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Whazz Up Homiesツ
Welcome to my About me page, if you can't tell yet i watch a lot of videos on youtube: my favourites being Slyfoxhound and Uberhaxornova.
I'm currently 13 with my birthday being on the 27th of june, I absolutely love meme's and often spent hours upon hours on Damn! I love playing sports but i hate being competitive and compared to others IRL. I'm often seen as a sporty geek.
Games i love:
Assassins creed series, Minecraft, Terraria and Shooting games yes thats right i'm a COD fanboy

I grew up in the time of Dragon ball Z, Power rangers and Pokemon so i will always hold a special place in my heart for those things.
I also have slight OCD, i always have to make the little things perfect.
And of course what the main theme of my profile is a forum game you can check out my scroll if you like:
If you pay close attention to the names of my dragons you can tell that i like to give my dragons names i like or name them after their parents or code. and Also you can tell who my Bestie is: Abigail.
I guess thats all to say for now, Cya!

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Minecraft Tristanbryder