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    I created a mod survey, where I ask people's opinion on some aspects of the mod. If you want to take part on it, you'll need a Google account (to avoid people answering the form more than once). The results will be announced in a few days.


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    ATStcaey and Gad733, there's a problem with your nicknames. The others are whitelisted.

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    In this roleplay Realms server, we'll hunt the fabled Ender Dragon. But I can't do it alone, I need knights to help me in this most noble endeavor. Unfortunately, we have only 30 days to slay the beast because this is just a Realms trial.

    *Don't mind the other thread, it was a glitch.

    Also, I'll try to create some events, like zombie invasions, and dungeons.


    - Don't grief the castle;

    - Choose your bed and mark it with a sign in your chest;

    - Don't steal from players chests;

    - You can take items from the storage, but be moderate.

    - Respect your fellow knights;

    - Don't enter the Lordly Chambers;

    - Have fun.

    Leave your nicknames here and I'll add them later.

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    Sorry, but that's not how it works, try uploading a Skyrim mod to the Nexus with assets from someone else, you'll be lucky if you don't get an IP Ban, or even better, try creating a game with models and textures from another game, doesn't matter if you credit the original author, you'll get in trouble, and you are using adfly in your download link, that means you are getting money with Mevans' work. I suggest you contact him to gain his permission or, to make things fair, contact a texture/model maker to help you in the mod, you don't need to stop, just do your own thing.

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    Can we post castles from survival too?

    This one I built in a server:

    and this one I built in creative 2 years ago:

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    posted a message on Help me write a Minecraft book! Here's your chance to be one of the characters

    1 - Male, 20

    2 - I never read one but I tried to write, it was hard, I never knew how far I was going from Minecraft or how much it was acceptable, so instead I'm writing my own story.

    3 - Something different from the usual, like Herobrine as the villain, he is over used, take my story as an example, Herobrine was just going to be a dark deity, did he existed? We would never know, he wasn't a part of the story, but his figure as a mysterious an strange god was there, and he was part of the world. Returning to the main question, I love adventure stories, but it doesn't need to be a quest for an artifact or to defeat a villain, take my story as example again, it was about a group of settlers coming from a distant continent (not from another world) and how they dealt with this new land.

    4 - A group of heroes, with very distinctive traits, and they don't need to be a group of friends4forever, they should have different opinions, and they should make a real impact in the story.

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    I play in the server "A New Age: The Dominion of Middle-Earth", it uses this famous Lord of the Rings mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1287390-the-lord-of-the-rings-mod-bringing-middle-earth-to and now I'm looking for players to join me in my future kingdom (I have all the requirements, I just need the players), you'll have free housing in our first fortress, free gear and silver coins to help you hire an army of orcs.

    Everything you need to know:

    - Don't forget to download the mod, it's in the first link ^, I also recommend downloading Fastcraft to improve your game's performance.

    - The server ip: Dominion.g.akliz.net

    - Rules and everything else about the server: http://lotrminecraftmod.wikia.com/wiki/A_New_Age:_The_Dominion_of_Middle-Earth_Minecraft_Server

    - Our primary objective is to become an official kingdom, as I said we just need players, then we will raid other factions and go to war.

    - When you log in, join the Mordor faction, look at the mod's map and head to the Thaurband waypoint.

    - My username is Dragonovith, and you can contact me by replying in this thread, by sending me a PM or by contacting me directly in-game, use the /mail command if I'm not online.

    Screenshots of the capital of our kingdom:

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    What’s the most important rule?: Respect everyone and behave intelligently.


    I thought you had to choose the most important rule in your opinion, I didn't pay attention to the "Most importantly" part :) Well, that's what happens when you have to go see a doctor (I got a flu and I'm nearly coughing my lungs out) and have to leave in a few minutes (I suffer from Nowthatyoustartedyoubetterfinish syndrome)

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    posted a message on ◄Simplicity► || A Roleplay Server With The True Minecraft Experience || ||Custom Map|| ||Dynamic|| ||Player Freedom||

    IGN: Dragonovith

    What’s the most important rule?: No meta or power gaming, duh


    Woman: *she threw a snowball, hitting me in the face*

    Me: Hey, what's your problem!?

