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    chat threads are for chumps!jk lol I thought I actually had a good idea.
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    Ever wanted Minecraft to be more realistic?Ofcourse you did!I myself like a more challenging,more complex,more story filled Minecraft.So this mod may have been made before but I have a great idea!I might as well stop introducing and START explaining.

    First off,realistic movement.Now i know the smart movement mod has been made,maybe you can use something like it or if they allow,using it.Imagine,handstands,sitting,scooting,flipping,belly flopping,advanced combat not that simple tap hit,more maybe like punches,kicks,"elbowing","kneeing"leg sweeping,uppercutting,and more!And to compliment it maybe make a staff with multisided combat,and more advanced moves!Or nunchuks which like a staff,would also compliment this part!

    Another part,more bars!I'm tired of only health and hunger!More bar would be nice!Like cleanliness,sleepiness,hygiene,or "waste disposal amount"!Also adding things like a shower,soap bars,shampoo,(beds made already but maybe bunk bed would be nice)toothpaste,toothbrush,sinks,toilets,toilet paper,would make this part of the mod reasonful!

    Also,seasons!For each biome it is different to show time time zones,and all you really have to do is make a brighter day,falling brown leaves,and more flowers.(falling snow made)If you do make this part,message the creators of avatar tla bukkit plugin(the good one,there is 2)to make this,because all there is there now is the waterbending powerd up at night and firebending at day,which the seasons was the reason i thought of this mod.That way earth can be stronger in spring,and air at autumn!

    Feel free to add to this mod,for it is just an idea,all I request is credit for idea.I know probably most of this wont be done but please,do as much as you can,again I know there i a smartmoving mod and a toilet mod.Also make sure if you DO make it to make it SMP!

    Thanks for reading!
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