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    Hello Guys! It's my first post in Forum, so forgive me for the mistakes and things noobs! ;-;

    TazerCraft MOD!

    Yes it's the mod of TazerCraft, that famous YouTube Channel! The mod is in its firts version (1.0) then has a few things, but the next update will hava more, the mod add things related and based on the channel as apple, tomato, axe (Team KomLow) and more...

    I know it isn't a fantastic mod, but it is still at the beginning and was made with love for Pac and Mike, but in the future or next updates I will let it fantastic!

    *The mod has 2 languages: English and Portuguese (Brazilian)*

    My Twitter: @Drakatthh
    TazerCraft Channel: youtube.com/tazercraft ! It is a fantastic channel, subscribe!

    If you want to see recipes and more of the mod, visit the official site of mod: http://mctazercraftmod.weebly.com/
    The site is in PT-BR


    You can use the TazerCraft Mod in your ModPack, but must disclose his forum and can't do advertisements or make money using your name!


    In the official site of the mod: http://mctazercraftmod.weebly.com/
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    Quote from Kaspi_Ninja»
    Diminui a frequencia da aparição de tomates "selvagens", se alguem quiser fazer um survival, vai ficar muito estranho.

    Ok vou diminuir, mas isso é por chunck, então vou fazer que apareça 3 mudinhas ou 2 por chunck!
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    [MrFelipesf360] Eu tenho grandes idéias para o Gutin nesse mod, aguarde a próxima atualização :D (e sim ele vai ser craftável)
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