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    Merry Christmas, guys. And I do have a bit of an explanation... my neighbor's dogs attacked me a few weeks back, and just a day or two ago they attacked and killed my dog. So yeah...

    but don't worry. I should have a new chapter out by new year's. I have it typed up... it's all a matter of proofreading now.

    EDIT: I decided to just release without the proofreading. You all have waited patiently, after all. I shouldn't make you wait any longer.
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    This thread will be dedicated to the revamp of my old story, Miner's Eternity. I hope you enjoy reading it, and be sure to drop a comment if you do! It's the critiques which keep me going!

    Chapter I: Abyss' Beginning

    The night was young, and only the wind of the night sky and the rumbling of my plane's motor accompanied me as I flew over the Florida Keys in my small one-seat aircraft.

    I'd always loved flying, my aviator's license having been bestowed on my sixteenth birthday, far younger than anyone expected. I had loved the attention I got from the other pilots when I flew, and my tricks were a sight to behold as well.

    But here I was, flying in the dead of night, over the Floridian keys, thanks to a bet.

    It was barely a day ago that a wealthy millionaire named Mr. Persson offered a fifteen million dollar bounty for anyone that could successfully fly, during midnight on Friday the 13th, over the Bermuda triangle. It was an odd request, but hell, it was a LOT of money, and I knew I could use it.

    So here I was, the only person around for hundreds of miles, flying over the gorgeous blue ocean.

    The motor continued to hum as I looked around. I didn't much believe in all of that supernatural [profanity="bull[profanity="[profanity="­"]"]"], but instead relied on hard facts. However, nothing could have prepared me for what would come next.

    A light, brighter than anything I had ever seen, appeared on the tip of my plane's right wing. I stared at it, wondering for a few seconds what it was, then froze as I noticed something.

    The engine had stopped.

    The familiar puttering and humming of the motor was gone, instead replaced by the depths of silence. My heart stopped, and I saw the plane's nose begin to descend. I pulled backwards on the controls, panicking, but the light grew stronger, and the controls locked up.

    Faster and faster I descended, going directly for the blue waves below. My heart thumped louder and louder, and I could feel it trying to tear itself from my chest... I could feel the panic around me as I grabbed my parachute from my chair. Strapping it on, I turned to the door.

    And screamed.

    There, before me was a face. But the face was twisted, somehow. Blocky in shape. And where its eyes would normally be, where two blowing orbs that seemed to stare straight at my soul, a sickening, disgusting gaze that sent fear to my very heart.

    The strain was too much for my heart to bear. Thumping against my chest in protest, I felt my eyes grow dim as I was embraced by cold darkness.


    I awoke to the chattering of birds around me. The sun shone in my eyes, even through the eyelids, and they fluttered open.

    "Urgggghhh..." I said, looking around. There was something wrong, I knew, instinctively.

    The trees were what tipped me off. Unlike the palms of Florida, these trees were oak, the recognizable leaves jutting out from them. Oak? In the keys? I knew that was strange as I got up.

    I looked around again, searching, hoping I missed something. In the distance, I could see massive mountains, taller than I had ever seen before. That was the next warning sign. Florida, even the keys, was flat. Where was I?

    I shook my head. Now wasn't the time for worry. If I truly was stranded, I'd need food, shelter, and a base camp. Looking around, I saw sticks and flint on the ground, and vines from the trees. Gathering them
    quickly, I fashioned myself a very, very crude, basic ace, which I took over and started hacking at the tree. It was difficult work, especially with such a crude tool, but I managed to fell the tree, using the tool as a wedge to split the logs and carry them to the beach.

    I looked over at the ocean, and something struck me as odd. The waves were crystal blue, not greenish blue as I had seen of the ocean. Acting on almost instinct, I walked over, and cupped my hands, bringing some of the water to my mouth.

    it was fresh. The revelation was surprising. A freshwater sea? Where exactly was I?

    Shaking my head, I decided not to worry about it. It was fresh water, and I knew i could survive off of it for now. But then, I needed food as well.

    Almost on cue, I heard a moo behind me. Whipping around, I saw a small cow walk out of the forest, exploring the beach inquisitively. I looked at it for a moment, and our eyes locked. It mooed again, and turned around, walking casually away.

    I charged towards the cow with my flint tool, and slashed it over the head, it sblood spilling on the ground. Using my basic knowledge of butchering, I managed to get a decent bit of meat, as well as its hide. The bones I left in the sun to bleach; I could use those later.

