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    posted a message on Has Minecraft been rushed to completion? Was this really the right direction for it?
    Quote from d3fin3d

    TL;DR: Has Minecraft been rushed to completion? Has The End been half-heatedly conceived and implemented? Is it too limited for an 'official release'? Should the energy spent on Minecraft have gone into adventure or the original ethos of the game, sandbox+landscapes+mining+crafting?

    The arbitrarily selected "release date" prevented a lot of important polishing from happening. It would have been much better to select a list of features that needed to be finalized and when nearing the completion of that list to plan for a release.

    Of special note I would say the world building code should have been polished up much better than it is so that content released post launch would be backwards compatible. Every significant change to that portion of the code flatlines old worlds and forces resets of multiplayer servers.
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    Quote from ZomBloxxor

    i heard there's a new biome code seed generator. is this true? and if so how does it work?

    The primary world data hasn't changed. The world will generally look the same in pre5 as it has in the rest of 1.9. There are some minor changes I've noticed in a seed I regularly use to test new content: I didn't spawn in a tree, a pond disappeared, a cave entrance disappeared and another one changed slightly. While I didn't spawn in a tree (I moved diagonally 1 block from previous spawn), a sheep and a pig still did.
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    posted a message on Biome Generation and misaligned chunks
    Quote from draslin

    It's becoming alarming to me that it doesn't seem Mojang is concerned about maintaining continuity in biome generation from one version to the next.

    Unfortunately it's not really possible for one version of the world builder to line up with another version, because the map is procedurally generated. Any significant change, like adding a biome, is going to make it impossible for differing versions to produce the same map from a seed.

    I'm ok with this since it's still Beta. But I have to wonder, what happens after release? Is mojang going to start accounting for this or not? I can only take so many mountains cut perfectly in half with a giant perfectly vertical cliff directly next to an ocean biome before I start feeling like I'm wasting my time building a world.

    At any rate I'm curious if anyone knows what Mojang's attitude toward this after release is going to be.

    This is generally my major concern regarding the world building code as well. People are not going to be so accepting of major changes to the map generation after launch as in the beta phase. That's why I've been a strong proponent of getting this aspect of the game polished sooner rather than later.

    Many people do not want to cobble together parts of different worlds, or have a long list of save files for each project, and SMP servers benefit greatly from having a long lived consistent world. All these things push us in the direction of getting the world building code into a genuinely finalized state.
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    posted a message on Snow biomes question...
    Quote from felescoto

    Do snow biomes still spawn in 1.9 pr 4? Im having a really hard time finding one, ive found loads of taiga biomes (used a tool to find stongholds that tell you where the biomes are) but i havent seen any snow, and it rains water...

    So, do they still generate or not?

    Yes, they do. There are not as many instances of Snow biome as there are of other biome types, but Snow is much larger than most.


    The Snow biome is now just like the Plains biome, with snow on it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is grey and brown
    Quote from demijan

    You guys either have some serious issues or there's a new trend on forums.
    OP has a point, the world is way more gray/brown and depressive than it was.

    I would say that the color tones of the foliage is much more realistic that it used to be. The old color scheme was ridiculously vibrant with "radioactive" green trees and grass, back when there was only one kind of tree.

    As for a literal interpretation of the complaint, grey is found in bare Stone and Mushroom biome, brown foliage is only found in Desert. You are trying to say that your world is dominated by bare stone, Mushroom, and Desert? I would think that highly unlikely.

    It sounds like a "problem" solved with a texture pack.
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    posted a message on Should this be added to the game?
    Quote from MegaDamnAge

    Hi. I'm a hardcore Minecraft fan/player since Alpha 1.2.4! I always liked and will like the music very much. Everytime I hear it, I start thinking of my first map (Alpha 1.2.4), which contained a house on a mountain with a bridge, which connected my home with other mountains, a bit of glass on the 1st floor, fortress, tunnel and loads of other cool stuff. Like a fool, I accidently deleted the map and now I always feel dumb, when I think about it... Mojang should really create something, that can restore maps by a special code, which can be generated by minecraft, I mean, if you have your awesome stuff in your map, minecraft will just generate a code, which can be read later, in case you loose your map. After minecraft recognizes the code, it will just recreate every block/item position, so you don't have to worry about your lost data...

    What do you think about the idea*? Leave a comment, please. Thanks.

    That "code" is called a save file. You can make a backup pretty easily. If you delete your own files, it's hardly anyone elses failure.
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    posted a message on Silk touch makes spawners mine-able
    Quote from BEATLESS

    Silk touch is a very high level enchantment for pickaxes
    using silk touch you are able to mine RAW ore

    EX: mining coal with a NORMAL pickaxe gives you... COAL

    EX: mining coal with a SILK TOUCH pickaxe gives you... COAL BLOCK as in a placable COAL BLOCK
    which you can mine again or use as decoration.

    Awesome, now I have a use for all that Redstone. I can finally build with it instead of filling piles of double chests with powder I don't want.

    It would be nice if the graphic didn't change to a pig (I assume its just the miniature, not the spawn effect changing). It has always seemed odd to have spawners exist but make them immutable - the only thing close to that was bedrock (and the new End portal) which actually had a reason to be that way. In that past Iv'e ignored them, because I didn't want to wander all over the place just to get to spawners, but if I can place them where I'd prefer once found, they're far more useful now.
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    posted a message on Moon Phases
    Quote from X3N

    Sounds like a terraria rip-off.

    Because they invented the concept of having the moon appear different. Or was it werewolves, yeah, they came up with that too. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on My thoughts on animal spawns changing.
    Quote from game011

    Hi there,

    While looking at 1.9 pre releases, I noticed that animals won't respawn in 1.9. In my opinion I do not like this. It may make the game more fun but, now it seems like the game is getting a bit too hard.(Not saying that it is) I apologize if you don't like this but I am just showing my opinion to everyone. How about you? Do you like it or not?


    They still spawn on sunlit grass like they used to, just at a much lower (1/400) rate than they used to.

    The respawn rate does need to come up some, how much in numerical terms is hard to say. I think if we got one new animal every couple MC-days, that would be much more reasonable a natural respawn/breeding rate than what we have now.

    Alternatively, the horny mode (+hearts) should be a state the animals can naturally acquire at a rate that would occasionally produce offspring. To prevent the wild populaitons from going extinct in existing chunks.
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    posted a message on Wolf Collar Colors
    Quote from MrMafia7

    I think there should be an option to have diffrent color wolf collars, not just red. Like you could get diffrent colored dyes and right click on the wolf with them in hand to change they're collar color. Example: Blue

    I'm more concerned with the color of my bed than the color of a line around my wolves necks.
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