alucard might use it to move water droplets from rain to avoid hitting himself (or his clothes for that matter), while weak this cannot protect him fully but it is something. With a Wind Trinket (Weak) he might use to create puffs of air for dramatic purposes blowing clothing and hair as he enters the room. Magic is not very much of significance at this level but it adds nice flavor touches.

    -Please note that some aspects are set when a character is born, while others are up to practice. The number of aspects you have is limited by your character's race, but they may have less than the max should you so choose, but they will not be able to regain that lost aspect naturally-

    This up took me all day to write but do let me know if anything is out of order here. Lets hope its enough.

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    Application format:

    - Your IGN:


    - Your Discord tag:


    - Reason for applying

    Too be honest, I haven't played minecraft in a while now, and one of my favourite things when I used to play we're small modded communities. So I thought I'd get back to it, have some more fun.

    - How did you find out about this server

    Like I said, I was looking for a small community modded server (And I found one :D), so I searched around Minecraft Forums until I found this!

    - Experience in modded minecraft

    I played a lot of modded minecraft, though it was a long time ago, so I don't know if I'll remember it all. I looked through your mods before I applied and recognised some, others were completely new to me. Though I really don't mind, learning new mods is part of all the fun!

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    How old are you? 16

    Have you played a whitelisted server before? Yup!

    Have you played a modpack before? Too many to count.

    Can your computer handle 70+ mods? Indeed it can.

    How long have you played minecraft? around 5 years now...

    What is your Minecraft username? DrakePlayz

    What is your discord name and tag number? Drake#1577

    Why should we accept you? It took me a while to find a server that has so many mods, and I love modded smps and the likes. I am also a very friendly person who just wants to have fun with others!

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    IGN: DrakePlayz
    Timezone: GMT +3
    Discord (Include the # and the digits): Drake#1577
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