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    Heey guys so im one of the admins on a newly opening minecraft server, tho we just got the notification that the server is getting ddossed. does anyone have any tips about this? we were still working on pregenning the world but the pmc page was already online and we think someone from there might have done it. anyone got any tips for us?

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    The world is fraught with danger and an evil entity is constantly hunting good souls down, but a small group of players have managed to track down a safe haven, an Oasis. How has this place managed to stay safe despite all odds? Well some have suggested there's a guardian hiding the Oasis from those that wishes to do harm. Others suggest it is but the natural terrain that keeps them safe and hidden. Whatever it may be, something clearly allows the Oasis to bloom like no other.

    Will you join them in this Oasis to make it your own?

    Welcome to Dragon's Oasis! A semi-vanilla survival server running on 1.16.5 with hard mode.

    Join us to create your own story and play with others. Build, farm, grind, make your shop, organise minigames, plan an insane base, visit other's creations... the possibilities are infinite!

    Play on a full dedicated machine with 32GB RAM, minimum to no lag and world of 16.000 blocks by 16.000 blocks.

    The few datapacks and plugins installed still make you feel in a vanilla world. They are here for decorative purposes or so everyone have the same experience within our server: shulker respawns, dragon drop elytra, multiplayer sleep, mob drop heads and few others. No tp, no land-claim: the server is mostly vanilla.

    We have a community project at the spawn that everyone can participate and add their own touch to it.
    A shopping district is there so the players can sell their goodies to others for diamonds. The diamond is the currency of the server.

    We are a growing community with already a base of active players. We are looking for motivated and active players!

    If you are interested in joining and want to apply, join us on the Discord discord.gg/4tUrVe3F5Z

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