    I started taking the logs I got earlier, and stacked them, noticing that they seemed... oddly square. They stacked easily, and when I pushed them, they didn't even look like they moved an inch. Testing a theory, I placed a log against another log. It stuck, hanging in midair by some unknown force.

    "That's useful..." I said to myself, and removed the log, and started making a roof over my small hut. It was very basic, one room, but it'd work for now.

    I piled up some sand to make a basic, if grainy, bed, and noticed the sun beginning to set. I quickly took some sticks and started to sue my knowledge to make a basic fire starter, placing more sticks on the ground. After a few tries, a warm, flickering fire greeted me.

    I hurried into my home, hoping the fire wouldn't catch the wood ablaze. Then, something I heard sent a chill through my spine.

    A groan.

    I whipped around, and received the horror of my live. There, in my basic house, was a member of the living dead. Rotted flesh dripped off its bones, exposing its muscle and sinew. It gazed at me with red eyes, and moved towards me.

    I leapt backwards quickly on instinct and turned, running out of my basic hut and onto the beach. I ran as fast as I could, watching the zombie shamble for me. In my haste, I wasn't watching where I was going, and suddenly bumped into something... soft.

    I turned around, and saw an odd, green creature staring at me. It had some sort of scowl on its face, and was... hissing at me? Confused, I took a step back. I didn't know what this creature was, but something inside of me was gripped by a terrible, unnatural fear.

    The creature continued to stare at me, and I could almost see a flicker of sadness in its eyes…

    But then, the hissing stopped, and it was a mere instant before it detonated violently. I remember my surprise as sand and stone whipped around me, knocking me back, and a piece of stone seemed to fly through the air, right at me.

    It appeared in slow motion, descending towards me inch by inch. Unable to do anything, not even move in midair, I saw it pierce my chest, going directly through my heart with a sickening squelch.
    I was dead before I hit the ground.

    Chapter 2: Discoveries and Dabbling

    The wind blew through my hair, and the cool sea breeze filled my nostrils...

    My eyes shot open as I stood up hurriedly.

    How was I awake? How was I alive?

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have answers to either of those questions.

    The night had given way into a glorious morning, and I couldn’t see any trace of the abominations I saw earlier. I hurried to my base; it wasn’t too far, as I had miraculously awoken only a few hundred paces from it. It was the same as I hd “left” it… with the exception of a large hole near the front, where that creature had exploded.

    I sighed. I’d have to repair that damage, before I did anything else.

    The repair work was monotonous, nowhere near as exciting as first building the hut. However, as I worked, I thought of several additions to my hut. I could make a bedroom, a library, and-
    “Why am I thinking of all these things…? I’m only here until I get rescued, right…?”

    My voice was weary, and shaken. I didn’t know if I would be found, or if this strange place was my new home…

    But I knew I had to do what all humans do.

    I had to adapt.

    After repairing my hut, I traveled deeper into the woods, carrying a crude mace that I made with sticks and a long piece of stone. I suppose it could be considered a sword, but it wouldn’t exactly cut anything.
    The forest was rather dark, but I did manage to find a small grove, with bamboo growing on one side. I walked over, remembering how people managed to turn bamboo into complex piping networks… I might even be able to make a basic bit of plumbing in my home!

    I hastily used my stone “Sword” and gathered as much of the bamboo as I could. I wuickly jammed as much as I could into my pockets, even taking off my shirt and creating a crude pack with it. But I’d need-



    Setting down my bamboo, I ran towards the source of the noise, and sure enough, there were several cows. They weren’t as large as normal cows, more like miniature ones, and I didn’t know much about skinning, but I did know that they were food, and skin, which I could use to make an actual pack.

    Raising my sword, I brought it down on the nearest cow’s head. There was a sickening, bloody crunch as I felt its skull give way. Amazingly, the other cows didn’t seem to care about their companion’s death. I kneeled down to get working on the bloody task of skinning it with what I had, but then, something happened.

    The cow’s body disappeared, transforming into a mass of glowing orbs that flew right at me before I had time to react. They seemed to… sink into my skin, and disappeared. Where the cow had just been, I could see a folded amount of leather, and three large slabs of meat, seemingly untouched by the dirt beneath them.

    I was amazed, and quickly grabbed the items, not wanting to question how the world worked, and make my brain hurt even more than usual. Taking my bounty of leather, meat, and bamboo, I hurried back to my hut, and closed the door behind me.

    The leather was of relatively good quality, I saw, or at least that is what it appeared like. I took the meat, and quickly put it over the fire to cook. Setting the bamboo aside for later, I took the leather, and began to work, cutting small strips to use as fasteners and straps, and using what little I knew about sewing, I managed to make a basic backpack.

