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    posted a message on Why do we call it "donating" and is it moral?
    I don't understand why people use money to buy virtual items.
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    posted a message on New mobs in 1.6? Jeb Tweet
    Add sharks!!!
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    posted a message on What does everyone want for the next update theme?
    Quite a lot, but not in 1 theme.

    A reason for oceans besides ink sacs

    Cooler biomes(tundra, glacier and such)


    Nether and End improvements
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    posted a message on Draco's Skin Shop
    Actually, sorry for the inconvinience, but because of all the pressure, I shall do private skin requests. Simply PM me the format for a skin.
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    posted a message on What game made you a gamer?
    Ok children, gather up and learn some of Draco's legendary gaming history.

    Bless the day it all started. I now realize what I was missing in those 5 years.

    Ok so I was 5 right? I was one of those kids who stayed outdoors because I had no idea what a video game was. Then one day, I look under my dad's TV shelf, and I see gaming cartrigdes. So I go ask my dad, "Papi(I called him Papi by the time) what are those?" He goes, "Those are video games." Those are like 2 new words I've never seen together, so I ask "What's a video game?" He goes, "Something you play." I had no major interest for the 5 minutes he was getting his old GameBoy Advanced. He had only 1 GameBoy game, which there were 50 other GAMES, but for Nintendo 64. Now this GameBoy Game also started my major love for pokemon. SO 2 history stories in 1. He hooks me up with the GameBoy, and the POKEMON BLUE Game :) He told me how to play Pokemon Blue. After a while I was playing it I was almost addicted. He was a PokeMaster back in his day also, every 151 pokemon, all level 100. Not using GameShark. Now I barely knew what I was doing, one day I accidentally(with a slight purpose feeling) removed his profile. Meaning all that data, unrecorded, now nothing. That gave me a bit of my trolling history. So wow 3 history stories in 1. Later on, I learned more of this "video game" and here I am today! :)
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    posted a message on Draco's Skin Shop
    Welcome To Draco's Skin


    I shall start making skins,for FREE! All I ask for is the credit for it. (tell people about me so I can get more customers) Please,be kind and patient, as the average skin without customers takes about a day, and maybe longer with more customers.

    Fill out this Format if you'd like a skin done.

    Skin Name:

    Skin Pic(a picture of what the skin is based off of):

    Skins In Progress:

    Bladester's Wolf Tamer
    Pwnguin's Penguin
    Rath's Edited Shadow
    NeoBlue's Cow from Legend of Zelda

    My Most Recent Skin:

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    posted a message on How Things Have Changed
    is this an entertaining story of a server or something?
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    posted a message on How do you make videos?
    about the video making,do u mean recording onscreen computer?if u do use hypercam 2/fraps(i use hypercam 2)
    about the texture packs,servers and skins,gimme more detail
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    posted a message on Pokemon RP (Accepting)
    *Uses revive on thread*

    Now thread use Attractplayers!

    But seriously is my thread that bad?
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    posted a message on Should the arrow knockback be lowered?
    I think knockback should be lowered.From any hitting.Just think real world and not MC for a while.Would a shot from an arrow knock u back 2-3 meters?
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