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    It seems like there aren't any clear posts as to the pros and/or cons of this change from the game's standpoint, yet there is a vote for it's value.

    Quote from Alpha_ThePro»

    ... in terms of crasher via hacked clients it better

    This is the only post that seems to touch on a pro to this change.
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    A simple slower clock could involve a scoreboard, 2 repeater blocks and a chain block. the first one just adds 1 to the scoreboard every tick and the 2nd repeater block tests that fake player for the desired tick count which will then pulse out, with the first pulse resetting the scoreboard back to zero.

    Command examples are:

    /scoreboard objectives add Timer dummy Timers

    /scoreboard players add ticks Timer 1

    /scoreboard players test ticks Timer 20 >> chain to>> /scoreboard players set ticks Timer 0

    The scoreboard test can be set to any tick rate you want. This is actually do-able in 1.8 using the fill clock and a comparator to accomplish the same effect.

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