    It was a simple thing, with more room than I could fit in my pockets or on my belt. It’d be useful in the future, in case I found anything larger. I might even want to make a few other backpacks, in case this one became damaged.

    I continued with work around the hut, and finally the sun began to set once more. I knew my mistake; I wouldn’t budge from this hut until the morning. Looking out through the small hole in the door, I saw several more of those odd green creatures… who soon saw my house and started to walk towards it.
    I panicked, hurrying to the other side of the house, as far away from the door as I could. I saw the green creatures look through the hole… and stay there. Staring.

    Their stare wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t even angry or despising. It was just… sadness. If I hadn’t known what happened to me yesterday, I’d have undoubtedly tried to greet the creatures. I shook my head. I wish I had a way to communicate with them… but for now, it seems, I’m trapped in my house until they leave.

    I took one of the steaks, now fully cooked, and hastily tore into it. It was delicious, still having much of the juices, even though it was cooked over a fire. The green creatures continue to watch me, almost like a creeper from the real world… I decided that was what I’d call the creatures. Creepers.
    I could also hear the shambling of zombies and the clacking of the skeleton’s bones… I hoped that they couldn’t get inside. I spent the rest of the night huddling close to the fire, finally drifting off to sleep, still aware of the creeper’s watchful gaze upon me…
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    Guh... sometimes I wonder if the universe even wants me to do stories... every time I try to get into a schedule for anything, something hits. I'm sorry to make excuse guys, but this time it was a nasty stomach virus. That, coupled with the Dead Linger release means I'll be a while, at least a week from this message, before I can get caught up on this.
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    That's a very good point. I'll fix that alongside tomorrow's update. ^^
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    Wow, I have been around since this mod was 10 pages long and Risugami first released his arrow pack, signalling the beginning of the minecraft "Mod Age."

    I feel old. XD
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    Well, my friends, this is it. The final chapter of my story.

    At 11:00 AM EST on December 15, 2011, the owners of the house I live in came to inspect so that they can decide whether or not to allow us to live in the home for another year until we can find another house to live in. We had cleaned and done our best for weeks, trying to get every little bit of work done, but in vain.

    They walked inside with a camera, and began to take pictures. Everything we owned, the b oxes we had stored in closets, everything was photographed. Even a pile of dirt that we were not able to sweep up before they came was captured on their camera.

    After they swept through every room in the house and looked at everything they wanted to see, they turned to us, and spoke.

    "This house is the biggest mess we have ever seen. It would take months to clean this all up."

    In case you missed where I stated this earlier, we had been working for weeks to clean everything. The sentence they stated was like a knife to the gut.

    Finally, they walked back out to their car, and what made our bones cold and completely frozen was the lack of any form of goodbye; a lack of a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" which is very odd this close to the holidays.

    So, this is it. The end of the line. The end of the road. We no longer have a home. I loved being the author of this and many other things in my time on these forums, and I enjoyed hearing the criticism, no matter how big or small. But the case in point is, that I will no longer be able to continue, unless there is some sort of Christmas miracle.

    Also, I know many of you are thinking that this is probably a scam or something, but I want to remind you, I have no asked for money, not even as donations for writing this fanfiction. I just enjoyed the experience of writing for other people. You might say this is incredibly similar to what happened to the guy in the Minecraft News a while ago, where the community came together to help him. All I can say to that is it seems Christmas has de volved from a time of cheer into a time where owners of homes want to kick as many people out as they possibly can.

    Anyways, It was wonderful, writing for you guys, and however much I regret to say it, Goodbye.

    Best Wishes for Christmas, and may you have a better one than my family,

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    Today is the day the inspects our house. If we fail, we are homeless for the holidays.

    Wish me luck.
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    I am looking forward to helping this mod as a writer! :smile.gif:
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    Seriously, having Ghast tears being the basic element for a three heart instant health potion is quite too much. The Netherwort is fine, as it can be regrown, but having such a crucial part of the healing potions be from a source that is flying over lava means that healing potions will be rare outside of creative.

    So, to remedy this, I suggest having wheat, redstone, perhaps lapis, or maybe even mushrooms be the ingredient for three-heart health potions, and Ghast tears perhaps be the ingredient for a full-heal potion.

    If you enjoy this idea, please twitter to Jeb; I am twittering as well but I am not sure if he has noticed it.


    Jeb Agrees! Changes soon?

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    The eggs are something dragon lovers have been pushing for a while, but We wouldn't mind dragon bosses where you can steal and raise the eggs into hatchlings.
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