    Woman: *she did it again, without saying one word*

    Me: This is very rude you know *my head was already covered with snow* I'm just looking for passage into your town.

    Woman: *she equipped her bow and prepared an arrow, ready to shoot me*

    Me: *I slowly wandered back* Hey, hey, let's be civilized here.

    Woman: *the woman went back to normal and started to build the wall again*

    Me: Wow, that was close *I thought* Maybe I can pass now.

    Woman: *she turned his back and aimed the bow again*

    Me: Ok, ok! I understood it now, I'm leaving! But I'll tell everyone what a terrible place this town is! Shame on you!

    Man: *One of the workers came running* Stranger! *He called*

    Me: What? Are you going to attack me too?

    Man: *breaks the roleplaying* Sorry XxxSlayer100xxX, that woman is a NPC from a new mod and she was not configured correctly, yet.


    Thug: Hey friend *his voice was deep and slow*

    Inventor: Who... who's there? *he sounded frightened, the dim light of the night made it hard to see the source of the voice*

    Thug: *the criminal approached threateningly, revealing his scarred face full of malice* I'm collecting money for the local charity house, are you interested in helping?

    Inventor: I have no money, please, I have no money! *the man jumped for the thug's legs, begging for mercy*

    Me: *as I passed by the workshop, I heard the cries of a man, someone was in danger, I sneaked in quietly and hid myself in the shadows*

    Thug: Oh, and what's that? *a prototype engine called his attention* Seems expensive, it might fetch a good price.

    Inventor: Take it! Take it, but please, let me live! I barely had time to spend my retirement money!

    Thug: Then you have money, you liar! *He was going to pull something from his inventory*

    Inventory: No! Don't kill me! *he begged*

    Me: *I jumped into the fray* Aha! What's happening here!?

    Thug: *He pulled a paper* If you change your mind, this is... What the...? *He got startled by me*

    Me: Got you now, villain! *I pointed my sword to him* Let me check this paper, it's probably the list of people you have robbed today! *I took it from his hands, there was just one thing written, the address to a charity house*

    Inventor: You were not going to rob me then?

    Thug: Of course not!, well, I used to be a thug, but I changed my ways.

    Me: *I threw the paper back* Good for you, sir, because I haven't changed mine, I'm still a criminal! Pass the money you two, now!


    Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, english isn't my native language :)

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    posted a message on i don't know what this errors mean
    Quote from eggabooha»

    thanks for the help i got it to work now

    Nice to hear that, what was the problem?

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    posted a message on i don't know what this errors mean
    Quote from eggabooha»

    ....how do i do that?

    Be more specific, what do you mean?

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    posted a message on i don't know what this errors mean

    Are you using Liteloader or mods that require it? Check them, I think that problem is related to it, and another thing, for 60 mods 1gb is not enough, you should allocate more RAM.

    Edit: It also seems that you are using Java 8, use Java 7 instead.

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    posted a message on HELPPP MEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Looks like this problem was caused by a fireball, was it shot by a ghast or are you using plugins?

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    posted a message on 〜〖MysticBlade〗〜 『1.7.10』『Magic』『RPG』『Adventure』『Survival』
    Quote from Wolfofthenyght»

    -Added Ancient Warfare -- Since there are so many items to farm, and I wanted to focus to be more on adventure then being stuck at home farming, I wanted to add some automation and at the same time, a little immersion of building a town and a world


    -Removed Custom NPC's (Faction tab in inventory conflicted with Jewelrycraft tab)

    I don't know if that makes me happy or sad :), btw does this version of Ancient Warfare has gates?

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